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Surrey’s Keemzie Steals Show As Featured Performance At Lucky Lady IV’s 2019 Aftermovie #LLIV19

December 14, 2019
Vancouver’s Lucky Lady IV presents 2019 White and Gold presentation amidst shaky production year.

In what started as a birthday celebration that would turn into a lifestyle, the LLIV party of one of Canada’s emerging party producers would evolve into a branded production supported by a range of local startups and production partners. From networking opportunities to access to a range of affiliate marketing networks, the platform brought together creatives and talents intersecting education, technology, entertainment, and design. From students, models, influencers, musical artists, investors, and a range of multimedia event investors Lucky Lady IV returned to Skynation production with new plans, production team as well as vision. While many of the talents headlining LLIV moving into bigger opportunities with a range of LA producers seeing the platform as a great curating opportunity, a range of talents would make incredible advances as one of the next artists to look out for coming out of 2019’s Lucky Lady IV. With a range of publishing set to be released on some of the artists that took home top performance spots coming out of this 2019 presentation, keep a look at as more content is published with regards to Lucky Lady IV 2019. Conceptualized by Kayode Fatoba in 2013, the event would lead to the employment of a range of promoters, food and beverage workers, security, transportation, nightlife as well as a range of hoteliers of whom would see an increase in business with the emergence of the production. With more sponsors and vendors looking to be part of Lucky Lady IV with more of the featured Lucky Lady IV models seeing both private and public sponsorships and appointments, the various packages and opportunities associated with both an invitation to cast as part of the presentation as well as various ticketing and partnership opportunities. With callouts for #LLIV20 set to commence in the following weeks, early theme announcements have confirmed PROMNIGHT as the leaked theme for 2020. With this presentation year seen Casts and audiences coming in the production themes, early audiences into the world of Skynation and Lucky Lady IV would experience an introduction into a new production but with a range of talents making noticeable appearances as plugged talents, MzShells, of whom would cause a major upset as the production competition winner would leave a lasting impression on the commercial stage as a late talent coming into production. Slated for SFU Fashion Week, her brand Native By Nature would Feature a special presentation by Indigenous Barbie, while Surrey BC, Keemzie, a Canadian of Ghanian Descent would take the featured performance, a number of associates would speak on his musicality and stage presence really causing his message to resonate through a range of mediums. Imagine content traders speaking to production saying, “You should check out Keezie’s set”. While a range of content traders, service-for-access, the various understanding is that while they are allowed to use the various restricted area content how ever they like unless otherwise purchased outright, the range of limitations associated with their positioning and media pit as well as access and radius clauses makes getting the attention of multimedia agents one of the hardest parts of LLIV. Some producers engage with the planning team wanting to capture BTS content while others want exclusive licenses to advanced announcements on Casted Lucky Ladies for promo videos, interviews and a range of sponsorship and social media commentary. With the various inquiries evolving the platform, the reintroduction of LLIV into Skynation Productions does mean the opportunity of evolving the program and production for the next series of Seasons. With new investors coming to the table within the evolved production, many are excited to see just what’s in store for #LLIV20, as it stands, tons of new faces coming out of this production to watch out for so looking out for more production news as we lead into #LLIV20

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