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Lucky Lady IV Slated To Leave Vancouver Amidst Ongoing IVXW-Burnaby-SFU Professor Housing Dispute, BBDC Leads On Ground Program Production, Rejuvenation Efforts.

February 21, 2022

With a loss of income and livelihood to the Canadian Footballer and Independent Creative Producer, the targeted destabilization of the Creator and Investor of a range of Commercial and Residential real estate systems has meant the inability to continue planning as a Public Health Scientist working in preventative medicine as a social planner within the social sector. While COVID would put further strains on the need to shut down all productions and issue work stop orders to contractors and promoters to stop all distribution and planning systems as there was an urgent need to face the weaponization of public systems against his persons in British Columbia, the ongoing pandemic, lack of interest to solely produce for a vaccinated only community, and the increased expenses associated with an inflated housing market as well as short term housing realities has culminated into decisions of starting to look elsewhere of which a number of the slated BC programming and it’s economic boost to local restaurants, hotels, parking, trade and commerce as well as the economic networking potential between local employers and the live creative and professional audience can be of benefit. 

With the need to raise capital to support the ongoing communities advocating for the upwards mobility of the investor within the economy, the ongoing fight unfortunately does mean a longer inability to advance into an economic recovery reality of which with residential estate reality equating the capacity to then go from residential to commercial investments. The destabilization of the investors residential systems within what is being coined as a post covid SFU Burnaby Gentrification does require a need for the investor to attempt to split the various liabilities tied into a home research and development property that’s now become a bargaining and trading tool in a growing housing crisis at the expense of sellers bent on also weaponizing state arms against communities of whom are working hard to service the economy within their respective trades and industry. As a planner, while the efforts is very much still on fighting for equity and working to compete until the very last out, unfortunately, with a great deal of revenue within the ability to secure BC stability integrated into the production services of the investor, taking a major hit does mean a need to go back to the drawing board to develop better systems supporting the ability for production to come back to market and be able to support families and communities unable to afford the entertainment expenses of participating in culture. 

At the moment, talks have commenced in the touring campaign towards various backdrops and experiences capable of housing the signature production as it leaves it’s historic BC skylines. The script writer and owner says for the moment, he is looking to script the production in Canada and does not have plans at the moment to take the production out of the Country. With conversations on increased run times for the Lucky Ladies, an integration of a range of other platforms and more opportunities for legacy media that’s been part of capturing and supporting the various talents and production crew associated with bringing this stage and economy to life, you can already imagine the bittersweet realities of changes as investors and tourism leaves the city within ongoing conversations advancing with the grassroots teams as well as legal and student leadership advocating for the civil liberties of the Land use and digital developer. 

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