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Meet Adrianna, Lucky Lady IV’s 2019 Featured Models.

May 17, 2019
1) Who is Adrianna? Some of the fans and audience might want to know?
1. I was born in Anaheim, California. I lived there until I was about 8 then moved to Denver, Colorado where I stayed for a couple years and moved back and fourth between CO and CA. I am Latina, My father is from El Salvador and my mother is from Guatemala. 
2) Why did you decide to come to Vancouver of all places? 

2. I decided to come to Vancouver after coming to visit and seeing what a beautiful place it is and so much opportunity it has to offer. Plus the weather is Perfect!
3) Has it been what you expected having come into the city? 

3. Before coming to Vancouver I had never been to Canada so I imagined since it’s close to the USA that it would be the same. I found that there were differences in culture (which is a good thing) as well as food and gas prices (bad) that I was not expecting but other than that the pictures I saw of this country are what I expected. An amazingly beautiful place. So happy to be here
4) What projects have you been involved with apart from Lucky Lady and what other types of opportunities are you looking to conquer after LLIV? 

4. Apart from Lucky Lady I have recently done a fashion show with the Art World Expo and been doing some TFP modelling to get my portfolio going. I intend on going to school for Acting in the near future and getting into commercial print modelling and TV shows.
5) Being in front of a camera and modelling takes a lot of confidence and not something all girls are able to do, what’s your secret in overcoming the stage? 

5. I would say that it takes practice. The first couple of times you feel nervous but you just have to take a deep breath and relax yourself and most importantly in the case of fashion show events just feel confident in yourself and tell yourself that you can do it. Never think negative thoughts always positive. Kick the negative ones out of your head. And remember that what you are doing will one day be in the past. How do you want to remember it? Being nervous or shy? Or going out there and giving it all you’ve got?
6) Have you ever done a fashion show on a Yacht before? What do you hope to gain from this experience. 

6. I have never done a fashion show on a yacht before but I’m excited to do it for the first time and I’m hoping to keep building my self confidence and learning. We are never a finished product there is always room to grow and lean.

7) Who are your top 3 inspirations? 

7. My top 3 inspirations are:
Will Smith
Sylvester Stallone
Les Brown

8) As a lot of past Lucky Ladies, Audiences, and local models will be following you as one of the faces of this year’s show, what can fans expect from this year’s #LLIV19?

8. Everyone can expect to watch me keep growing and rising with me

9) NativeByNature Is one of the designers for this year, what can you expect fans to get from the fashion show?  

9. I can expect fans to get inspired and definitely get out there and be stylish and get a new wardrobe!

10) What is your favourite movie scene and what movie!a

10. This is a hard one because there are so many that I love but one of them is: The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith and the scene is where he finally gets offered the job because it teaches us that everything is possible if you are willing to do what it takes.

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