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February 25, 2019
With a vision of inviting Suya chefs from different parts of the world to Vancouver for an ability to share culinary practices and spices in a fun community BBQ and entertaining dance party, the 2019 Suyafest by Suyalife is already gaining traction from a wide range of attendees. A mix of well curated Afrobeats and other danceable vibes, a shot of your best spirits, topped off with Suya. Based in Vancouver, this emerging city festival is all about experimenting, this year the organizers want to keep the Suya undiluted, citing an already growing community from it's pop up events. We want to spread the Genre of music outside of just Afrobeats as there will be various people coming who are coming to try Suya for the first time. From mexican based DJ to a number of Vancouver locals the production has also curated other acts on the bill. Headlined by Toronto's Deemaks, of whom has recently played at UBC, shared the stage with Major Lazer as well as headline Havard's African Business Week in 2016 and selling out a show at UBC in 2018. Sharing the stage Cromulon Twins, Rhi, Senti, XYZ, and Cole James, all of whom will be bringing a bit of themselves and audience to make sure the party is loads of fun. The idea is, exposing people to a sample, so if you want the real thing you might need to head to Lagos. With the festival being produced in Vancouver however, Suyalife is mixing it’s music, food, and entertainment into a this high budget dance party for all to attend. From RnB, to Rap, to Electro, attendees can experience a genre of sounds, while partying all night long. Although the goal is to grow this into an food celebration bringing a great deal of talents for performances in the city, Suyalife says as it’s grassroots community can tell, it’s primary focus will be making sure there’s suya for all it’s audience that comes out.
Suyalife to feature music by Deemaks from Toronto, Cromulon twins from Mexico, Rhi from Vancouver, Cole James, Senti and XYZ
Attendees can enjoy a night of fun and good vibes while experiencing something new in Vancouver. for more info visit 

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