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Vancouver’s Afrobeats Festival Looks To Kickstarter to Fund Event Dream

April 9, 2019
While many might see events as a big gamble offering great returns on a positive scale, the downside can also often be a great loss citing various failed festival attempts from Paper Rain 's Bon Jovi concert to Jah Rule's fire festival to name a few coming to mind. As such investing in a festival for an emerging market isn't just a risk, the entire production becomes a gamble and according to Skynation's risk assessment manager, "this isn't a risk we as a startup is looking to or ready to make". While Skynation is committed to supporting the production and work with Gidijam on all the permitting, contractual, and liability support required to bring this production to life, as the brand behind the afrobeats festival, they also want to see more community buyin. 

Mr. Eazi an international Afrobeats DJ posts for picture on a successful culture festival in UK
Having a successful Kickstarter for hiring and paying for the ongoing production expenses associated with bringing the show to life, getting the legal documents required to bring some of the genre's international acts, and paying the mounting artists fees some of which is upwards of $50,000 are priorities that have to be considered before putting out such a production. From Skynation's production design team, to artist procurement, are all in a shared headspace of wanting to make sure the demand is there before anything else. Although the label will take the lead as the producers of this new city production given the number of permitted festivals associated with the company's growth. A recommendation for Gidijam to raise initial capital through Kickstater would shift the fate of the production from Skynation into the hands of the people. To be people centric is what the label wants Gidijam to be and that's what the point of this kickstarter campaign. Having all who would partake and support this event invest and donate to the respective production requirements necessary to bring Gidijam to life would be indicative of the demand gauge necessary to activate this Afrobeats programming in Vancouver. Interested donors are asked to visit the crowd funding campaign here to contribute.

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