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Lucky Lady IV Cancels Eventbrite Ticketing, Upgrades All 2019 Physical Tickets to VIP 

May 28, 2019

With a focus on increasing attendees and demand, the event is pulling the plug on it’s Eventbrite relationship and putting power in it’s promoter’s hands by upgrading their physical tickets to VIPs while giving them the power to create free and sliding scales guestlist discounting previledges. With this also being available for many of the event’s entertainers as well to utilize as well. Don’t have the connections to get into the #LLIV19 guestlist? No problem, Unlike online ticketing charging upwards of $150/ticket with more incentives, the 150 VIP inclusive perks now allows promoters the ability of offering deals as low as $40 with various opportunities to also get some of their networks free and promotional giveaways. We want to be able to provide student discounts wanting to attend while being able to customize the sales for groups looking to come as a party and experience the event. Shifting the power into the promoter’s hands gives us the ability

2019’s Lucky Lady’s Fashion Show Model Paola poses for 2019 #LLIV19 campaign shoot.

to prioritize our Guestlists, RSVPs, and adding the final touches on who will be attending the event in a couple of names. LLIV’s VIP Package now comes with buffet, drinks, priority boarding, special red carpet picture access, afterparty hookups, priority at the bar, and a wristband. This shift will hopefully take the power out of our overpriced eventbrite platform of which is unable to offer the sliding scale we require for these types of production, the performers, artists, Djs, models, photographers and various talents that make up LLIV will now have the power to give various incentives and opportunities to make sure everyone that needs to know about the event and can attend the event is engaged, and those who are able to attend the party can and do comes out. Dont have your tickets yet for #LLIV19, speak to anyone that’s part of the production team for hookups and guestlist details.

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