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October 26, 2020
SFU Professor Zuo Gueng Ye accused of being an accomplice to Amy Lau and CoDefendants in Gentrification and Racial Profiling of the Toronto Based Investor and BC Corporation Public Health Scientist, Kayode Fatoba. As Students Call out the series of Profiling Incident, an order of possession is being granted with the hopes of pushing this story out from private Corporation to public domain.

He was told that it sounded as though he was in an unlawful rent to own situation given Strata disputes was out of the jurisdiction of the RTB. As he had a range of expenses as a CEO within post covid reality impacting his ability to drive productivity forward within his development ventures, he would ask the RTB to help as he wasn’t leaving his property at the end of August. The Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investor and Canadian Footballer would be told to get a litigator of whom was able to support his building case; problems arise as he started to search for litigators given the vast number of litigators had been placed on retainers by Siegle Management LTD of whom managed a range of properties within the Unit. Some of these units had being occupied by international Simon Fraser University Students, various private guests of renters or owners in legitimate agreements with the Landlords and owners of the property. While this was a residential unit, it also meant that most people living in them were long term with Families hosting guests as natural in their property. A lot of people know me within my space, i’ve hosted a range of Students, Organization Presidents, even other Professors and Union heads in my property. This is my home and I am not leaving!  WIth the local lawyers encouraging the Cash investor to keep speaking to various lawyers, there was a need to have something in writing of which the online information officers would communicate to Kayode that he is also able to fill out a paper application within paying for arbitration with the RTB of which while it didn’t fall under the scope of Landlord Tenant disputes as this was private property within both having corporations; it would be able to help as a short term Injunction given a range of police was being used with threats to move out. With documents dating as far as 2010, Fatoba has lived in the property for well over a decade while not only attending school as an athlete, but becoming the head of a Student Union who would work to build their own Student Union Building. Within founding a range of clubs and supporting a range of societies; funds will go into the establishment of BBDC as an organization to advocate on behalf of the investor of whom had been unrepresented as a teenager of whom was scammed by a Mortgage brother of whom not only represented buyer and seller, but as the RTB hearing and various grassroots advocates would discover, there had been a change of heads in a range of past buyer seller disputes of which was unrecorded by way of the initial attempt of which while the broker would deny that the foreclosure had a family unit inside of which Kayode describes as a Mexican family, the Sellers would confirm that there was indeed a family unit of which had been living in the house of which had been bought out by the investor. As a teenager of whom won the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for $70,000, Fatoba would emigrate to British Columbia from Toronto where he’s investments started at the age of 15 where he would start a free soccer club for kids in his neighbourhood and start to leverage his funds to not only support his family of whom were Canadian first Generation immigrants, but as a second Generation working, he would sell his first vehicle with a passion for investments after starting to earn some money as a soccer player and working Canadian citizen. Getting a lump some of money while also working meant the ability to invest in the future and with BC being a community of which his aspirations in Medicine would require him to be for a while, his mother would advice him to invest in real estate. From Simon Fraser University’s Resident writing a support letter within him living in an underage residence at SFU and venturing out which shows an intention of having housing as something that was altered, the SFU alumni would still maintain going to school while having a range of academic investments as well. Going from my parents paying rent as a child, to getting a national scholarship and coming to the other side of Canada with a Meal Card while living in a facility with no kitchen, venturing off residence meant that I needed a place I could cook, a place that I could have internet, have water and various amenities I required to thrive within the academic community of which I competed as a Public Health Scientist. Within this Academic community though was a Professor of whom while he may claim he didn’t know his investor was of whom had purchased real estate from him was also paying into academia by way of the Student body of whom had rights within the Simon Fraser Student Society. Kayode Fatoba would get elected as not only one of the few black Canadian Senators at his time, he’d also become Presidents of a number of clubs getting as far as becoming the Vice President of the Student Life for the Simon Fraser Student Society. As a land use and digital developer; his investments in starting a Soccer Club in Toronto would spread to BC of which IVXW SFU an organization he started would see the growth of he’s passion for organizing turn into a call up at the provincial level where he’d go from working for the City of Toronto as a seasonal worker, to becoming a Government Contractor and Canadian Public Health Scientist of whom was now a graduate and alumni managing and supporting a lot of people. With property damages causing a range of liabilities to the Cash investor; a range of disputes would commence within who was at fault. The producer having various agents coming into his property with threats to move out, hikes in Strata Fees and as he kept paying, its neighbours would speak of him having rights and a woman named Amy Lau unlawfully representing the Landlord and Cowner of the property. In working with the RCMP of whom would be called on him multiple times within what had resembled the case of Police and an unarmed Black Teenager.

Strata reports multiple leaks, Acidic Pipe Bursts across the Building, not just 1605. Strata shifts liability on Mortgage Owners with those unable to afford repairs to sell and exist. Fatoba is standing up as a Cash buyers of whom has renovated his property as the designer saying, he is not going anywhere. He bought and renovated his home. He is not leaving.

Having a range of students calling out the Police Targeting which has commenced with the head of the Simon Fraser Student Society stating that there’s more SFU Students can do to stand up against this direct and and visibly targeted attacks. Fatoba says, working with the Toronto Police Service taught him to go with the Police while following up with a range of complaints that have since given them an understanding that both sides have a right to Policing. Not only was Fatoba a Canadian Citizen, he had paid cash and was continuing to pay for a range of amenities that was serviced himself. From subjecting himself to interrogations to a range of unlawful use of force of which as they saw that not only did he live in his property; his position was earned by way of heard work with legally registered properties, they would communicate to BBDC volunteers that it was out of their jurisdiction and it was suppose to be sent to Courts of which was not their place to pass judgements as they were not the Bailiff.


Having a range of Sellers and buyers of whom paid for this property by way of a Mortgage, without an actual investor of which was unlawfully sold to a 18 year old now turn into them 10 years later still having a number of lawyers, but the 30 year old investor now learning he has rights and equity. Not knowing much about real estate and starting to see various Canadians and media starting to speak out for the Canada Athlete and Creative Producer has already shown a number of discrepancy between what was communicated by the sellers’ broker of whom would claim she doesn’t remember a range of details, while claiming her clients of whom owe a Mortgage to CIBC from the deal she facilitated within what current Title Search has shown to have a range of work that was done by the same Amy Lau which has her own signature sign off on that brokerage. Meaning she made money and commission from a what is causing other people anguish. According to RTB hearing of which was represented by members of the Simon Fraser Student Society, BBDC General Volunteers and Fatoba, Amy Lau would claim she represented the whole of Strata but as she would be corrected would start to back down from her statements. Members of the Strata Council of whom would hear of the news would comment that she doesn’t represent them while realizing that she was unlawfully representing them. From disclosing her use of over 70 proxies to outvote other owners while being a Real Estate Brother of whom was also the President of Strata representing the Property management Company, there was a series of conflict of interest of which had caused Fatoba’s investments to become stuck in something that was attempting to bully him and shut him up from speaking out.

Kayode host fellow SFU Health Science Students in his property to study, connect, and have a space thats familiar within being a community organizer. If someone isn’t able to drink and drive, I bring them back with me to my property. This is my home, but as a community leader, this is also the home to the vast communities that support me.

A range of documents would show that not only is many Strata members saying she does not represent them, there has been a push for a number of owners to fire the management company before the vast range of damages started occurring in the building. While Kayode shows a property that’s not only been custom designed by him within Skynation as a development company supporting a range of development works within the property as hired contractor and specialized guests of his took on contracts to continuously keep the property developed. So developed Fatoba believed if he didn’t change the property from Rug to Hardwood, the water damage would have been much worse. Now after recovering from what had exhausted his time, he’s now faced with Covid19 and a Chinese Professor unlawfully using a Broker to call the police on him while forcing his eviction within what is been a continuous attempt to repossess the property. Although the vast range of investment within the development required in the property has not been complete, Kayode is happy with where he’s been able to take the property since coming into a situation. According to Fatoba, I call it a situation because there was nothing. I go from having a meal card and internet to needing to get my own internet, get water working, get electricity and heat in the property while also having what I thought was rent that I was paying when i’m now being told it’s a Mortgage belonging to someone else of whom didn’t tell me as a teenager?

With a range of workers engaging Kayode Fatoba as the rightful Landlord and getting involved with the BBDC dispute; the range of questionable documents and property appraisal when the assets have been damaged with liabilities being shifted all around opens the question of who appraised a property they haven’t been into for the purposes of a daughter displacing a number of communities and a CEO from enjoying their property as CoOwner of whom has rights and deserves to the placed on the Toronto of their property.

Reality of Covid and needing to shut down festival and concert production has made it such that the current Landlord, Kayode Fatoba of whom has been living in this property since Amu Lau seemed to have facilitated the business has seen a range of dubious and questionable acts of which had taken Kayode’s funds. While Amy Lau would claim boastfully that she called the Police on Kayode within a range of owners speaking out on her threatening behaviour to the Cash investor of whom has rights. A number of owners have started to speak out and reach out to Fatoba to let him know they know that he’s the owner and that he should keep fighting and bringing attention to the working conditions of the Strata units. while refusing to award him any rights. The investor would be responsible for putting electricity and a arrange of amenities in the property to not only support his ability to management his academic journey as a Planner, but as he has the legal right to rent his home to other tenants, a need to protect the various guests of whom he chose to invite into his private property of which he eats, sleeps, and plans to raise a family as an Entrepreneur and Scientist. While the Sellers of whom are taking the position of them being the Landlords as well with claims that they now need the property given their daughter is going to school at Douglas College have taken payments from Skynation during the service of their notice of which required move out from the premises by August 31st. While the Residential Tenancy Board as well as RCMP would let him know that he had a legal claim to title of which does give him the right to stay in his property within it going to court, the Landlord and his Tenants would be forced to petition the RTB within what had seen a first online case as submitted by on July 3rd, also have a July 14th physical application. According to Kayode, he engaged RTB over the phone of whom had given him the end results but given he had nothing in writing and the lawyers he was calling had been bought up by the Property of whom was in a range of letigation as disclosed by other Lawyers meant that he would like something in writing and an arbitration service that could show that he was starting the process and fighting it through civil courts as someone that’s never had representation while having his investments stuck in a system of which would communicate to him through the wife of SFU Professor, YOU WANZEN YE, that Fatoba should being $500,000 in 24 hours.

From dubious documents claiming a September 21st Move in Date, within stating that the previous owner of whom sold the property had been living in the property while agreeing with Fatoba that there was indeed a Mexican family of which defaulted within the foreclosure situation requiring a Cash Buyer. A form K would be the only thing signed of which both sides present differing Form Ks. As a licensed broker who sold a property in Canada, many are questioning if a Form K is the only document you present a guest and if the lack of qualification of the purchaser at the time of purchase meant they were an easy targeted of a rental Scam of which attempted to represent Seller and Buyer by way of securing Bank Mortgages and make large commission. At the expense of an investor that’s had to put in that lumpsum and what has been 10 years of equity of which one can only imagen given now they’re also a Graduate attempting to get a Corporation back to work.

Within what is being regarded as unlawful and slowly being seen as real estate fraud, the growing story would reach his community in Toronto as his family members and high school teachers would start to get involved in what has now move out of Private household business into Public Domain of which as there was a number of mental health impact associated with the attacks on his freedom of mobility and right to enjoy the home he paid for; a range of grassroots and international Lawyers and community advocates had started to get involved. the claim that they called the police on Kayode and he ran away at the RTB hearing is far from the truth as someone who engaged the RCMP directly making sure to do as told within what can only be imaged as the worst circumstances at that moment. You’re not gilty yet Police are being called on your with demands not to enter your property, you haven’t done anything wrong while now being evicted within saying the reasons are because a daughter needs to use the property within what is now showing an appraised property when liabilities have not been understood.

Many are speaking out to the only Black Space of which they’ve had the pleasure of connecting and socializing as a community. While Fatoba is standing his ground and protecting the rights of his tenants, bringing attention to this unlawful Gentrification of a Black Canadian of whom has represented the community at large is having a community stand up for him at a time when he has no one having to rebuild PostCovid as the Cash buyer.

The property never got listed because it was a foreclosure, the cash buyer was qualified by way of being asked if he had cash, of which according to Kayode, there’s no way they didn’t know I was here to purchase real estate when I was denied by the property manager upon arrival to the Property Management Office. According to Kayode, in Toronto, they lived in a Rental Unit of which the property management office was downstairs of a building within which his father had been living for years. He was looking for somewhere long term and going to the property management office was where he say his parents go while not understanding the process as someone who just sat down and followed his parents home. He would be told that he needed to come to an open house within being told to look for posts on the grass area or online for possible open houses. As he was leaving the Shared lot in 2010; Amy Lau would run to the Property Management office saying she’s panicking and the family unit saying the unit didn’t go through and everything messed up and she needs an investor ASAP while speaking to the property manager. The property manager would call Kayode back. While looking at Amy Lau. I think you two can help one another out. According to Kayode; Amy Lau would look at Fatoba and ask if he had cash. He would say yes. It was lumpsome and in the bank but he had Cash, she’d ask again “do you have cash now now? He’d say yes”. Of which as it seemed they were unable to speak english properly; she’d take him to the unit of which had a whole family unit inside. They had been in a distress situation of which Kayode would be forced to negotiate and buy them out in a cash for keys deal. They would give him the keys as he would start to dispose and hire movers for the vast range of junk left in the property. During this time however, Amy Lau documents of which stated that Kayode Fatoba moved in on September 21st, would actually become even more questionable as Public Records would show that Kayode Fatoba was on Stage on September 21st when Knaan was supposed to have performed! The investor of the Campus wise production had booked a vast range of spaces while transitioning within assuming possession of a new real estate property within what must have been a busy time for the Toronto  based investor. While a lot would change for Fatoba during that night, it is highly unlikely that he was moving into a new condo all day on September 21st which while this was over 10 years away, had Amy Lau saying “she doesn’t know’ if the dates are current of why her signature authorized a property that say the hands of 4 people while one is the identified cash investor of which the world is starting to learn about 10 years later after a serious of damages of which not only is Fatoba refusing to pay for, he believes that Siegle Properties and the developers of the building should be responsible for fixing the damages due to a range of deferred maintenance issues of which he believes isn’t just impacting his unit; but may be due to a range of piping issues that’s hugely becoming a priority of conversation within the Strata council as more owners speak out against being silenced by the Corporation. This is Canada, not China and occupants, mortgage owners and their various guests have rights. Properties may have multiple owners but in this case, this property has not been fully paid outright. With Title search showing that there’s a Bank of whom has a stake in this, there’s a need for the investor of whom is not a teenager now but a 30 year old CEO and Public Health Scientist who while being able to do his research and development work from home, has become hugely held back from supporting a number of his projects. From University Fashion Week being shot down of whom were looking to present Season 3 of the anticipated Canadian themed Season. Having fraudulent Rent to own situations claim that they need a property back of which not only do they not pay the utilities bills in the property, but the various redesign of the property of which is custom designed from what it had been from the MExican Foreclosure situation, which also collapsed as it turns out it’s also has a range of damages and faults cannot be appreciated at the cost of which they are attempting to force the CEO to either cough up or as an eviction notice was issued claiming the daughter is moving in; a claim of which Kayode has said they have said a number of claims from them wanting to do renovations, to their cousin, to me only having 3 years to stay there, to jacking up the price by $600 and using Stata to shift it’s liabilities of which while continued payment would cause members of the RCMP to demand that Strata provide Fatoba with a receipt outside of not receiving hearing dates upon fighting a number of framed infractions. A restraining order would be required when Fatoba had to involve health authorities as YOU WANZHEN YE attempted to corner Kayode in a house to sign documents again within him refusing to sign anything without representation again! While using Hospital social workers may seem as though it is not their jurisdiction as well, there was a need to protect the Producer of whom would be rushed to the Hospital in an ambulance after the RCMP would start to racially profile him to a level where the current President of the Simon Fraser Student Society, Osab Mohammed and her board spoke out on the Situation.

Members of Simon Fraser University, Student Society come together to network at a Potluck and residence of Landlord and Former Vice President of the Simon Fraser Student Society Kayode Fatoba. As word spreads of this unlawful Gentrification, word is spreading within the community in learning more about the families behind the this targeted use of public systems to antagonize and restrict the mobility of this community organizer and Canadian Public Health Scientist. I am not leaving! This is my home! – Kayode Fatoba.

It seems as though the direct attack on Kayode Fatoba had integrated Simon Fraser University Administration of whom had started to abuse their power with the soul focus of targeting this Black Canadian at a level where Students began to Stand up! Hospital Records would show the series of unlawful use of force within a number of Nurses starting to personally write letters in defence of the Entrepreneur of whom when asked why he is fighting for the property. He simply replies; this is my home. I grew up in my home, I went to University in my home. I cried when I lost my first Child in my home. I host a range of people from all over the world in my home and host potlucks for the community although right now a lot has happened to me and keeps happening to me by way of Canadian political targeting of which does need to be called out! As a professor of Joint Affiliation with 4d Labs at Simon Fraser University. Writers have started to research the understanding and story of ZUO – GUANG YE within Kayode Fatoba’s claim as the Cashbuyer of whom was never made aware that he was paying someone else’s Mortgage; within him never understanding what was included in the funds he had to “transfer” that kept fluctuating within threats the he needed to put someone on title or move out. Threats he needed to pay for the ceiling or move out within various lawyers and students starting to not only speak out against SFU for supporting targeted racism to gentrify a community leader of whom not only invested money into getting a Degree in an Academic community he has a right to participate as an alumni, but as a person who is also paying for a home that requires the need to communicate his rights within being part of a Strata just like a Student Union and an Alumni Association; a broker calling the police on Kayode as per residential tenancy board hearing does become a major issue when a black Canadian of whom is the cash buyer of a property sold to him by the same broker is calling the police to evict that buyer when the seller have never been in that property. According to some witnesses, not only has Amy Lau screened them to attempt at using them to get Kayode to be evicted, she’s spoken directly to YOU WANZHEN YE of whom claims to also be a landlord that she has the right to evict Fatoba as she pleases within what has been a claim that their daughter needs the property given she’s going to school for a year starting in September. There has also been a letter submitted according to their claim to the RTB of whom while communicating to Fatoba on July 3rd that this case did not belong in their jurisdiction of which it would get thrown out by the end of the case within him not having to leave his property and getting a lawyer to argue for the close of his property; wanting to file an application Fatoba wanted BBDC to start with at the RTB level and push for them to see it as their Jurisdiction given Amy Lau and Simon Fraser Professor, Zuo Guang Ye believed that it was also in the Residential Tenancy Board, with Kayode being unable to afford a lawyer, having community advocates book off time to speak to the RCMP to call off their unlawful use of public funds to police a member of the community in a civil case that should be going to court would result in them seeing that it’s not only the RCMP being used by this agencies, this was a forceful reassumption of property of which Kayode’s time needed to be taken back for him to be able to get back to his privatized commercial planning without interference from agencies of whom were unable to arbitrate between buyer and seller. While the move out date for the notice was August 31st, BBDC has been successful in keeping Fatoba in the property past the eviction date as targeted, but within the discrepancy of the RTB being a public system of which is subjected to a range of biases given this is a largely Chinese dominated community with Kayode being one of the first black Torontonians coming out of his University’s Student Union as a Black Canadian in Development. The inspiration to establish the Burnaby Bipoc Development Coop was because i saw that the vast number of eviction notices during this time, the vast amounts of Landlords claiming they want use of property while not alleging that COvid19 has anything to do with it has resulted in a need to first Gather evidence of which be then be substantiated through provided documents.

While many have spoken out against the RTB Eviction Order of whom is attempting to mediate between buyer seller dispute in what was a second hearing after the online submissions, with claims that because the application was received on the 14th, it substantiates the evidence that Fatoba has accepted the eviction notice which results in them therefore providing an order to the Landlords. This position has gotta a lot of people angry when this is someone that has consistently paid their rent and make sure renovations, upgrades, maintenance was up to date within their facility to which after stating they are not going to pay for damages that was not their own, they are now being pushed out as said Corporation attempts to push out families of whom are unable to secure refinancing from Banks of whom is seeing such growing liability as a depreciation of assets and not an appreciation. Fatoba as a Landlord is standing up for the BBDC community of whom has came together to fight these injustices with various community MLAs slowly being made aware of the issue.

At first the theory of community members saying not to move out and encouraging the need to fight it legally stating that the use of RCMP is illegal and a Bailiff is not the the RCMP but at least there will be a range of systems of which they will need to start to answer to within having a reason of which is now not changing over the serious of time in which not only is the Landlord who lives in his property have a right to stay in the property they purchased; the lack of Amortization period within what seems to be fluctuating rent amounts in what had never been settled in court, or as the black Canadian developer was now a Creative Producer of whom had been affiliated with managing major National Productions from Canada’s University Fashion Week, to being a major part of support Gucci Mane’s BC production team of whom would engage the Surrey Government, UBC and a range of other communities to host the production. From designing festival infrastructures and managing a community of volunteers, athletes, and artists. The impact of Covid19 to his community has really taking a toll on him being unable to give his time to support a range of talents. While many talents from Uoft to SFU and more have started to join BBDC while standing up to the Sellers of whom claim there’s nothing wrong, while a growing community of Students have already started to call out Simon Fraser University, Canadians are starting to watch Canada’s only NCAA school of whom signed an Athlete of whom was not only a working professional as a National Athlete who played competitive Soccer and Track and Field, he graduated from the School of Health Sciences within which that time value meant the kid now looking to go the college, has been a direct beneficiary of the investments of which have been gained to position that college bound student given Fatoba had been paying their mortgage. While early court documents would provide forged documents of which has already started conversations if this Professor knew that it was Kayode producing the Peace Day Symposium during that week of which various planning for the festival was over the summer period which not only aligns with the fact that this was a new investor that was paying into the BC community, but what is their rights if they are being told 10 years later that in that Corporation of which they were sold real estate, their supposed “tenancy” within what is being regarded as an unlawful “rent to own” within which needs to be amortized by way of lawyers able to represent the Buyer. While the RTB documents did not a range of the aspects of the dispute is out of their jurisdiction, on the aspect of service, parts of the report did not that a lack of hospital documents prevented them to speak about the hospital case as they only say a video in the future of someone that was doing much better, while acknowledging that having letters from the hospital showing that this person is recovering or was in the hospital and a range of other documents within them only having the eviction letter to go by within the argument of Fatoba as the investor filing the physical dispute late claiming July 14th is well beyond the 14 day dispute time which means that Fatoba accepts that he has to move out of which under those circumstances are they wading a Resolution by way of an Eviction Order in favour of the Seller of whom are refusing to acknowledge the buyers rights as the new Owner of who needs to be added to Title and who’s tenants will not be moving out, will not be distured, within a range of restrictions being put on the them within the need for him to also have a working buzzer. The share fact of needing to go downstairs to pick people up given the need to not allow Fatoba to have his name on any records has called out the need for a range of political leaders in Canada to look closer into this case. Currently, I was able to get more Politicians looking at the case, and volunteers helping to attempt at fighting the various restrictions being placed on my in what I believe is a targeted attack of which I am standing up to as I do not want other Canadians facing this type of attacks”. As we’ve only submitted a few number of evidence as some of the volunteers in BBDC found themselves needed to start budgeting for gas, commuting from different provinces to come to BC to support the advocacy within the property, and the growing call out of what is becoming the targeted communities of whom would tell him to go back to his country. Fatoba speaks of clashes with Amy Lau of whom has communicated to him that “Black people overstay and she will make sure he lives the property, within him letting her know to get a lawyer as he paid his cash, she took his cash and he’s not leaving! He wants his guests respected and his rights as a Canadian of whom paid her in Canadian respect. While property managers would speak out in favour of Kayode as the owner within them not doing what she wants, she would let them go within what seems to be communities that have started to speak out claiming she has a lot of proxies within what has became a run down Strata corporation of which is depreciating in value while their preliminary appreciation shows inflated costs of which they claim nothing is wrong when there has been a number of questionable damages within the property being shifted on mortgage owners who cannot pay and are being forced to sell. As word spreads within advocacy of this case, Fatoba says he is protesting the 2 day order and getting more advocates involved given this is his property and he is not leaving. At the moment he is looking for various advocates within a range of injury lawyers, planners, community organizations and even Giovanni Hosang, former SFSS president, of whom had been highly vocal against SFU on the unlawful eviction of SOCA from their space shows that this targeted behaviour of black Students at Simon Fraser University seems to be very targeted. Why have black athletes come and sign to your school when the school enforces anti black practices through it’s highed Academics of which we see a disproportionate number of multicoloured Professors within that University. Academics of whom are venturing to BC for the purposes of building their life should not be subjected to political targeting at the expense of attempting to evict them out of the country or out of the province especially when their investments are going into supporting other households within those professors getting paid to provide education to paying students. As there are rights protecting professors and SFU administration of whom are employed within that real estate property; there are also consumer rights which protects students as not only being part of a union but having access to a range of rights even after they graduate and if having the ability to have housing and peace of mind to develop and grow their family isn’t one of them, then what type of teaching environment are black SFU students subjected to by signing to go to such a University. With black Students at Simon Fraser University already calling out the University on it’s use of “Clan” and the damages already done to black athletes; how much more the use of real estate sellers by way of a Corporation to directly target a Private Citizen of which not only has human rights under the Canadian Charter of rights and Freedom, but his rights as a real estate purchaser of whom does not live in a Government project or housing does require the RTB to answer to various members of the public within everyone getting involved in this case starting to small politics and someone of whom is visibly being thrown under the bus of which has worked far too hard for his Canadian community to stand idle by. Not only is Fatoba staying in his property, as word has gotten to Toronto and a range of media are getting involved this story is starting to heat up as there is a need to not only allow the Scientist and creative Producer to continue his work in the privacy of his home having a media personality be subjected to private torment and racism during this time of Black Live Matter Protests does make this a lot bigger than he would like.

Many within the BC community of whom know the Canadian investor also call into question the validity of the September 21st move in date, given on September 21st, Knaan was suppose to take the Stage in a Production of which was being directly financed and produced by Kayode Fatoba’s Sports Development Action Group, I Vision One World, or IVXW for short. From a free Soccer Program in Toronto to a University Invitational, the Canadian Soccer Player and Track and Field NCAA athlete has always used athletics as a tool for Community Building of which, the cast amount of scheduling, volunteers, conferences, even large scale concerts on top of the sports tournament itself happening during that September, it opens the question as to where Amy Lau got that September 21st date within the Lawyer of the SFU Professor already changing it to August but not denying the fact that this was a Cash buyer of whom assumed possession of the property in what is already in it’s 11th year as we are now in October moving into November post Covid.

While it’s understandable that this is his home of which he’s attempted to fight confidentially and civilly, the sheer fact that the Seller would claim there is nothing wrong and that their daughter just needs to use the property makes it seem like Ceilings just collapse in a Unit and there’s not an entire community of advocates and University Students of whom are starting to call out Simon Fraser University for it’s racism both within it’s educators of whom misuse and abuse their position and authority, to the administration of which are impacting the ability for Canadian Entrepreneurs to grow to support communities that they are now in positions to hugely give back to. Fatoba believes by getting out the story for more to be aware of what’s going on, others who may be in the same positions during this PostCOvid times of which they may stand to be taken advantage of and have to suffer unlawful eviction notices can start to see a community being developed that’s looking to not only advocate for them, but support what has resulted in a range of legal fees, arbitration fees, cancelling a number of meetings loosing talents, losing tempers, crying, and just having various community leaders of whom could offer sympathy and police saying both sides have a right to policing and the various claims to title of which while Amy Lau had brothered a deal representing the investor and seller while also seemling to do the same thing in the property of which it seems Kayode was referring to as the Mexican of whom had seen early deportation, there’s a need to get more awareness on this story. With small protests starting to rise against SFU of which is now showing a very hostile community, many are hoping to see community leaders jump into this case to make sure the rights of Canadian investors and Ontarioans who decide they want to invest their Canadian dollars back into Canada any where in Canada is given the right support to make sure their ability to thrive is just as protected than Chinese Foriegn Capital of which has the Province having huge problems with empty homes while Canadians see a growing number of homelessness in the street. While affordable housing is hugely needed, having to pay over $1700 while paying your own over $500 in utilities for a Condo you are forced to renovate for it to now get damaged within them saying you have to pay for it or move out, while claiming after 10 years, Landlords and Tenants now have to be evicted because a daughter is allegedly going to college with her dog for a year opens up a range of questions. While the fluctuation in price would be called into question by a range of health professionals who learnt of the situation earlier on within the pressurized position of attempting to force the CEO to sign.

According to the Skynation CEO of whom represents a range of Talents and Project Managers within buyers and investors looking to build development solutions, feeling pressured to sign documents of be forcefully evicted within hospital social workers needing to step in and intervene is not a position I ever want any creative to be in. While developers and planners are able to work on home, buying the cost of the internet and various services necessary to provide solutions to a global community of merchants, having sellers of whom are using RCMP to antagonize you among the need to get advocacy has proven why BBDC is now only important, there’s a need to speak to various leaders of whom are able to stand up for the rights of first time home buyers so they are not used coming into a market of which is looking to make a quick commission at their expense. Having a growing deferred maintenance issues and various Pipe damages while the management focus on evicting people looking to get them to improve the property within placing these properties on the market for double the amount cannot be an attempt to try to pay off these damages through defrauding other unsuspecting buyers not knowing the working conditions of what they are purchasing.

Communicating to RTB that there’s nothing wrong while citing Landlords right to use, while according to conversations with a City of Burnaby Planner, it was communicated that Landlords must be living in their property and that given the Boxer of which was possessed by Kayode is a rental property he did have a right to rent out his property and enjoy his home. What makes the matters even more interesting was the naming of Norman Ma of Seigle Properties by BBDC of whom can be seen on Camera calling the Burnaby RCMP telling them that Fatoba does not leave in the property, although within the Residential Tenancy Board hearing woul communicate that there is indeed documents that shows there was an assumption of property to Kayode Fatoba in their management office, while his name not being anywhere on Title. Paying Strata fees while the title owner’s name is placed on everything. Imagen paying for a Degree at university, but instead of the documents being in your name, it’s in someone elses name, while forcing you to sign documents against you will within members of the public starting to get involved and organizations started to speak out against the unlawful use of public systems to target and harrass this black Canadian. While Norman Ma is requesting for BBDC and the Residential Tenancy Board not to name him within what is becoming a public case as he wants to remain out of it given this was Amy Laus Sale and Brokerage, upon request of sending Amy Lau legal documents for court proceeding, she would state that it should go to Norman Ma of which she will get the information. While there seems to be a range of conflict of interest between what has become a Seller buyer dispute of which does require the need for a representative to speak in the favour of the Cash buyer and investor of whom is still being victimized by this targeting, the fact of not having your name on a buzzer for over 10 years, not having your name on receipts for payments being made to someone you didn’t know you had been paying their mortgage as the cash investor within what had been communicated to you as your home, within an entire family living in it of which was communicated as being Deported, while they would tell RTB that the family had “left Canada” within what was being revealed and looking like a very messy situation that seemed to have started a long time ago. As Kayode has not only Graduated within working as an infrastructure designer and project manager within land use and digital development, the planner and creative producer believes the vast range of lessons he’s gaining from residential real estate is only preparing him to support and advocate for more communities of whom may not know their rights like him as the Cash buyer. While he would get an opportunity to work as a Banker with TD Canada Trust for 3 – 4 years, serving others in real estate of whom were able to secure huge lines of credits for the purposes of wealth building and supporting their families is why at 30, i’m not in the stage of flying back to Toronto and starting from scratch after investing my funds in community building and designing productions for the future in both Toronto and over the last decade, British Columbia. I have invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears into designing my future and I am fighting for my home within rebuilding my life. From needing to rebuild my companies and programming, to managing my properties and work force, I am engaging members of the media given it is certain now that Amy Lau of whom had broked a property with a lot more claims to title than the Mexican of which she presented as getting deported. Meeting a number of other faces over the last Decade, within her even beating me with paper to move out is now enough.

Online Video of Norman Ma, Property Manager of Seigle Properties Calling The Police Upon Seeing Fatoba entering his building. The escalation of seeing the resident and calling the police became so severe, Police have opened a Fraud Case within calling for Fatoba to secure the receipts from Seigle Properties of whom fine him with eviction notices as Strata, while taking his money without giving the Torontonian and BC Corporation Public Health Scientist the Deed to the Sale of the property. There’s a need to amortize what is an unlawful rent to own within articulating his rights and adding him on Strata and on Titile. Not only is this a public figure with Canadian rights, claiming his accomplishment and his hard work is non existent while attempt to price gauge him post covid should raise a lot of eye brows.

BBDC is calling for more organizations and advocates to get involved in helping advance this case to protect the investors rights as the new and rightful owner. While settlement and equity are areas that can be argued by a professional given the various impact to the freedom of mobility this is costing the tenants and Kayode of whom is forced to pay out of pocket for all  this lawyering, getting this story out to Media is hopes that more will see it and have resources to help. According to Fatoba, some of my highschool teachers in Toronto are already communicating on Facebook within getting support to help fight for my property and secure me my title within me understanding what have paid for all these years outside of some of the utilities which i’ve been paying for myself for the last decade. 

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