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Skynation To Invest In R&D For The Provision Of Health, Dental, & Transit Coverage For It’s World Wide Promoter Network Within The Next Four Years

September 27, 2019
Skynation’s LLIV19 models pose ahead relaunch of the labels historic Lucky Lady IV

Going into the next growth year of one of the first black owned, Canadian digital production, the company’s growing portfolios, as well as stakeholder relationships both within University and Government would not be possible without the growing networks of it’s various promoters of whom have really been the representatives of the platforms resources and distribution capabilities. From supporting local updates on various internal publishing changes, to being the first to engage the market on various changes associated with the platforms abilities, the company has grown into being able to provide a range of solutions based primarily on promoters leveraging the labels creative networks to solve a range of problems within technology, entertainment, and design. As a multimedia events focused company, the next phase of the company’s growth plan will be largely focused on curating and publishing quality content from some of it’s growing market producers, directors, and promoter backed productions. Within looking at our conversation as a production, we say the returns from our promoter licenses being a lot higher than our digital promotion efforts. While the companies marketing department was seeing an increase in digital spending on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram of which was highlighted within the next development phase of the label as one of the most widely evolving channels to engage with it’s consumers. As we’re seing that there are various representatives who are seeing Skynation as that source, and are coming to our platform to gain updates about various information on the portfolios and properties we’re managing, and producing, going into the next series of projections, the company’s number one priority is promoter recruitment, retention, and education. Within this being on of the entry levels of our digital events company, what we’ve found is that, yea, there are agents who value the perks of being able to attend our internal and partner events for free, but within the understanding of our growing internal job portals and changes to our publishing as becoming exclusively limited to our members, promoters, and creative networks, the focus on Skynation it’s licensed and lawfully acquired creative works now is on the faces of whom have not only represent the platform, but are part of the various market representatives responsible for navigating the local solutions necessary to produce community impact. As the endeavour does mean the company’s growth and investment will largely be focused on building and growing at the pace of their promoter recruitment strategy and licensing parameters. According to the C.E.O Kayode Fatoba, “this is a remarkable opportunity and one in which we’re building a culture that incentivizes a culture of whom have really been part of our success.” As we are incorporating this into our long term plan of bringing in promoters with a much more long term and strategic vision that allows them to see a future in growing and keeping a strong brand loyalty with the label and it’s growing roster of carefully curated and acquired talent pool, as a Canadian based, BC based company, a decision of providing some of the basic requirements to ensure the overall competitiveness of our promoters to socialize with their market and attend our growing productions is a huge opportunity. While the company has not revealed the methods, strategies of which it’s hired promoters will have the opportunity of building their social credit towards gaining more opportunities within the development company, having a plan that isn’t just focused on the expenses lost from promoter perks and commission, but looking at promoters as necessary agents in providing a safe multimedia events and production culture in which various travelers and Canadians of whom are travelling internationally can start to view the brands culture as having a multinational yet recognizable set of values and representativeness no matter where they do. With the company’s focus on revamping it’s processes, operations, and beefing up it’s internal policies and procedures, the changes to the overall structure and brand’s architectural rollout is supposed to commence, gradually within the next 4 years as part of the company’s 20 year plan. As we do expect an increase in the growing number of promoters of whom might be interested in leveraging our perks to give themselves the level of insurance that their current employers might be unable to afford under their business operations and expenses, according to Hashem Else, one of the companies onboarding administration directors, as Public Health has been identified as one of the core areas of the company’s goals and values with it’s focus being shifted to it’s production community and representatives.

Skynation associate producer D’sa with local artists as part of VNITY

Moving in this direction of really starting to look at how the brand can increase the value to grow with the agency does mean us having the retention targets we’re aiming to get. As the current plans will prioritize agents of whom have been with the company since inception as promoters in some manner, the reapplication of some of our agents looking to stay involved as part of the growth of the company does mean various representatives can expect to see grandfathering of some of the various support to the company already as contributing to their accounts. With the new plan seeing a lot more investments in areas providing higher returns for the company, the overall focus on supporting the growth of it’s economy through the direct reinvestment in it’s promoters can only give market confidence that they are supporting a company directly focused on their overall mental and physical well being. There are a range of businesses that happen at our marketplaces nationally, from fashion designers connecting with our invited audiences and models, artists leveraging our promoters to promoter their music and attract audiences to their shows, tour abilities within our growing distribution and publishing capabilities. As a digital brand doing things a bit different and creating solutions to advance our marketplace, our believe is that this investment will increase the overall competitiveness and market engagement of our brands traction and daily activities. With a lot more confidential perks available to the growing agents looking to grow as part of the brands remote capabilities as a digital operation, a priority on staying locally driven and solutions oriented is on in which the company believes can given it a bit of edge in the market. As this plan will cost us a lot of money, while also demand much more from our growth specialists, the slow focus in starting to reinvest our earnings in our own platforms ability to support our growing market means our focus in doing things different and through this experimentation, seeing if an investment in our workers as part of the growing increase in our attempts at slowly starting to increase output and long term buyin will see the returns of which will advice us a lot more on ways to innovate a lot more rapidly based on grassroots demand. 

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