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Caveman Steals Show At Mr Eazi’s Vancouver Show!

July 7, 2018

With the emergence of Mr Eazi and his tropical Afrobeats sound taking over air waves, one brand was determined to make a presence at his Vancouver show! According to Kayode Fatoba, you could see the community support from brands that connected with what Caveman represented. With an array of artists taking the stage in Caveman attire, the brands presence was felt through out the production. Though security for the show was tight, Caveman made it backstage for a frame with Mr Eazi. “The designers’ ability to present itself as an urban Afrocentric street wear brand is giving it a name that’s highly embraced by the market. A Skynation supporter, Caveman was the first brand to offer support in keeping University Fashion Week sustainable in its scaling year.

Kayode Fatoba & Mr Eazi Backstage with Caveman

Featured in 2017 at Harambecouver, (Canada’s first Multicultural Parade focused on Diversity and Reconciliation), it seems the community impact and support of this brand is not only growing locally, but with more in store for this emerging brand, we can expect there’s plenty more project announcements under their sleeve.

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