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Kayode Drops New Single, Toxic Ahead “Man Up” EP.

July 23, 2019

With what seems to be a series of drops within the artists’ focus on self producing more records and sounds, the release of Toxic within Kayode’s upcoming “Man Up” EP is meant to drive conversation pertaining to labels placed on men trying to also find their way within the various changes associated with millennials redefining gender roles. To be a man now is to be gender aware and socially conscious of the space we occupy. The Toronto native is releasing an upcoming project focused on opening up conversation around “toxicity”, it’s use, and it’s impact on men who are labelled this, of whom have the potential of learning but who are quickly disregarded as incapable of such growth. Is being toxic something that’s just pertaining to men, can women be toxic in their inability to perceive men as also learning how to navigate their emotions in finding, building, and cultivating relationships with their significant other. Can being hypersensitive also create “Toxic” environments if there’s an inability to talk through problems while merely distilling what are circumstantial opportunities for both parties involved to talk and find solutions that either results in them learning and unlearning traits; or is it purely on the guy to read minds and figure it out. According to the artist, we’re moving into a time where, to be a man is not as easy as not feeling emotions and not crying. There’s also an equal responsibility to understand that while men have to be tolerant of the diversity that’s now a large community of people within the spectrum that’s LGBTQ2+ who are able to share their emotions and define various nuanced interactions in a way that gives them the power to create various safe spaces for themselves and community, “cis-men” as now popularized, of whom were equally raised by women are also trying to figure out their place in this rapidly evolving world. We’re at a time where our gender is becoming more and more political classifications, women are gaining more public power but should this be at the cost of putting down all men. Are men also supporters of women assuming more power as our parents of whom consist of the woman raises us to view society how ever she wants. As the world is learning how to be more tolerant based entirely on communities seeing education and awareness as tools to reduce and combat public ignorance, Toxic is a song meant to be a public service announcement acknowledging the understanding that yes, while men are, and can be toxic in nature. It would be great to start to research and talk about ways in which there can be an opportunity to grow together as a community. Unless of course the agenda of woman is a world with no men.

Kayode drops newly produced track Toxic from anticipated “Man Up” EP

Given the newly evolved man should also be seen as capable of learning and growing as it is women who will birth and raise these men, as opposed to feelings of inadequacy due to labels of which limit our abilities to talk and grow within situations we might not be aware of how we are “being” given what might be a low EQ(Emotional Intelligence) of which impacts our choice of emotional reaction, our choice of language, our lack of reaction and/or excess reaction. Viewing the alpha male traits that’s helped some men overcome heart breaks, take on decisions in which they pick up work as a soldier to defend their wife, kids, and country, take on jobs they might not be happy about so their kids can have a good life. When raised to not feel, to be the protectors, the soldiers, the breadwinners, in a world where women are now making their own money of whom are now of equal to men. To all of a sudden equate all hyper-masculine traits as toxic without an opportunity for the man to learn how to be better, what made his reaction not necessary the best choice of words, of action to deal with the situation does not help men grow given educating one man does lead to their friends circles also getting educated. To label someone negatively without giving them an opportunity to grow and learn, in of itself should also be classified as Toxic given a society in which one is labelled guilty, without an attempt at viewing said persons as innocent before the label while creating equitable opportunities at looking at both sides of the argument has in fact taken away said persons human rights and dignity thereby creating a culture biased in it’s pursuits in which while women eventually get the power they want, have placed men in a world of not being able to connect as most guys will articulate the anxiety associated with engaging women in conversations.

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