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Canada’s Second Annual University Fashion Week At UBC Ends With Over 10K Deficit

February 11, 2020

Before we get into this season, it’s important we go through the history for those just getting involved with the development of UFW within this Canadian campaign 2020 Season. One thing to note that while the total billable expense by production to UFW as a production is shared between SFU and for the first time…

Canada’s University Fashion Week Drops Season 2 Meet The Icons Cover Art !

February 7, 2020

With Covert Art being a signature part of the capsule associated with UFW, one of the things to note is that design of each Season capsule art is based first and foremost on the content that’s sent through production agents for management for design. While each Season may present a different cover art, the need…

Surrey’s Keemzie Steals Show As Featured Performance At Lucky Lady IV’s 2019 Aftermovie #LLIV19

December 14, 2019

In what started as a birthday celebration that would turn into a lifestyle, the LLIV party of one of Canada’s emerging party producers would evolve into a branded production supported by a range of local startups and production partners. From networking opportunities to access to a range of affiliate marketing networks, the platform brought together…

Production Workers Open Investigation Against Party Well UBC On Allegations Of Fraud

December 5, 2019

With a request to Deemaks to sponsor a considerable amount of his artist performance fees towards the sponsorship of an International Ethiopian Keynote speaker at Vancouver’s second annual VNITY’s Diversity Conference, the young keynote speaker would not only be the youngest speaker to present at the startup initiative, but seeing the need for financial support…

Season 2 of SFU Fashion Week Shut Down Still In Effect Moving Into Season 3 of Canadian themed UFW Presentation Season

October 31, 2019

From misappropriated funds, political instability, and threats made by student leaders to other student organizers, alumni, and external organizers, the continued impact of SFU’s hostile events environment has called for better working conditions for UFW and it’s production ambassadors.  While it’s popularly known that this production was started by Kayode Fatoba as a student at…

University Fashion Week Announces “Canada” As Theme Leading Into Shaky Development Season!

October 22, 2019

Coming out of its Indigenous focused production Season, UFW to focus on Canada as it’s upcoming Season theme!  With Federal results around the corner, the production has seen a need to promote a focus on Canadian talents, both immigrant, settler, and indigenous Canadians part of keeping this land growing and a place of refuge many…

Skynation Rejects University Fashion Week’s Request For 2020 Season Renewal!

October 15, 2019

UFW executives land rough Season despite political pressure and one cancelled presentation!  In what has been a rough Season, UofT Fashion Week pushed strong within the growing demand for Canadian fashion designers, market, and entrepreneurs. What started as a fashion movement at Simon Fraser University would gain steam within the need for a more supportive…

Skynation To Invest In R&D For The Provision Of Health, Dental, & Transit Coverage For It’s World Wide Promoter Network Within The Next Four Years

September 27, 2019

Going into the next growth year of one of the first black owned, Canadian digital production, the company’s growing portfolios, as well as stakeholder relationships both within University and Government would not be possible without the growing networks of it’s various promoters of whom have really been the representatives of the platforms resources and distribution…

See Kayode Rap On Granville Street After Vancouver Visit For VNITY’s First MC AGM

August 26, 2019

With VNITY calling for Advocacy From Harambecouver’s Multicultural Carnival program attendees and/or various impacted partners through the request of a General Meeting as required from African Great Lakes Networking Foundation, the lack of response from GLC would prompt Harambecouver to honor that request for it’s first and last AGM. From this meeting it’s remaining volunteers…

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