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Club Ilia Pulls Through As Contingency For Show 5 of Cxxlaid Post SFU/SFSS Hiccup

October 17, 2018

Due to last minute and unforeseen circumstances, show five of Cxxlaid will now be held at Club Ilia. While Skynation did engage the SFSS in advance for this presentation, Simon Fraser University did not feel comfortable with the booking and has unfortunately rejected the event. While Skynation did produce show 4 of Cxxlaid headlined by Friyie in the same space, which occurred during 2017’s Fall Kickoff in September, the presentation of show 5 occurring in the same space would face challenges due to various internal administrative and bureaucratic changes. While the SFSS offered support in mediating with SFU on Skynation’s previous production success, timing issues within the stakeholders involved resulted in communication lags. Despite the fact that there was a push for event cancellation, organizers believed the message of the event would be lost and could not suffer the damages as Cxxlaid is funded out of pocket by the CoFounder and C.E.O. Luckily Club Ilia has expressed the ability and capability to host the show as an establishment that’s really playing a role in supporting student life at Simon Fraser University, there will be a need to enhance the production value to support the mini showcase.  While some artists, and event goers are disappointed about the last minute booking cancellation from SFU, organizers say, while they could have given into pressure and cancelled the event due to last minute booking cancellation, the focus was making sure all possible measures were explored with a priority on alternative spaces. While there has been an apology from Mark W. LaLonde, Chief Safety Officer, Safety & Risk Services after review of Skynation’s production documents, with the out of pocket cost associated with the producer’s time, artists of whom had booked off work for the show, and the various production staff scheduled to work outside of the artist curation processes that goes into these shows. With an interest in working to retain Skynation production at SFU, there has been an interest for ongoing meetings to help evolve the company’s growth citing the acknowledgement of the company’s roots starting at SFU as its students. According to an email forwarded to Skynation on the last minute cancellation notice by LaLonde, “To help clarify future process …a joint meeting with SFU and SFSS to help avoid future confusion…You are committed to working cooperatively with SFU on future events”. While ongoing meetings have begun towards developing better processes to support internal and external productions on campus for future projects, general attendees can be rest assured that show 5 of Cxxlaid is still on tentatively courtesy of Club Ilia. For more information on location changes and direction, please visit  

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