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January 18, 2019

Supported Performances by Will Toa, Rappin Regardless, Ekke and more,

Although many might still be unfamiliar with #Cxxlaid, a premium underground hiphop platform that’s based in Vancouver and attracting talents from all over. The touring platform’s ability to changes it’s specially curated presentation to reflect the type of artist, culture and audience has made it’s first Season present some amazing artists of whom have gained huge notoriety. With publications and affiliate presentations having connections to SXSW, Noisey, ETCanada, Hiphop Canada, Skynation, Daily Hive and more, Cxxlaidjam as a stage is proving it’s here to stay. Although Show 1 of Cxxlaid might be in the past with headliner Devontee bringing the house down during his amazing set, Kresnt would outcompete 6lack and Kodie Shane for headline spot during show 2 artist selection. 6lack was rebranding within his management working to confirm their various presentation partners. As traction and demand grew from artists looking to get broken on this event based digital platform, it wouldn’t be long for word to get to Quentin Miller, a US based producer who would make a debut return to Canada, citing a choice to rather sign with Kayode over Drake in  in Canada. As Drake’s alleged Ghostwriter and loose OVO affiliate, Quentin Miller and his 1317 Gang made it known that they write, produced, and have their own sound. Given Kayode and Drake might be the only two entities that have brought the controversial talent to Canada, his choice to come to Vancouver would heavily be influenced by his believe in Cxxlaid jam and Skynation’s abilities and calibre to present him as an artist. While the investment in Cxxlaid jam was a risky decision due to the range of artists it aims at curating within the hiphop industry. One thing many would notice quickly is the brand’s growing switch from Coolaidjam to Cxxlaidjam while doubling down on focusing on their own unique culture and growing cult following. With a late signing of Friyie for a presentation at SFU and UBC, season was closed with an unexpected all female showcase on Canada’s official day of Legalization. Adding to that the early announcement of the Season 2 opening headliner as Toronto based Rapper Loonie Blue kickstarts excitement for #Cxxlaid getting license renewal for a Second season. Want to know more about the artists set to perform? Check out our write up on each act below.

LOONIE BLUE [Headliner]

For those who don’t know, Loonie blue was on S1.1 and although he might not have been the headliner then, the noticeable growth in industry collaborations ranging from Nav, Murda Beatz, Riff Raff and more, makes the artist’s persona and development leaving you wonder about what’s to come. All 2019, the rarity of seeing Loonie Blue this intimate will be part of this Cxxlaidjam experience. Coming off a successful 2018 tour with Ski Mask The Slump God, the Rexdale point guard makes sure to never forget where he came from. From headline performance at KOTD, being featured on Black Entertainment Television as one of the Toronto artists to watch out for in 2019, and even starting to trend on Toronto radio shortly after. Loonie Blue is by for one of Canada’s best kept secrets. While many might not know him or his Toronto based affiliations just yet, a headline offer from Cxxlaid does mean one thing, those who matter are paying attention and looking forward to his set.


William Takyi-Prah a.k.a. “Will Toa” is a recording artist and super producer from Vancouver, Canada. He is known as “GoldCoastSound” in terms of his production. He is the creator of the lifestyle brand “Drop City”. A growing community identity, associated with Vancouver. The name “Will Toa” stands for “Wealth Is Loving Life, Takyi Over Anything”. The acronym for “WILL” describes his state of mind. He believes true wealth is defined by one’s happiness and is of a priceless value. The name “TOA” is not only an acronym for the artist’s last name, it is also a commonly used nickname associated with his family’s resturaunt, the “Taste of Africa”. With the impact of Will TOA already putting Taste of Africa as part of the influences that this presentation might attract as culture, the Vancouver based rapper will also be featuring special performances by SB. With their connections to Music Before Fame, this early scoop could see the emergence of Will Toa as an early contender in Vancouver’s growing market and contribution to Canada’s growing hiphop industry. Although Cxxlaid might be discovering Will Toa and SB for the first time, the GoldCoastSound producer has shared the stage with the likes of Mr Eazi, Ycee and more within a focus of his sound blurring the lines of him as an African and blackCanadian, a theme often seen in his visuals.


Featured on Hiphop Canada, Ekke moved with his family to New Jersey, from there, the globe trotting artists has since acquired a world of talents and sounds that’s influenced his Hiphop sound as a Rapper. Coming to Canada in 2010, the UBC Sauder School of Business alumni believes what makes him different from other artists is his acumen both lyrically and quality wise as an emerging artist. “Ekke makes use of clever word play, exploration of dark & exaggerated themes, hyperbole and complex rhyme schemes to paint pictures and tell stories.” – HHC. Leaking his new project on youtube, EKKE is really trying to organically grow his sound as a contender in the industry coming from a school that’s produced a wide range of successes. Wondering what his music sounds like, Check out visual as we count down to seeing his actual set at #Cxxlaid

Ekke stars in new visuals Nasty, shot in Vancouver, Canada.

Rappin Regardless Ft Scribbly Doodle

An internally curated act, much is unknown of Rappin Regardless, a project managed by Luke Segars as a newly formed experiment looking to bring their unique Band performance Rap style to a mainstream audience. RR’s media roll out and branding all seem to be underway. Although still a work in progress before signing their first headline show, Luke believe’s his band can draw a crowd as they have their own Vancouver based community that follow their lifestyle and culture. what’s very interesting with their presentation is RR’s set collaborator Scribbly Doodle. Unlike other artist personas, Scribbly Doodle’s online profile highlights going on double dates with his girlfriends as one of his personal interests, while the lover boy sound producer boasts organic production citing himself as the creator of every sound being produced under Scribbly Doodle. While his performance will require a wide range of instruments, the sound cook has loads of experience making sound effects and beatboxing walking around Vancouver perfecting his craft.

Wondering where to find tickets to the show or how to purchase tickets? Click link here

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