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July 20, 2020

Toronto Raised Bicoastal Canada Investor and Public Health Scientist Places Focus on his Second Home in Burnaby for Development Divestment. 

With what is becoming an increasing case of there being a broken system between a range of mistrust between private citizens, public apparatus, and minority governance. Preliminary research has found that Minorities, particularly, POCs with a particular focus on Black and Indigenous communities are most at risk at being Gentrified by a system of which was never built to integrate them. With Post-Reconcilliation Canada presenting opportunities at looking at the convergence of integration and multiculturalism, the idea of reforming a system of subjugation and residential schooling cannot use policing to serve the vulnerable population of whom have already been stigmatized from birth based on educational systems that are all parts of the reformation of this organization. 

With the seed capital to commence this processing and what will be a great deal of the volunteer efforts of this organization being spearheaded by CEO and Public Health Scientist, Kayode Fatoba. The focal point of the development Coop is going to be providing development systems that can produce owners of whom are able to gain access to smaller development systems working to open access with a focus on Canada’s priority population. Inspired by the story of the UBC community of whom leveraged some of our investment properties to really support and become the home of a program that is targeting their local new immigrant population of whom are learning to become valuable tools of reliability and validity to be operationalized in the future. To see the community come together for ASID and it growing, within them supporting their various backend reforms, were part of the foundational elements leading to the need to really see Burnaby as distinct from Simon Fraser University. While being President of IVXW, Board of Director with the Union and Senator at the University gave me a strong insight into the diverse inner workings of the organizations at work in ensuring various liabilities are being researched and developed in a way that maximizes infrastructure capacity. To support Vancouver development and be recognized by a City Plaque is one thing, but I did not live there. While I may have competed and been scouted into the White Caps Residency, a lot of the action would occur at Burnaby mountain, but in convocating and slowly starting to engage with a community of which I had been part of building a Student Union Building, throwing ample concerts, created a number of clubs and businesses. While even investing in a foreclosure of which would commence my reality of my understandings of me not existing as a being to Burnaby. 

Kayode Fatoba invited to speak at YMCA’s YTALK on the Organizations Development Impact.

While a series of positive and negative police interactions within global social media, coupled with an increase in homelessness, as well as the economic impact of Covid-19 on commercial sector shut down, and residential inhouse development, the vast range of inequities of which has been associated with private sector attempting to use public sector by way of proxy, position, financial capacity and otherwise aggressive position that maintains a taut and bully like behaviour has really shown that at a certain stage there required organizations of advocacy that were affordable for the common citizen of whom did in fact feel they are unable to access social services with dignity. To have an organization of whom it wants to grow with it’s investors, and provide affordable services for it’s members within the various areas of development. Building a strong Coop that’s able to give families ownership rights without them having to fight for it, to be forcefully demovicted by slum lords. Have a lack of business systems that’s able to support the facilitation of advancing them within the community, and supporting pathways to increase post graduate and professional development and social welfare are well within areas of research of what an enriched development community investment strategy looks like. While the coop will engage the local indigenous community of whom will be part of really aligning access as agencies that can also grow to integrate share learnings and lessons that places them in conversation as part of the Stewards are part of the vision of the foundations of really leading and generating this data. With interest to support the growing issues exasperated by this Pandemic, the support of University communities has really shown great interest in those of whom do want to venture into the field of development as it pertains to public and private enterprising. While the Scientist agrees that this research and development plan will require a number of years as going from a National and localized leader to really focusing on the Burnaby community as a place to invest and raise a family have been the driving force in the divestment decision. With this project bring broken into 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 100 year visions, getting an approval that out of all our name choices, there was an interest from the current stakeholders to support BURNABY BIPOC DEVELOPMENT COOP has really opened interest to the volunteers of whom have shown interest in support the advocacy work that’s really demanded support for the BIPOC community. 

Canadian Public Health Scientist & CEO Kayode Fatoba receives plaque and historical achievement award and recognition from City of Vancouver.

To have a proactive Government saying, we acknowledge we have a broken system, we want to work with researchers to understand the issues, and develop better preventative health approaches that does not leave our most vulnerable behind is part of what has led towards celebrating this stage as progress. While having stake on a name may not seem like much, the investment, money, and work that’s gone into starting this process are part of what attracts investors into systems of which the foundation have been set for them to play. To have assets leave due to racism and Gentrifying policies is not a conversation of mental health but of infrastructure design of which there are better ways in which we as a system are engaging one another and collaborating. As BBDC is it’s nascent stages, the progress is already signs that however confidential the table may be, work is progressing and minorities on the table are not living anyone behind. As his Toronto commitments with his Toronto development is sure to keep the CEO busy, it’s exciting to see Burnaby seeing investment portfolio as part of a need for Canadian Entrepreneurs to support their niches during this time. 

A TD Canada Trust Scholarship Recipient for $70,000 at the age of 18 year old Torontonion, Kayode Fatoba would get fired at his job at the movies for not having the necessary energy as he was cleaning the ground and calling asleep. while the need to reorganize his future as both an NCAA athlete who chose to sign with Canada’s SFU and his new TD community would impact his new decisions as he’d started to spend more time at Banker. Learning about the community as a part of them, learning about confidentiality outside of the world of Banking, and really seeing the calenders a lot more as having an impact on peoples mental health and decision making. Education provided the ability for you to create your own solutions, but at what cost when rent still has to be paid on top of that education. Getting involved in various Governance and Policing initiatives also reinforced a sense of having capacity to reform and advocate for better systems. A graduate with a range of Sports Titles and White Caps affiliation to match, at 30 year old, coming out of Covid-19 within what has been a need to shut down his commercial investments, the National President and CEO believes advocating and reforming or defunding a system that does not see you as an equal member or a person requires the need to create systems that does prioritize you as a person and gives you the rights to a governance in which BIPOC and at risk communities can gain access and feel heard, within the need to yell. A system that awards them opportunities of being owners, long term investors, and employers of their own communities and be part of that design and development phase of ushering in new programs and program centres. As various services from, arts and culture, mental and physical health care support, legal, finance and security systems will be core areas of focus within the need to provide big data systems to attempt at levelling the playing field of marginality, the long term focus of this is one that will really makes it a lifes purpose and goal much more than often times what may be used as transactional elements of status quo against minorities.

CEO and Young Canadian Investors meet for new opportunities at Vancouver’s Cactus Club

To decentralize and localize with a focus on the less privileged without the use of force, protest, and much more is part of showing that all that noise do reach professionals of whom engage in policy and programming work that may or may not have immediate return, but Fatoba believes, if we’re investing in our backyard, I believe at some point, there should be a point where our backyard starts to say, hey I want to work with those guys over there given they’re enacting policies that show they are fighting for my rights and doing it through systems I do not have access or resources to own or create.


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