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Lucky Lady IV Cancels Eventbrite Ticketing, Upgrades All 2019 Physical Tickets to VIP 

May 28, 2019

With a focus on increasing attendees and demand, the event is pulling the plug on it’s Eventbrite relationship and putting power in it’s promoter’s hands by upgrading their physical tickets to VIPs while giving them the power to create free and sliding scales guestlist discounting previledges. With this also being available for many of the…

Meet Adrianna, Lucky Lady IV’s 2019 Featured Models.

May 17, 2019

1) Who is Adrianna? Some of the fans and audience might want to know? 1. I was born in Anaheim, California. I lived there until I was about 8 then moved to Denver, Colorado where I stayed for a couple years and moved back and fourth between CO and CA. I am Latina, My father…

Skynation Partners With TheSpot To Send Jane and Finch Youths To Snoop Dogg 

May 15, 2019

On May 20th at 8:00PM, six youths from Jane and Finch will get the opportunity of enjoying live entertainment by a wide range of Rap Icons, namely Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Too $hort, Warren G, Kurupt and last but not least, Snoop Dogg. While pricing for these types of shows are often priced over $100/ticket, often times,…

Shwanga Confirms Appearance of A/L/L/Y at LLIV19.

May 7, 2019

In what is becoming the return of one of Vancouver’s kickoff summer festivities, Lucky Lady IV is back with a wide range of new acts and tons of exciting attractions. While the production might have started as a University graduation celebration, the wide range of industry connections, seamlessly woven into a weekend of activities topped…

Drake Pulls Strings As Gucci Gets Canada Wide Performance Clearance

May 1, 2019

Although many fans are eagerly anticipating the appearance of Gucci Mane in Canada, the rapper’s past would create skepticism in ticket holders leading to slower than expected sales as fears increase on the artist’s past  records impacting his ability to cross Canadian borders. With previous attempts of other American Rappers being detained and denied at…

Limited $60 Discounted LLIV Tickets Go Live On ShowPass And JanguBuzz Monday 

April 19, 2019

Local ticketing startups show support for #LLIV’s 2019 Yacht Party. While #LLIV19’s official promoters are still the best bet in getting deals and hard copy hookups not available on online ticket distribution platforms like Eventbrite and more ! The return of this historic and signature event does mean deals and hookups as it only happens…

Vancouver’s Afrobeats Festival Looks To Kickstarter to Fund Event Dream

April 9, 2019

While many might see events as a big gamble offering great returns on a positive scale, the downside can also often be a great loss citing various failed festival attempts from Paper Rain ‘s Bon Jovi concert to Jah Rule’s fire festival to name a few coming to mind. As such investing in a festival…

Wizkid Ends 2019 Canadian Tour With Vancouver Shutdown

April 9, 2019

Fan rushes Wizkid on stage as the young performer closes his Canadian appearance. With a star-studded lineup of local artists, Wizkid reminded fans of his name as he performed to a roaring audience chating his iconic title “Starboy, Starboy, Starboy!!!”. While the show might not have seen the same numbers as his Canadian-Ethiopian moniker competitor,…

Skynation to launch Vancouver’s Afrobeats Festival After Successful Wizkid Tour

April 6, 2019

From Blueprints, AJBonez Production, Shifting Culture and now Timbre Concerts, the growing number of brands and labels producing Afrobeats content is indicative of a need for more Afrobeats events. Although there might be new players in the industry, VAF believes it’s success will come from crafting strategic partnerships with a wide range of partners curating…


March 21, 2019

While HMC19 might be going into it’s 3rd year of programming, citing the presentation of Jace Kim as part of it’s 2019 campaign launch, the feedback from the slow but gradual community presentations backed by Skynation, Rising Youth, Dusk2Dawn, Cxxlaid and Various returning vendors and artisan. Feedback from HMC19’s open house would bring a need…

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