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African Great Lakes Networking Foundation’s Canadian Chapter President Approves Public Resignation Announcement!

August 24, 2019
Grassroots communities would lawfully shift the failure to secure adequate permitting by the Organization to the sidewalk at the risk of Skynation’s production licenses while the organization committed to ensuring and abiding to city guidelines and permit regulations.
As the outgoing President and Vice President of Great Lakes Canada, the Canadian Chapter of African Great Lakes Networking Foundation has now officially publicly resigned with the confirmation that so has his Vice President of which was done in the months of Harambecouver outside of the knowledge of the planning team of the production of whom were left to figure out what was happening on the table. The various internal limitations of which has been researched does break licensing conditions for the Multicultural Carnival IP Ideation licensing agreement which required timely updates by the organization as well as responsiveness in communication. As the Public Health Scientist operationalizing the program for the organization would communicate recommendations required to bring about the healthy support of this organizational building program has also communicated a StopWorkOrder on the production, these are important criterieas of which has led to the need for a new organization as well as conditions leading to the break out of the Multicultural Carnival and the development of VNITY. The contracting of signing over organizational assets to support this made it such that the organization understood what was being communicated and the Founder and Executive Director, Kombii Nanjalah as the organization’s signatory made the conscious decision in contracting the platform. With an understanding the this would be a long term project of which the histories, technologies, data, content, labour, insurance, art, cultural experts, volunteers and platforms necessary to translate the visions and educational content associated with the Multicultural Programming would be funded by the AGLNF as they are the contracting body, GLC is shifting all liabilities to the organization of whom the President believes is liable for all her organizational liabilities. 
While requesting to remain anonymous due to the various media inquiries pertaining to the struggles within the advocacy organization, the messaging of Harambecouver, Canada’s first Multicultural Carnival with it’s lawful public demonstration needs to be communicated and produced a lot healthier, without the need for it to be shifted to the sidewalk due to organizational mismanagement impacting institutional conversations impacting the legitimacy of grassroots working group researches of whose research directly benefits the rejuvenation efforts missioned and visioned by this program. Having a program dedicated in bringing community stakeholders together to combat marginalization, ghettoization, gentrification within the need to integrate the city’s most vulnerable and at risk cannot be a program who’s voice becomes stifled by an inability to represent itself on the table.
As many contractors, subcontractors, and production associates are are being referred to the small claims court for their claims against the organization of which the President would forced to communicate his distance away from the organization of whom communicated a 2000 people audience in it’s first year for it's PanAfrican Carnival of has since stepped away from those figured. GLC chapter President would back away from those numbers confirming his complacency in this misinformation to various workers coming into the production for the first time. From the ability to support marketing resource needs of which would result in a lack of production support, this ExPresident of whom holds a background in Engineering from UBC as a student would communicate his reasons of getting involved and being complacent was due to the opportunity of creating and evolving the brand within another production communicating a brand architecture which invited them to be more participatory resulting in lending their assets to the organization as volunteer professionals to support the requirements necessary to lower the labour expenses associated with bringing Harambecouver forward of which given the various burden of this and their organizational responsibilities, the transition to a working staff, with the vast amount of work, academic burden and need to shift focus to the President’s other financially viable projects became huge reasons why there was a need for him to shift efforts elsewhere while asking for attention to be placed on African Great Lakes Networking Foundation during this time as he has resigned, even though he has communicated being open to supporting the continuation of the platform so as long as there is a support by a more onboarded, more supported and highly capable board. 

With communicated budgets by the organization at $300,000 of which would would see the hiring of a range of professionals, subcontractors, artists, production equipment, insurance, architectural plans, various necessary permitting requirements, a working management team with safe space to collectively work, engineering approvals and stamp, fencing and land use activations, first aid, traffic management planning for it's integrated sub programming ranging from diversity conferences, CVturefestivals, DTES multicultural parades, free DTES pancake breakfasts bringing together the community of whom don't always engage the grassroots and marginalized to bring resources for this community of whom would also be going into the cold rainy September seasons of Vancouver, but might still be homeless coming out of the programming, the need to permit road closure, international management of touring artists, artist fees, legal fees and much more. 

The organization communicated it budget for this production and their target of thousands of people which communicating their confidence in providing project funding as funding partners of whom were in great standing with the government as a legitimate long standing Vancouver society. Unfortunately, with the organization not moving at the speed of it's on ground workers of whom were putting their finances up front for this programming which was quoted at over a millions of dollars within a startup based long term production support from the production community, the inability to support it's program terms and growing financial burden as well as legal burden on top of not being transparent in it's organizational changes were mounting reasons for both the #StopWorkOrder and need to communicate the lack of organizational capacity for this program within already communicated internal agreements of understanding that it's PanAfrican Carnival cannot be produced in Vancouver again as it's assets as part of the organizations commitment to producing a new program has been reinvested upon which given it's communication of providing the necessary funds to support the various stakeholder investments did mean it was unable to go through another risky restructuring without dealing with it's current worker compensation and structural liabilities and settlement issues.    
While the Parade would be halted to support the organization’s agenda, a number of parade participants would leave citing non communicated agreements outside of organization hiccups already experienced as a result of lack of Parade road closure.
Having this organization seek out to contract, sign, and commission this program into existence while assuming all debts and liabilities as the founding organization with a commitment to providing the workplace health and safety needs of this programming meant upon the knowledge that the President of the organization has stepped down, not notifying the public of Canada of whom constituted the target audience of this program became liable circumstances requiring an immediate #StopWorkOrder. It created a lot of discrepancies which although the President would communicate his need on focusing on solutions as opposed to the various organizational issues he's experienced, the acceptance to release his official resignation letter was the most important requirement to show the liabilities of which has been transferred to the organization privately can become public knowledge in understanding there was a not just a need to stop work; there was an important need for the public to be aware that the Government did not support the African Great Lakes Networking Foundation as marketed but through a bailed out by it's workers of whom are currently awaiting settlement in what has been an unhealthy advancement of growing Harambecouver, which has seen a range of successes and remarkable media trail in presenting itself as a national platform inviting the participation of the community at large. Having the reform of Harambecouver become the birth of VNITY is part of the needs of keeping this a growing initiative that's very grassroots driven being led my various POCs, DTES workers and young professionals who want to see this new Vancouver attraction grow. The President of Great Lakes Canada wants to see VNITY also petition the Fijian community of whom would leave abruptly due to African Great Lakes Networking Foundation not communicating it's intentions in using the Multicultural Celebration platform as an audience and social capital and public demonstration to fuel it's hidden political agenda. This was not communicated outside the understanding of the early Parade participants already being forced to consent to using of the side walk due to the inabilities of the organization to adequately meet it's governmental requirements and various stakeholder workers regulations of which can and does constitute misinformation. 
Having the various organizations part of the table, be part of the grassroots launch of this programming meant people understood what Multiculturalism was and what it wasn’t.
Without an organization working towards the advocacy of the Canadian Multicultural community at large, this multicultural programming's workers and resources becomes subjected to privatization which is what we are seeing with the newly rebranded PanAfrican Carnival of which is attempting to capitalize of the hard work of workers of whom will not remain silent and invest more money into filling legal claims taking up to 6 months and going through legal processes that have already left them marginalized in the first place. No. with coming to hear that Steven Lytton of whom was appointed to be a volunteer Chair for Great Lakes Canada now depicted on the PanAfrican Carnvial website of which Steven Lytton has now being promoted into a Co-CEO of a now commercialized PanAfrican Carnival while the Executive Director had communicated under oath of shifting this production out of Canada and investing in funding it's Canadian Chapter Great Lakes Canada's needs to support the new hired workers of Harambecouver for the growth of this Multicultural Programming by the organization meant that such uncommunicated decisions to reform the organization outside of the society's act did place the various board of directors at risk by this organization. We have various production communities almost bankrupt and with this WorkStopOrder to start getting to the bottom of things and developing a more representative organization, the communication to workers of an advocacy body working to research and advance this information has resulted in a growing support towards the establishment of VNITY. Without an actual Board of Directors, with the Executive Director now becoming a C.E.O, with various workers and contractors of the organization still awaiting compensation for this new C.E.O's responsibilities who has paid for yet another website to be constructed when the Harambecouver site has been down due to non payments, who will subcontract to yet other unsuspecting workers within various monocultural communities of whom are unaware that the various people who invested in this programming are yet to be unpaid of which some are still recovering from the damages, it was apparent that the labourers and volunteers of this platform of whom were composed of workers of the DTES represented by Emery Barnes' community building daughter Constance Barnes did not have the same advocates as publicly thought on the table. 
There's a need for the organization to settle their debt as the liable contractor to the production of which unlawfully got the Harambecouver to this stage, but as there's an equal spirit from the Multicultural Carnival community to support the continued grassroots development of also advocating for itself given the mounting need for legal representation and a range of other hired professionals of which these various expense burden has required escalation to government authorities, there needs to be a realization that the creative and marginalized communities cannot shoulder the responsibilities of also advocating against their unlawful exploitation for public politicians. This organization's programming licensing practices have created unsafe work environments in which Coastal Health has also communicated it has not permitted the food that would be served at their upcoming presentation PanAfrican Carnival which poses an immediate health risk to Canadians and Vancouverites who are at risk of exposure to their unsanctioned land use production.
While VNITY plans on holding a public engagement meeting to create awareness about the issue and get the public more engaged, the launch of VNITY within the collective need to have a more established and capable organization to back and support the platform is now the only priority. There is a lot of organizational work that's needed before this type of programming can be successfully and healthily delivered and for that to happen there's a need to regain public trust. With the growing issues being escalated to authorities, members of the public are being asked to be careful with consuming any food at the PanAfricanCarnival of which is being presented as an (African Multicultural Program-Harambecouver) by an organization of which a #WorkStopOrder has been issued  as it is not a permitted event as supported by the program creators, it's workers of whom are still outstanding funds and settlement negotiations as well as the government of Vancouver and British Columbia. As the African Great Lakes Networking Foundation has failed to also hold an Annual General Meeting to inform the public of its use of it's tax dollars as per the society's act which governs it's operations, while publicly listing various changes to it's organizational management and operational agreements at the expense of it's nonunionized and marginalized program workers. The breakout of out Harambecouver from this organization, the dissolving of Great Lakes Canada privately without a communicated AGM and the need for public support are all part of the forced working  conditions issues whereby requiring a Stop Work Order warning to organization with a call to stop the continuation of the growing liabilities that's not only causing more debt a mess of issues within the fragmentation being created at the grassroots level by this organization, if a lawsuit of which is equally costly to take on does commence of which will require Supreme Courts interference, outside of the multiple claims at the small courts level. 
Elvis a local performer would secure his first recording deal as part of the community investments of Vancouver’s Multicultural Carnival of which was really working to integrate some of these community performers into into it’s various associate rosters and recording opportunities. Sadly due to the various mismanagement, this offers have resulted in a freeze on all assets and associate resources being pulled until further notice.
Having an organization like this dissolve at no effect to the Executive Director becomes an even worse liability to the community of whom are still without compensation for lost earnings and an ill communicated production of which has deprived some businesses the ability of making a living and a need to shut down a multicultural marketplace that might have saw some businesses seeing a boost in their ability to continue growing their diver Canadian subcultural startups. While health authorities have been informed on some of the various issues pertaining to this programming liabilities of which has rendered some producers hospitalized with some slowly recovering, the need for a representative organization to update the public on important structural changes and to support the integration and advocacy needed to keep the vulnerable populations of which this programming directly employs become part of why the decision to establish VNITY has become paramount. There's a lot of unpaid work being done to imform the public, there's still a range of consultation that needs to be done to truly establish this type of organization and bring in the types of professionals able to bring the architectural visions and operationalized missions to life. In the spirit of the president who supported this grassroots initiative to this stage, focusing on continue this advocacy gives a continued spirit to the vision of which Vancouver's Multicultural Carnival is being created.

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