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June 26, 2018

As SOJI tells the story, Ganjaman meets Kayode as he’s on the verge of defeat. Seeing the book of rhymes Ganjaman had been working on, the Canadian producer decided to support him. From being introduced to a beat producer called Hyper The Beat Wizard, to getting signed as a recording artist with an Advance; So does this Mashup video. One important part of the video is the backdrop, from the video opening with the streets to it finishing with kids on the street watching their performance, EBM wanted to make a bold early statement. This was the state’s first international label and the focus was connecting locally. A show case in Warri hyped EBM with artist like Efe pushing the competition in the area, the Ekiti boyz we’re excited. The success of the show connected them with Yung K, who sang the Dance which was featured on Soundcity Nigeria.

Kayode recently took international headlines featuring in BBC amidst FIFA World Cup celebrations. Can this video put the people in Ekiti in a better mood before the Argentina game? We’re not too sure, but what we do know is, he’s out a smile on our faces.

Check out the mashup video below and let us know what you think!





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