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Afro.Ditie’s Official Launch to Feature Food by SuyaLife!


Afro.Ditie Creative, is an emerging Vancouver grassroot lifestyle brand that has successfully pulled off their first fashion show, as one of the featured brands at University Fashion Week 2017: Season 4, hosted at Simon Fraser University.

The concept of Afro.Ditie’s brand as described by their Website, is a creative expression of their passion to celebrate cultural diversity, and their name Afro.Ditie embracing both their African and European roots.

The Designers/Founders behind the movement, Anastasia and Ayodeji Akintemi, are putting their money where their mouth is, with an official launch party that will showcase just that. An official promotion of the culture in which they draw design inspiration from.

Afro.Ditie will bring together a mini-showcase that celebrates the key components of the, “Naija” culture, with a Vancouver adaptation, coupled with AfroBeats and featured Nigerian delicacy, Suya, prepared by Suyalife. A novel, all you can eat Suya event happening monthly that is unique to Vancouver.

The event will feature music by DJ Rossco, an AfroBeats Ambassador and notarized DJ that has earned his brand by playing alongside a number of artists from WizKid, P-Square, and Major Lazer, while also running an underground event at Fortune Sound Club titled, ‘Strictly AfroBeats.’

If you’re interested in fashion, food, music and supporting cultural diversity, be sure to check out Afro-Ditie’s launch party, taking place April 8th, 2017 at The Basement by Loyal Coalition.

For more info click Here.

Published on: April 6, 2017 @12:20PM

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