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Toronto’s Tumblr Famous Designer, Kene Esomeju Officially Joins Skynation

April 2, 2017

Photo by Kene Esomeju

With Skynation’s focus on promoting and producing content that beautifies, as well as integrates the African Descent community through Technology, Entertainment and Design, the company’s demand for visual design is quite high.

Kene’s addition to our growing company has added a level of branding that’s really begun to shape the community integrated strategy of the brand. From working with Victoria Kimani, Devontee, Emma Nyra, Syd of The Internet and many more, the young creative is making a name for himself.

Currently a student studying Interactive Arts & Technology with a minor in Communications, Kene joins Skynation as the company’s VP Brand Communication & Graphics, a position that makes him responsible for managing the brand of Skynation, as well as building the company’s community image.

Becoming the Top 5 emerging Startups in British Columbia, Canada, according to Small Business BC, this position will really focus on bringing the company’s creative look into each project.

According to Kene, “There needs to be more cultural representation in mainstream media, as appropriation occurs when vision designers present, support, and perpetuate one type narratives. Skynation’s vision to promote more integrative images of cultural representation makes me excited to be part of this growing company.”

We’re excited to see his growth in the company, and where he takes the brand.

Happy Birthday from Skynation.

Published on: April 01, 2017 @22:15

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