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December 18, 2020

Membership from SFU’s Alumni, Faculty, and Staff start to have deep discussions on the issues pertaining to the continued and very targeted attacks as Globally, the Unlawful use of RCMP to weaponize the Mental Health Act as an excuse to inflict Physical and Mental Systemic and highly orchestrated pain has resulted in an investigation into the what necessitated this in the first place. With Demands for SFU to make the Campus a community for All, from Current Students and Alumnis of whom rely on the Mountain for a range of services, the idea that an Alumni does not belong on a Campus they Graduated from, to use the internet and catch up on sleep within them bringing their own laptop, purchasing food that requires payment to enter; engaging a community where said Alumnus also has friends, family and a community of employers and partners. 

While the Shutting down community programming meant no festivals and concerts, the existed a need for Public Health Scientists and Infrastructural Designers within the Commercial Sector to leverage their resources to help navigate inequities within the Society Sector and that was what BBDC was about. Having Doctors and Lawyers of whom were part of the September 11st Attack helped navigate the targeting at a level of staying focused within developing a stronger defence community of advocates helping to make sure there were strong community networks.

While needing these tools and safe space to be used, what they received on the other hand was the us of these tools to harass and demonize Fatoba’s presence and push him out of that Mountain. From being stalked and harassed, to unnecessary force of being pushed around, of which would not only result in them not being able to have the food they were charged for, they would suffer an electrode shut into their skull requiring overnight Surgery. If it was any other Officer, that escalation could have resulted in the Death of that member and this is the problem. 

Having Electrodes removed from your skull on a day you also felt relieved that your research was gaining a lot more Clarity and Focus was a reality to share with Medical professionals. To suffer mentally and physically at the expense of externals of whom feel the need to use Public Systems at the expense of someone of whom is required to permit the right to lawfully enter each and every space within each security having their specific post of which there was a diverse range of buildings with a complex range of policies and service renderings saw the need to showcase this was coordinated. With many speaking of a series of targeted strings of attacks, many community members calling out the need for External intervention has opened up conversations towards being between someone that’s had no representation, to needing to call out for representation as he’s surrounded by agents telling him to get food, while also calling the police to arrest him within not getting his payment, not getting a refund, and what would become a protest of Students and Residence members speaking out of Residence being a community that’s open for all! He did not do anything wrong, was not a Criminal and was in fact in a community of which he felt the most safe.
With a range of community leaders learning about the Research Project, there were opportunities for members of the Staff community to capture the following of Covid19 protocol within many focused on Studying for Finals within what was a intense time. The Researcher is pictured working with another SFU Member in navigating better understanding of current Position.
As someone with a Residence Meal Plan Program, the engagement of the Dinning Hall Services saw workers of whom were familiar with the Scientist and Happy to be part of his Research and Development Works. As payment was required before access, Dinning Hall Services had strong community support systems that made sure Students, Alumnis, Athletes, both SFU and Non SFU, Visitors, Dignitaries and Families of whom had kids of whom did not attend SFU all felt welcome. With Parents visiting Students, Couples, and much more, the provision of Food was based on providing discounted services to Members to keep them coming back as well as having a service that was open to non members to support the vast range of workers of whom were contracted to some type of agreement that brought them to the Mountain.
While The Provision of Fresh Food Options and Dinning Services may have been part of the demands that committed the Scientist to Studying on the Mountain, not being able to get the Food he paid for, while not security a receipt on ground that his ID could be Faked or Expired by another Security of whom motioned towards kicking him out of the Building while bringing Police and More security towards what would result in a need to not only ask what they did wrong as they had left the facility as required, within what became a violent arrest of which they were unarmed being faced with a charging and highly armed Officer.
It’s important to note that while many were attempting to connect with the Scientist by way of electronics, the use of Simon Fraser University allowed the opportunity to connect with these community leaders within the ability to advance what had been a series of attacks of which saw the involvement of the Ministry, Legal Services, a growing international Media and more. Being attacked by Security and Law enforcement within members of the SFU community needing to speak out on the unlawful use of Policing and what seemed to be the Mental Health Act as became argued with a Medical Doctor within what would constitute a second arrest in the Hospital. Medical Staff required physical treatment of bodily injury while RCMP officers would handcuff to bed while demanding to take subject to Jail unless acceptance of Charges. With members of BBDC following along, agents would start to notify the Media within what had seen a range of organizations involved and already speaking out. Nurses and Doctors would speak out demanding the right to operate as they moved quickly to keep the Scientist Alive and Talking as the Surgery commenced.
It’s important to note that while there was a movement of the Scientist from one space to another, it’s important to note that there was also an investment in using the time for Hiking and learning more about British Columbia. Here a First Nations Community Leader shows the Scientist how his community survives the harsh Whistler Winter and stay work within what has been a streak of homelessness within a range of circumstances.

With Unclear Policy Around Terminology of what “SFU Members” mean and of having “SFU ID” of which is required – before Entry, into the secure building within needing to have a mask when “Following Covid19 Protocols of Masks and Social Distance” All Attributes that SFU Alumni and Public Health Scientist Kayode Fatoba Satisfy this. This is would the consideration that Residence was his home before he ventured off the mountain. This was the community he knew. This was where he felt safe. The lack of public messaging directed to any alumni, some of whom also work within the University and were present at the time of incident have started to call out the deceit by the University’s Administration, Security Personal, and RCMP of whom are attempting to sweep history of Deaths within Simon Fraser University,Severe Mental Health Trauma of which many have been impacted by way of their inability to provide personalized positive experiences to all of whom vulnerably find themselves back in school attempting to rebuild during a Pandemic. The Physical Damages from a need to protect oneself as a Canadian Public Health Scientist at a level of the Community Membership Calling Out the fraudulently and aggressively published Press Releases by Administration of whom where not at the scene of the incident, did not see any videos, but had stated how amazing the job of the security of whom attempting to solicit unconventional information at the expense of there being a history of unlawful arrest, excessive use of force, and character defamation by the RCMP within someone that doesn’t have a Criminal Record. 

Community building in Whistler gave an opportunity to experience the Opening day, while learning how to survive within Organizations of whom provided Safe Blankets and hiking realities of which gave more significance to seeing the warmth of Trees as a great space to Cozy up for the Night. Experiencing the Whistler communities through the realities of a First Nations saw the realities of life before what had became a Resort many rarely ventured out of. With the ability to stay mobile and the below freezing temperatures of the community, investment in food and special accommodation availability helped make the experience rewarding. Being connected to a range of locals who brought me into this trip gave me hope in humanities treatment and support of communities of whom are without home for the present moment. To feel a part of that community and feel many offering jobs given access to personal equipment and production skills showed the opportunity for many to be part of the solution towards being able to advance and feel inclusive.

The attempt to force a Criminal Record has created a need to engage RCMP of whom while being Federally Regulated, there’s a need to develop an oversight body within how information is traded and the direct service that is provided to the community. There is a need to have Legal aid to support the Scientist of whom could be heard asking for the rights to a Lawyer.

To deprive someone of their identity, their workmanship and demising their rights to work into stating that their identifications are not real was a blow to the work of making it to that level of acquiring that Canadian Education at a level of investing Scholarship funds, Loans, Commercial reinvestments, and Union Grants and Funding back into being part of the art and culture of which drove the increase in value and demand many became drawn to that institution for. While being asked to leave a premises is something that’s frequent within the homeless experience, being asked to leave at a level of not being able to enjoy a meal that one paid for truly creates layers in the need to inquire if homeless money is the same as someone with a home who is equally being employed through the same money.

A member of the Toronto Police Service, Fatoba was a graduate of the Youth In Policing Program of which engaged him on speaking to police while also being in a position that saw someone of whom was placed in a position to defend themselves. While its one thing to look at this circumstance as a learning opportunity, it’s another to realize that while this may have been two members of the Police, the reality is, one was on duty and armed, while the other had a Laptop and Research Documents of whom is told he doesn’t belong somewhere as well as his “Student ID” as an Alumni had Expired or didn’t count as an “ID” or “Anyone can made a Fake Student Card”. The escalation of the need to leave given the inability to reason with a rejection of videos of which was collected over hours of petitioning security and SFU community given the focus on Unlawful eviction by way of public systems during a Pandemic made it a very vulnerable position. A community leader from Jane and Finch, Fatoba witnessed first hand the impact of gun violence on some of his Soccer members and childhood friends of which were part of the inspirations that saw him joining Toronto Police Service and getting into public service where he’d have an opportunity to skip Grade 11 while going to York University and working with Toronto’s Forensics Identification Services. The Youth In Policing Program and an amazing soccer program of which was free for youths in Jan and Finch community to stay out of trouble helped keep the Soccer and Track and Field athlete involved while Championship Title as Toronto’s best team would see then Captain of Westview Centennial Secondary School, of which would see him committing to Simon Fraser University as his NCAA choice with a focus on SFU’s Health Scientist Program. With major awards with the notable being the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for $70,000, kayode would communicate to the Soccer Coach to spend the Athletic funds on other players, while expanding his soccer education and programming to BC within IVXW shifting towards a partnership with SFPIRG and slowly starting to build a community outside of his life in SFU Residence where he considers his first home. 

Backpacking and seeing the great outdoors during this time should be part of the opportunities of discovering Canada’s ability to keep it’s borders closed and open businesses and community worker of whom can help to slowly advance it’s nations ability to make everyone feel welcome. That’s not only the Millionaires of whom are shut out of the Country at the moment, but the communities of the DTES of whom are not hurting anyone during a time of which no one should be Homeless during a Pandemic. To be forced to defend yourself against an assault of RCMP and Security Agents with an ability to see anything while needing to scream for a Lawyer as the only recourse was a reality, that’s hopefully something many of whom are not members of the Policing Service do not have to endure as a regular practice.
Alumnis play a critical role in community development and knowledge building both within and external of the Campus community and recognition that this community exist as a competitive and respectable community is really needing to demand more from what was a near death experience as someone pushed into a dire state of inaccess. To be unarmed is knowing State Guns are there to protect your rights too, but at a level of weaponizing the Mental Health Act to misdiagnose and Inflict Physical Pain at a level of rendering someone unintelligible and unable to defend themselves has really seen the position of many calling out Majorities of whom do not see the inequity of Minorities being at the receiving end of that Justice. While many Alumnis demand better from the University within the need to make the community a safe space in which members can come and find clubs, students, organizations, hotels, grocery stores, libraries of information and more to support their research and development work in the city has say a range of Alumnis both within Simon Fraser University of whom do not support Statements of Security and RCMP as well as externals of whom are Siding with the Simon Fraser Student Society of whom have engaged in previous work towards calling out what seemed to have had a prior history and political motive.
It’s important to note that the targeting and smear campaign against the Scientist did not start with this incident of which members of the Simon Fraser Student Society had been strong in speaking out against Administration while calling for External Review of Past Incidents of which Policy was corroborated with members of Security and RCMP of which SOCA and a range of community members would need to form a Wall to protect the Scientist.
As the founder of the African Students Association, Fatoba’s NCAA Campaign saw the mentorship of International Students of whom would not only be instrumental in Supporting the Passing of a fellow community Member, but as there was a need to integrate International Students of whom were in Canada for the first time with a range of housing, local experience, community networking within being a member that’s referred as a Community Leader, being told that this the Public Health Scientist was not an essential worker really opened the question on who had a right to dictate who was classified “Essential Worker” and if this was exclusively the job of “SFU Campus Security”.
The political climate of the situation has many attacking students of whom have been advocating against Police Brutality on Campus for over few Years within many being on the phone engaging the RCMP, Media, and SFSS community as BBDC, CLAS, and Toronto community activists stayed vigilant for 48 hours as the Live Broadcast of the attack turned into Students Recording what became a Protest against the Securities and Policing Authorities. While many focus on the realities of someone defending themselves, as case to look at this as a case against Policing, the reality of the Scientist being a Member of the Policing community of whom also hired Policing as part of their personal and professional development meant a lot when looking at the need for someone to feel Safe within Purchasing Food they were unable to order, after being told by Security they could of whom simultaneously set them up to a charging officer cornering them to the Vege Isle.

   While immersed in his new Homeless Reality as a Canadian, there was a need to save funds while making sure there was an adherence to COVID19 as well as an Health Active Living, with the Primary focus was Researching more about how to utilize this rapid research to advocate for his home, the establishment of BBDC was created. With a direct focus on Burnaby, the organization would help with the need to maintain a focused process within his Social Development sector shut down while needing to divest into other opportunities that helped see a focused journey.  The University community would offer an ability to use the internet as well as develop a meal plan of being able to get fed as these where part of the Conditions of being scouted into the BC Market as a National Athlete. As this was a pay to enter environment of which was open to all, there was an ability to develop a new routine due to the focus on the legal research on combating his unlawful research through the investment of BBDC. While parts of the Campus had a 24 hour policy, others had a full shut down policy, some closed at 10Pm, others existed in systems around Surrey and thus as an Academic speaking to the Security community helped navigate the times of which internet access could be secured while a priority was made to change sleeping patterns. From staying isolated to using the gym, to going for hikes, there was a need to fit the scheduling with activities while making sure that there was a daily focus on engaging communities of whom were able to advice on steps forward within advocating against the unlawful eviction. 

To be shut down by a new Security of whom believed that his accomplishments were an “illusion”, his University Degree was not “real”, and that he was not part of “Building a Student Union Building with a Board” within a range of attacks by the Burnaby RCMP and a range of Campus Security of which would not only result in the step in of the SFU community of memberships within what would start to slowball, the recent interactions of receiving mixed messaging within leveraging the range of administration to confirm the ability to use his research laptop and produced research and legal documents has sparked online debate. 

 As an Independent Festival and Concert Systems Designer of whom was instrumental in designing a range of the schools early social large scale systems, to be Denied the Rights to Access Internet based on a position that “anyone could make an ID”, while having the Food Already paid before entry was given as a Public Health Scientist with a practicing Canadian Degree of whom used Canadian Legal Tender within his rights as a SFU Alumni was very wrong. The notion of there being a history of Security and RCMP doing this to this person to the point of causing Physical and Mental Harm, while they refer to it as, “recognized by Security” of whom were again “calling the RCMP” was very wrong. This was a weaponization of the Mental Health Act masked in excuses to unlawful and systematic evict Marginalized Communities During A Pandemic while also being defrauding the Peaceful Purchase of Food for reasons alleging to SFU Security’s “Essential Worker” Policy Translation. A Dinning Hall he had been investing in since he was 17 years old within staying on the Mountain as a newly acquired Athlete studying Medicine on that Mountain, while also inviting dignitaries to the Simon Hotel, as there are many communities that live on Burnaby Mountain who are not SFU Students. A investor in a range of the Burnaby Mountain Businesses, the Mountain developed the planners ability to execute be part of designing and supporting the debentures of Simon Fraser University’s Student Union Building. A Legacy Project commissioned as a member of the Simon Fraser Student Society. While the belief of Fraudulently obtained University ID saw the need to on Live to update the community and leave the area, statements of Alumni’s not being allowed on campus, in a Criminlistic approach became one that become a lot more hostile. Many Question the University’s innocence given history of Mental and Physical Damages and Student Death Due to Poor Policy Enforcement Systems, unlawful solicitation of Student Record to RCMP through potential MOU of which had resulted in members of the Student Union calling out the targeted attacks of which would also occur at an earlier date. 

SFU’s Public Health Scientist & alumni while being a strong community orgnizer of whom grew up and maintains an active community on Burnaby Mountain, It is not the responsibility of Security to dictate who was or was not an essential worker as is the role of the City of Government administration which was already a problem. As a Public Health Scientist who works as an infrastructure and program developer within University and Government Systems, of whom was forced to shut down programming he had full jurisdiction over as the Creator, of which saw the employment of securities and policing as a planner within his job requiring him to speak directly with the VPD, and from time to time, SFU Securities within being devoid of Burnaby RCMP until what became a range of targeted attacks by political systems. The need for a security to take it upon themselves to dictate who was an “UNEssential Worker” By was very out of Jurisdiction.

 Alumnus play a role in the economy of a University from managing the Administration and Director relations like the President, working as a Campus Ambassador, or even coming back to retake classes or engage in more academic pursuits. As the creator of a range of cultural platforms within the community of which are part of his creative and intellectual works of which is permitted to the University as the case of his commitment to the school’s NCAA program. The welcome of Fatoba to the SFU community as a Toronto Soccer Champions armed with over $70K in Scholarship Awards at the age of 17 and leaving his friends and family behind in Jane and Finch, Toronto as a Second Generation Canadian while venturing into Public Service as a TD Banker and Toronto Police Service Worker isn’t to be taken for Granted. As a member of the Toronto Police Service, not only does the stigma of working with the police and learning the rights and need to follow authority change how society would treat and perceive the Torontonian, but the exposure of his soccer program with Policing also reformed how policing engaged his community within them being part of this developmental story. To be on opposing ends on the other side of Canada and being treated as someone with no rights has led towards the need to defend that position. The understanding that the Police can also be called out and investigated also opened the Community Leader to see other sides of Policing that many were not purview to. While both sides had a side to the Police, not being served by the police meant feeling once back being pushed against the wall within one one side being told to purchase the food, needing to explain to the server that there was a need for security to step outside the building as there was a need to purchase once food in peace. Having students tell the Security to wait outside within the police coming in and charging at the shift of power in the room within there being a plate in the hands of the Public Health Scientist. His Laptop Bag as well as Research Documents bag of which had been a long day of leveraging the internet as well as engaging a range of professionals of whom were there to support BBDC.   

The need to survive and advance Research and Development would lead towards the connection with a range of trusted organizations of whom would help advance R&D, this ranged from ProBono, to CLAS, to even Andrew Williamson of the Green Party. The impacts of COVID-19 on marginalized communities is quite significant. The need to come at this issue as a Public Health Scientist meant a focus on seeing this reality as impacting a range of other cases, but unfortunately some may not be equipped with knowledge of their rights towards standing up against unlawful eviction. No one should be homeless during and Eviction and while within the Case of this Public Health Scientist being immediately made into feeling like an illegal, No One Should Feel Illegal unfortunately, this was precisely the feeling of which saw the Scientist packing his research tools into his bag and leaving. Maybe he’s overstayed his welcome, the lack of understanding of why his support documents, and video confirmation from members of the same Security company didn’t matter nor wanted to be scene meant a need to de escalate the request by leaving that campus college and head towards fighting shelter for the night as the location had a 24 hour policy. With a need to conserve finances engaging police systems for affordable accommodation and leveraging knowledge as a producer on that Mountain meant engaging Residence for guest accommodation and Dinner. 

 As this initiative would build on the already growing development work of the Public Health Scientist and his academic Student Union as a University and Government contractor; the need for internet, a classified work space and an ability to solicit communities within Canada on Research’ and Development opportunities saw a developing community of professionals and Lawyers joining the team to help advance his Title Rights and Support his home back. The young organizer believed it wasn’t a time for parties and commercial sector planning of which the projection of Covid changing the future led to the shutdown of all programming and future publishings. As a script scripter of whom developed his own programs, the shutdown meant no commercial revenue until 2022 of which while the Canadian Government was an avenue to secure help, the University community was a resource space to access internet given he was paying for internet somewhere else he was unable to access. A shift of his research and development experiences as a member of Board of Director being one of the first VP Student Life for the SFSS as well as Senator within representing not only the Jane and Finch community in such a status but being one of the first to engage that strata did mean a lot to be Accomplished within that community. Being a part of a board that secured a major Banking Loan and successfully appealed to a membership of who voted in favour of advancing plans to Build SFU both within a Stadium and Student Union Build became part of the legacy left behind of which gave that feeling of home and safety that was shut down as interrogation like questions became supporting statements of his Student ID not being Valid. 

While NCAA may have brought the Canadian private sector Public Health Scientist and Investor to BC after a successful recruitment pitch from SFU Men’s Coach Alan Koch.Living on the Mountain and Going to Simon Fraser University would also lead to investments off the Mountain into other parts of BC with priority being placed on his Development hat of which now some seem to think is unreal. Citing the need to leave the Mountain as Alumnis are not allowed on the Mountain, of which would result in a need to protect oneself while being unarmed and eventually shut in the head with a taser gun. The transition from Athletics to Student Leadership meant less Track and Field or Soccer and more Organizing with a focus on Policy Reform. From managing school clubs of whom were left with funds to running his own commercial works, navigating the SFU community for internet and safe spaces to work and eat would end up in a near death experience. As someone who hired security and Police as part of permitting requirements, paying Commercial rent on SFU on top of University Tuition, Residence and utilizing Simon Hotel with Partnerships with Mountain Businesses, being told by security “He was not an essential worker, did not look like a Public Health Scientist, he did not provide ID, anyone can fake an ID, He did not show ID, they do not need to see permitted videos or that the Research Documents and Laptop meant nothing as he needed to leave the Mountain as a targeted position made it discouraging. 

 Especially as someone invited to the University to give talks to students by student clubs and within that period the School of Health Science, as the creator of a range of clubs and his own privatized events like University Fashion Week of which would be shut down at this University due to a toxic political climate, the impact to his ability to learn and grow through leveraging the campus for access of which was Paid for was not right. 

As noted by Students and Alumni of whom have not only slept and live on the Mountain, especially during what is an Exam and Crunch Season before the Winter Break, the understanding and communication of Building Access being “OPEN” with “Limited Access to members of the SFU Community” within not only having the Scientist Pay within having a grown development community of whom don’t just leave on the mountain as a member of his clubs, production, and extended community networks of whom were supporting the Producer and Developer during this time, having the Website of the University say one thing publicly while having a targeted attack on their freedom of Mobility within what seemed to be an exclusive attack on him and his ability to advance in his Research and Advocacy work has really caused many to speak out within the blatant double standard.

Not only did the Scientist not get the Food he paid for, he was not given a Refund, the person had left the place he had been studying for a few hours of which SFU Campus Ambassadors had a chance to see him and provided a friendly service, to dining services speaking out to the Security and Police to wait outside and to Let the Scientist go showed that there had been ulterior motives within this targeting.  For a Public Health Scientist of whom shut down his commercial productions across Canada to be told he’s not an Essential Worker by the Security of his University of which he secured a Degree was why many are looking at this as a racially charged issue. Though the understanding that this “Black Alumni” of Simon Fraser University also had Police Experience shows that there’s a need to refrain from simply looking at all Police as purely existing through a Racist lens. The Scientist celebrates proudly his work with the Toronto Police Service and has had new positive experiences with some members of the RCMP within what would have been a case of Criminality as a young adult which saw officers handly the playfulness of his romantic youth very professionally. As a Landlord of whom actively utilizes the police to support issues with his Tenants, an organizer of whom plans Festivals as a Public Health Scientist of whom is required to sit on the table with the heads of Policing and budget their policing of his Concerts and Festivals, the CEO of a range of systems and productions in Canada as a BC Corporation sees the opportunity as him needing to defend himself due to a priority of also making court within what had been the ability to not only advance case to a stage of Securing Lawyers, many within BBDC had evolved towards the need to really help navigate the delegation of tasks to keep focused given the impact of the Pandemic on his own community was the Jurisdiction of Public Health Scientists. As a community investor of whom used his TD Scholars funding to invest in SFU as a Commercial space to produce his programming while heavily training within their private facility as a NCAA recruited athlete who committed to Simon Fraser University based on their bid to scout and protect him. Not being able to access the internet and Food within being overworked to learn and research his rights as the only Torontonion in his Family to accomplish that title of being First Canadian to Graduate University was a great disappointment. While being homeless for some may give others the reason to insult them, to call the Police on them, to deny them of access to places, to label them as “creepy” to automatically state that they have “mental problems” or “ create stigma narratives that they are intimidated or scared for their safety because the Scientist is “Dangerous” is a reality of which the National Athlete did not expect to receive within working with the Security at another Campus from the same company to secure confirmation of being able to gain access and leverage the buildings for it’s diverse access policies for Members, it’s accessible Food options on the Mountain and proximity to Grocery Store of which helped support what his been his 12+ years as a community member in British Columbia. From being the Founder of the African Students Association at Simon Fraser University, establishing the schools Alpha Kappa Psi, receiving a range of awards and building his friends, family and social community on the Mountain while being opportune to have the finances to venture off the Mountain while being a teenager, the Employer and community Leader being told, “You are not an essential worker” by the Security of whom are paid to be on the Mountain, while he was a paying guest that had paid and invested a lot more than the standard Tuition, within his Degree giving him the License to practice as a planner of whom worked as a community organizer both in a self employed Capacity and through a range of Unions, Societies, and Corporations was truly sadding given the length of security a Degree as compared to the  “security” telling him he didn’t belong in that community simply due to his “homeless” perception within what was someone that was paying actively to be on that Mountain within there being ample proof of his dedication to his research and development work towards advancing his homelessness situation during this Pandemic through a range of Legal and Advocacy agents some of whom were Active Students and Alumnis as well as University groups meant there was a need for him to come to that campus community for meetings, interviews and much more. Being arrested twice within Doctors and Nurses needing to stand up to the officers of whom prevented them from doing Surgery on his Skull of which would require Stitches within them arguing their Jurisdiction to take him to jail unless he signs release documents opened up scrutiny to this case. As Nurses would hold the hand of the Scientist of whom was would ask to Stay in the hospital to secure the Surgery as Ambulance workers helped keep the Scientist awake and taking as his blood pressure dropped within needing to be stabilized as his skull became frozen as the Cop spoke to his Supervisor within removing the Cuffs within the Doctor being forced to do his Surgery. The attempt to weaponize the Mental Health Act in the hospital would see nurses and phycologist stepping in to dictate to the officers the reality of the Physical Damages within what was not the first time of which targeting occurring as Student Union Leaders start to speak out and Media callouts commences on the need to clear the Scientist of all changes and clear their Mental Health Records as more and more Lawyers and Organization step into the advocacy of which shows the immense effort that’s gone into the research and development work that was being done and paid into through that access to internet and 24 hour Food and community access at Simon Fraser University.

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