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Canada’s University Fashion Week Drops Season 2 Meet The Icons Cover Art !

February 7, 2020

With Covert Art being a signature part of the capsule associated with UFW, one of the things to note is that design of each Season capsule art is based first and foremost on the content that’s sent through production agents for management for design. While each Season may present a different cover art, the need to keep a range of projects continuous within production allows a better ability for this looking to engage in leading production as in field Directors with a strong familiarity on the inner workings of their marketplace, while at the same time having the EQ to engage all management, upper management, guests, and volunteer teams with the highest level of support. It’s really a lot. You manage with a range of emotions, budgeting issues, licensing issues, sponsorship issues, theft from previous executives, brand and market politics within live competition of whom want to be casted. To be CD for UFW is to be the center of attention for a party that may or may not happen given you can cancel. It can be shut down. Some focus on 0 budgets to get their team a lot more ahead and follow older models that’s worked. Others provide overly free opportunities for future gains while seeing a decline in their production results. This year’s commentary will have UFW’s promoters and social commentators start to speak on this Season’s cover art.  If you’ve been following for a while, you understand that Season 2.6 at the National Stage wasn’t like all the other 6 Seasons at the flagship. Seeing the first attempt at expansion and licensing turn into a first Shut Down in addition to schools coming into S1 Nationals means competition really step up to advance their marketplace. Many are watching the UofT Market at this moment with such an incredible result. While SFU May have signed Kayode to their production given what has been a long run in Creative Production that saw a transformation of a public library into a fashion activation which is still historic to that Season. The fact that the SFU Season finally saw it’s crash might have more to do with a focus on production on these two Seasons while the SFU market was without Kayode. We’re still gathering updates from this Season given such a large crash to the marketplace. S.3 is around the corner so for this jumping into S.3 keep a look at as tons of publications are being released within various locations, already being confirmed as sources have confirmed. The share fact that this Season really had two main players to look out for as more content is published speaks to some of the past Season action that’s not quite published but as many knows with UFW is part of the content that forces brands to look at which market to lend their dollars to. Supporting creatives coming out of marketplaces like University communities does mean seeing the various emphasis each places on their market’s competition and brand. We saw Victoria come out of the blocks, but this yea, UBCXFW happened for a Second Season now within them being able to really follow market trends and have a very shaky output. Keep in mind two UBCXFW products got scouted into #LLIV19 but one will see if those factors are weighed within upcoming updates.

As National Selection is opening up soon with a wide range of changes, policy updates, national and international guidelines, one thing that’s been tipped from producer BTS desk is the Lucky Ladies may be recasted into S.3. If you’re a fan of Fatoba or Skynation, then you need to understand, multimedia will often see the cross marketing of products and while Brands do make returns into Fashion Week, few are unsure of what to expect going into S.3. Is SFU Relegated? Can they make it out of their StopWork and bounce back? Keep in mind Fatoba himself is SFU. So a drop in stock does impact his decisions as well. Pulling out Skynation investments early has shown an opportunity to place more focus on the UBC story. Ken Chi and Swabski are agents to watch out for coming into this Season because for you to have a transformation Season that keeps you in Nationals, there has to have been a number of support that Victoria Lui had outside of management, but at this stage, content is just starting to go out with a range of liabilities being dealt with as we come out of what has been a very turbulent run.   The breakout of UBC from SFU in Season 2 was quite noticeable. What’s interesting to note is that both the UofT and SFU brand really saw large friction as the UBC brand really stayed on topic. Staying on topic is a very important part of the presentation but you also do not need to. While production is working to have packaging available before hands that’s really able to go through the production document so all backend is able to get it a lot faster, during S2, what made UofT stand out might require post production interviews. Producer touched on his choice for Emenay Tondera being her remarkable performance in Season 1, being a social enterprise means looking at the social and the enterprising potential through a range of markers and coming of National Selection Weekend, she was looking to make a mark and an imprint. You gotta understand, taking control of a market to understand you are the brand ambassador that’s licensed and gone through the various backend to understand more about what’s happening or you’re a wiz organizer who is new to the market and jump into something experimental that now has you as part of the market speculators following this production. What ever your reason for being part of this Season, S.3 will be different. A few live action making Headlines in the SFU market to watch out for. Production spoke of publishing through Buzzfeed and more international outlets so looking forward to seeing potential competition exist on the run way and social commentary of designers to live campus audiences. The deficit from this Season alone called the question of the value of this marketplace, can this Season see the traction required to gain a higher momentum? Lots of agents are being added to management so hoping to see advancements coming along. With a few of the sponsors starting to step up going into S.3. keep following our production for up to date action on all things Canada’s University Fashion Week. 

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