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7th Annual Canada’s UFW Postponed Amidst Coronavirus Scare

March 10, 2020

Canada’s University Fashion Week, an annual fashion and multimedia trade and networking showcase held nationally across Canada has been postponed until the subsequent year or until such time that Health Authorities open sanctions on it’s country within a need for global decline of media warnings surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Photo Submission from Second Annual UofTXFW by @kieranbarbaza

The decision was unofficially communicated on Friday within hired Creative Directors engaging in discussions weighing the outlooks and plans in place to that clearly outlines plans to mitigate the outbreak so it doesn’t become a pandemic within the city and academic community. Although it has been noted that UFW is not the only national event seeing this type of Cancellation notice, a range of events, travelling artists, and even athletes are starting to receive cancellation orders, that have a strong potential to also impact projected ticket sales as market speculators refuse to attend. Having this platform see the invite of international designers who have to apply for Visas in advance, international students of applying for Visas within their academic institutions of which offer them acceptance to study in the schools where this production is officially licensed to bring together hundreds if not thousands of industry professionals and professionalizing enthusiasts over multiple days of programming. 

Local Photographer Captures the Special Event At SFUXFW

While many may get away with not exchanging bodily contact at sporting events, UFW’s production may at any time be exposed to a range of circumstances from the vast range of artists that engage with the participating casts. From makeup artists, to designers of clothes, models of all types, after parties and more, the priority of this trade event is making sure all participants are safe and the necessary planning associated with delivering a successful production be duly considered. 

UFWXFW Season 2 Creative Director Emenay Tondera Moderates Industry Panelists With Management Executive Renée Rankine. Media Moment captured by Christiana Ceesay

With the University market going into the community at large to serve as ambassadors to various Societies, public and private Companies, Government agencies, and everyday citizens, indegenous or refugee. The aspect of beauty while touching personal hygiene also makes it such that the production does in fact produce moderate-to-high risks due to the international, national, and local influences the trade network provides their respective markets and population. People’s health comes first, the community’s health comes first, and with the University community posing the opportunity of producing professionals able to solve some of the worlds most vital problems as Canadian Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Business Professionals, Politicians and much more, pushing this production ahead reduces the potential of it to support any type of exposure that could expedite the transfer and risk of the platform spreading within the Canadian population. While UFW has officially stopped any foriegn or international designers inquiries for this Season’s presentations due to a range of circumstances, seeing some designers and artists bringing up the health aspect of their VISA applications and cost being potentially wasted if they are denied entry for the time being really made it clear there was a need to engage some of the labels health professionals and Public Health Scientists. Given the SWOT analysis came back with more risks outweighing the benefits, the choice couldn’t be any clearer. 

SFUXFW Volunteers, Business Enthusiasts, Students and Designers trade artisans at popup

According to the World Health Organization, the most commonly reported symptoms of COVID-19 ranges from fever, dry cough, having shortness of breath, there’s a recorded 80% of most patients of whom have experienced mild illnesses. Some added numbers have 14% experiencing severe diseases and up to 6%  can be critically ill. With Canada starting to see a growing outbreak situation, Health Authorities have began making it a noticeable and immediate attention attention to take precautions. 

UBCXFW Steps Out In S2.6 with new and expressive designers taking up space as part of this experimental capsule.

While Season three’s Creative Directors have officially been hired in what is already rolling as UFW’s Canada themed Season. Engaged audiences, Casts, Traders, Scouts, Agents, and various industry professionals following show times and updates can expect that not only is the production focused on placing it’s priority on participants and production health; Interested partners, stakeholders, sponsors and more can engage the respective market representatives, and Directors or label producers for more information.   

UBCXFW Season 1 Concept Shoots Capture Community Attention and History
Local Trade Photographer Captures Casted Talents From UBCXFW S.15

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