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Skynation to launch Vancouver’s Afrobeats Festival After Successful Wizkid Tour

April 6, 2019
With the rise of Afrobeats, VAF is here to curate sounds by the CVLTURE for the culture.
From Blueprints, AJBonez Production, Shifting Culture and now Timbre Concerts, the growing number of brands and labels producing Afrobeats content is indicative of a need for more Afrobeats events. Although there might be new players in the industry, VAF believes it’s success will come from crafting strategic partnerships with a wide range of partners curating both emerging talents, and it's authenticity to culture. By us, for us. We're at a time where Vancouver and the rest of Canada is starting to see it's own artists. According to the organizer, we want to see Afrobeats producers be able to support it's own audience and be able to  self sustain our community. Our team is composed of Afrolover so it makes it easy, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about. With Kanye and a number of talents, even lil Uzi, starting to show a shift in culture, Lyor Cohen a youtube music director making huge predictions in the future of this industry, many believe VAF’s future could be very bright. While we want to keep tickets affordable for our immediate market, we also need to price tickets to ensure the ability to secure great acts that are pushing the industry forward globally. From managing assets and tech riders, liability and great stage designs, the goal will be to work our way up and draw a growing audience that way to return year after year. We're targeting 1000 to 2000 people this year. VAF presented Gidijam as the Afrobeats stage at #VNITY 2018.

Fans celebrate a successful Wizkid show with Afrobeats presented front center.

Could Drake be loosing Toronto to a new sound that’s got OVO itching for new collaborators?

While many still debate the risk of Afrobeats as a contender to the more popularized Hiphop Festivals. Some artists are already working on their flows and contracts to get ready for this new wave of emerging talent. 
Lil Uzi rapping to what seems to be an Afrobeats instumental.
While this year's lineup is sure to disappoint as the team are building their vision and platform from the ground up. According to VAF's pr, "Getting the partnership and support of Skynation was the most important step, we had the artists, they had the resources to help us bring this to life." and as such, official roll outs for VAF exclusively on Skynation so stay tuned. 

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