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As University fashion week starts to expand, we are currently entering the fourth season of SFU fashion week. Skynation was able to speak to the creative director to know more about the SFU fashion week movement of this year

What is your vision for this year’s event?

This year’s vision is to create community engagement with the theme of ‘Strength in Diversity’! We want to showcase not only Vancouver’s talent, but the array of different people who have passion for the fashion industry. It’s really important to be well represented. We want people of all sorts to know that inclusivity is what we’re advocating – SFU Fashion Week has no height requirements, physical requirements, or sizing requirements; which are usually major qualifications in high fashion productions.

How did you get involved in this platform?

While running my YouTube channel, inlook, a lifestyle and style channel, I worked with Skynation to ideate some concepts that would turn SFU Fashion Week into University Fashion week. Becoming the Creative Director of SFUxFW’s upcoming Fourth Season was the perfect opportunity for me to experience management within the executive level before reaching management at the national level.

What would you say your biggest learning achievement working with the executive producer has been.

My biggest learning achievement working with Kayode is by far growing as a leader in the community. He’s taught me so much about not only people management, but how creating meaningful and fulfilling relationships with all types of people are necessary to grow a successful organization.

In the past SFUXFW had been the only University Based Fashion week in western Canada, how do you feel with UBC launching it’s first season within this Canada wide expansion.

It’s beyond exciting! Our expansion to UBC is only a small taste of how the University Fashion Week platform will grow in the next few years. Creating a national-level platform is not easy, although the biggest goals are always the most rewarding to accomplish.

What is the theme of this year’s event and are there any speakers you’re eyeing for day 2

Strength in Diversity is the theme of SFU Fashion Week’s Fourth Season. For our second day, which is about Social Advocacy, we’re really thinking of bringing different types of influencers from our community – such as the admin of the SFU Faculties, Vancouver bloggers, and designers from our show.

What are some ways your team will mobilize your community to get more involved in this year’s programming.

My team will mobilize our community involvement in all aspects of this year’s programming by encouraging both our volunteers and VPs to reach out to their personal networks, while also inquiring what they would expect from this year’s show. We also have past VPs from previous seasons reach out and mentor the current VPs, giving us advice for the production. For us, the biggest thing is to get our message out! It’s so important to push inclusivity within our community.

What do you feel makes this year’s show different from all the others

The transition from SFU Fashion Week to University Fashion Week will make this year’s show the most unique, by far. Although this is SFU’s Fourth Season, this is SFU’s first big production under University Fashion Week, which means a bigger and better show.

Being the youngest Creative Director to lead this production team, how would you say your leadership experience has grown while in production

My experience as a leader has definitely taken new heights while producing SFUxFW’s Fourth Season. I’m the kind of person that loves to take on a good challenge, and I could easily say that being the Creative Director for SFUxFW Season Four pushes my limits every single day. There’s always something to be done! My phone is going off at all hours of the day – whether it be from my VPs, the Executive Producer, Brand deals, replying to e-mails, press releases, sponsorships – it goes on and on. I’m never not busy, but I love it and enjoy every single second of it. This position really forces me to know what I’m capable of, and, being so young, it gives me a great understanding of what kind of leader I want to be in the future.

What are some brands to look forward to in Season 4

In Season Four, we’re looking forward to Korrvpt Apparel, Afroditie and Africstyle!

Korrvpt Apparel is a blend of classic fashion style and modern streetwear. Founders Abraham and Antony are originally from France, though are high influenced by North American Culture.
Africstyle is based out of Edmonton, and they are one of the promoters of African print’s global recognition. They’re in partnership with modelling agencies and showcase events to create exposure of African prints and their designers.
Afroditie is a fusion of traditional west African prints with semi casual streetwear and accessories. They’re found by an interracial couple, and their multicultural union and cultural differences/similarities inspired the concept of creative expression that embraces both their African and European roots.

check out the SFU Fashion Week page here

Photography and interview by Kene Esomeju for Skynation


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