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Ghana Plays Lead Role In Kayode’s World Cup Inspired Single Stand As One Premiered On BBC

June 17, 2018

Although Stand As One was produced in Ekiti, Nigeria by EBM, a record label started in Ado Ekiti. The journey of how this project got to the UK doesn’t start with Canada as many might expect given Kayode’s affiliations as a Canadian. It actually moves through Ghana. While the production team of this Super Eagles inspired song had to be from the community Kayode was drawing inspiration from, the community has lacked the infrastructure to negotiate internationally. This was due to a great deal of social infrastructure issues and given the limited funding and time of the project, having support would give the artist a greater chance of succeeding. While Kayode commenced the search on his own, Skynation’s Jerry Agudogo would step up and become the main representative managing Kayode directly. With Jerry’s connection to Kayode at Simon Fraser University, it made the fit very smooth. While it might be tough to build Trust within this industry, while some Ghanaians and Nigerians fight over who makes the best Jollof, Skynation President and CoFounder Jerry Agudogo believes the only way the company can thrive is if everyone plays their part. Managing the touring artist, Negotiations commenced between Ghana and the UK. Part of Kayode’s goal was to drop Stand As One on June 1st and have it come out in the UK on BBC, he wanted to connect a community outside Canada and Nigeria and be associated with any contact that was working the World Cup directly or indirectly. Getting picked up a few weeks to the tournament week made it tough to get responses, but through a lucky reference, Stand As One was connected to Utmostt who heard the story behind the song, heard the song, and saw the accomplishments of the artist. According to Jerry Agudogo,” hearing from a sports media agency director speak about the joy of connecting multiculturally as UK to Ghana made me happy.” Although Ghana might not have made the World Cup, Jerry’s role in supporting Nigeria in this side initiative is another way in which FIFA is bringing the world together!

Check out the song below!


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