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June 27, 2020


With members of Skynation’s Development community hearing about the CEO and Public Health Scientist being evicted from his purchased Condominium of which was not only secured through the Strata Corporations identified Real Estate Agent, but with Foreclosure necessitating the need for a new investor. The case of Scam has been opened against members of the Seigle Corporation of whom acted unlawfully in the sale, transfer, and ownership of Skynation’s first custom designed and renovated condominiums. The organization’s primary investor, who would secure a TD Canada Trust Scholarship worth $70,000 from the city of Toronto, would leave his city for an investment opportunity in Vancouver’s University  and real estate market. Moving of Simon Fraser University Residence, a deportation notice of a past tenant, within a search for investment opportunity after the mother would advice against investing in an apartment but instead to forgo a Car given the University investment gave him a Upass, while an investment in a Condo would mean an opportunity to pay down the equity over time. 

While a three months search would eventually lead to a Building Manager of whom would state that Stratamore Towers was individually owned with various agreements between the bank, mortgage owners and partners. Upon being told an Open house was the only way to negotiate through the licensed corporation agent, an agent would come to the same office stating frantically that the tenants of whom had been sold the property did not get approvals and they were getting deported of which the property risked foreclosure. The property manager of whom lived in the apartment would turn to the Toronto based investor of whom had started investing in Toronto at 16 within a move to Vancouver by 18 years of age into Academia and slowly into a life as a permanent residence if the academic journey became successful. The real estate agent would take the client upstairs stating he needed to buy out the properties and negotiate with the family. While an undisclosed amount would be negotiated for various items of value, various clean up teams would become hired within the renovation work that would commence to not only turn the apartment of which lacked electricity and various working functionalities into the investor starting to improve the unit for rental. From a badly used condominium of which would be the space of which was bought in a rent to own by the new investor within what became unlawful agreements and being passed from agent to agent of whom would petition the buyer to move out, as renovations commenced in upgrading the unit, due to dirty rug, lack of electricity, water and much more, the property would be appreciated from a dirty rugged unlivable space of which the family would be deported into a hard wood floored condominium of which would not only supported the new investor and Coowners ability to focus on his life at Simon Fraser Univerity, it would become a design and development home for Skynation of whom would work with the developer to not only manage the property but start to take on the various management responsibilities associated with both the residential and commercial investments of this investor. 

From detailed cases of Fraud of which the residence would be framed with Strata collecting $200 sometimes $600 in fines of which would be paid by the investor of whom would be given no opportunity for representation, it would be reported that the agent would actually step out of the elevator to often insult the coOwner and property investor in a home he not only paid real cash for, the renovations of which has been carried out by various agents hired and paid would give the property the opportunity not only hosting a range of business professionals and organizations, it would be responsible for a range of productions within British Columbia. Working on his residential home and investing in the public and commercial industry was part of the real estate investor to support community development, a feat he has been supporting for well up to a Decade. While a series of disputes in which Strata would block the property owner from accessing his property citing for the investor to pay them rent, or he was unable to rent a property that would be discovered to be sold to the buyer by the Strata Presidents Wife within their daughter claiming that it’s two chinese couples that live in the Unit. Upon investigation with the City of Burnaby, not only have they confirmed the Landlord as the person living and must be living in the property, they have stated given the various investments that have not been reported within the need to switch the land title of which the deeds of the investment of the owner was denied within what has been a continuous push to move out and force to sign various documents created by the Coporation of which the client has been told not to engage with the corporation directly anymore. While a roof would fall on the clients head while showing 

having renovated the unit to a hard wood floors, strata would inform the investors that this were his damages including the sustained injury and various times missed off his development responsibilities. With Lawyers starting to get involved, not only would Strata fix the roof of which they were attacking our client to fix, but a sudden financial hike while the client was in the hospital dealing with the various impacts of the attack would cause the hospital to support our client with various social workers and public officials of whom would engage the mortgage owner that she was not to petition the investor of whom was now healing within them need to fix the various damages. Not only would this lead into the real estate owner asking for total funds. Stating that the funds paid through real estate agent did not count of which Synation and the RCMP would need to get involved after a series of altercations and attacks. From insults to being bard from entering the unit of which he was investing in, members of Toronto, Canada would be forced to get involved while KeyStone Lawgroup a Surrey Based Lawfirm would support the various damages caused by Strata of which would be exposed as not only the Condominium of our client needing repairs but an estimated $4million dollars would be required from Strata to repair various units of which have not only seen flooding, there had been conversations of the Strata Corporation focusing their efforts on evictions while deferred maintenance issues piled. It would be further argued that the various leaks of our client would have been much worse if the property had not been converted from a rugged property with a 

wide range of wine stains to hard wood floors of which was now a home with office space to support both the Public Health Developer that worked within the space, but also be a home to the Canadian of whom has been investing in not only this property but a range of commercial properties hiring various multiculturalism, black and indegnous Canadians to engage him within the property. With many on social media speaking to the unlawful nature of agents coming to evict people from their homes without a due process, the media is now being involved into this case as the agent is requesting a full refund or the land title on his invested and purchased property within the various businesses of whom will be impacted and shift that’s now resulted in not being able to continue the production work of the investor and developer in his own space. As such members of the public are being asked to email us as as we attempt at representing the investor in securing the full title of a property of which was purchased through a Corporation of which has acted unlawfully against the verbal and purchased agreement between buyer and seller. As this unit was not purchased through a child of which is unlawfully coming to his “mothers” property to tell an investor and business owner to leave the property, we are hoping this case can be looked at within the various empty units of which are part of a growing problem within the rise of homelessness in Vancouver. As the CoFounder and Artistic Director of the African Descent Festival, a platform that has been instrumental in supporting the advancement of people of African Descent in Vancouver, representatives of the African Descent Society, IVXW, and various vancouver organizations have started to get involved after a social media post created awareness of this issue. 

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