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Skynation Receives African Entertainment Awards Project – September 10th, 2013

September 10th, 2013

Skynation is proud to be one of the contributing entities collectively part of the development of the African Entertainment Awards. While this awards show is quite arguably one of the largest events of its kind, its goal of uniting and engaging all Africans and the world through the use of social media and other technological methods gave Skynation a very wonderful challenge. The technological redevelopment of the company’s online platform commenced with the development of a voting panel, which would soon turn into something bigger. This meant not only allowing the awards show to reach an external population outside of the realm of the Toronto population who will be able to make decisions on what was happening during the show, it also meant that the awards show would be based on engaging a potential audience only existent online. While the 2013 event was a great success, with more funding, Sky Nation has begun work towards unveiling next year’s event as well as establishing the awards show as a dominant image with an influential presence online.

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