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Missy D Becomes First Female Artist to CoHeadline a CXXLAID Stage

CXXLAID Show 4 is on the horizon for those that don’t know, and about to showcase a great deal of up and coming talent with a whole lot of diversity.

Show 4 is quickly trending as CXXLAID’s biggest presentation yet, with a staggering addition of three female artists set to hit the stage.

With Yasin Ray and Kellen Jackson bringing an RnBass/RnB flavour to their set over at SFU, Missy D is out to prove she’s come to slay. The CXXLAID community anticipates Missy D’s single, I Rep The XX, is rising quickly as what could be considered an iconic anthem.

Now coming back to the CXXLAID stage is Yung Nala, who made history as both the youngest and first first female Rapper to feature on this trending showcase platform. Though it seems she’s not alone, as Missy D shares a passion for Vancouver’s underground scene, and she’s ready to make her mark as a leading female Rapper to watch out for.

CXXLAID Show 4 launches on September 22nd and 23rd, 2017 with featured artist, Friyie, as the presentations newest headliner!

For more information visit CXXLAID .

Published on: September 22, 2017 @13:45

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