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Cxxlaid Show V To Promote Decriminalization Headlined by Indigenous Female Rapper MamaRudeGyal MTHC

October 13, 2018

It’s been a remarkable journey seeing Cxxlaid evolve its curation from its pilot show consisting of an all male presentation headlined by Ayesha and Steph Curry’s Cousin Devontee; to hosting its first female artists Rude Nala and Nostalgia Coheadliner by MissyD who brought in a XX wave that had the kids at UBC bumping. Although Cxxlaid integrated other elements of Hiphop from live painting,  to Graffiti, Breakdancing, DJing, and more, it would be a grassroots planning team of female artists and curators that would engage Skynation at the opportunity to present an all female show with deep confidence that there was a demand. This opportunity and demand would lead to show 5 and the search towards discovering the right talent to bring this presentation to life in a quality Cxxlaid manner. According to Mama Rude Gyal MTHC, “an all female lineup is not new to us as females cause we get that a lot as females in our industry, while this an accomplishment for a platform that’s never presented this before, what I’d rather see is a diverse lineup but skewed to women, where a woman can Headline and men are opening for her”. Discovered through a cypher from RapidFire, MamaRudeGyal MTHC has stepped up to the demand with a focus on putting out industry standard content. After putting on an amazing performance at Harambecouver’s #CVLTUREFEST, her confidence and stage presence coupled with the values she embodied as an artist necessitated the opportunity. Supported by local icon Ndidi Cascade, rising star Prado, Mzshellz and new comer Indigenous Barbie, this presentation will not be restricted to the entertainment focus associated with Cxxlaid as an entertainment platform. Coinciding with Canada’s Day of Legalization, these artists are also coming together to use their voice and art to promote decriminalization as part of that progress. According to Dr Pearlz of Pearlz Clothing, while many might not smoke cannabis, the understanding that it’s now accepted as a normalized and lawful practice in society does mean looking at the effects of the old laws on incarcerated families split through the this once illicit substance. A unique showcase bringing black and indigenous artists together to celebrate and create awareness, the host of Show 5, Billy Waele believes that, “as artists we have a voice, we have a platform and we have an audience”. Striving to be an inspiration and inspiring young girls  that they too can be all they can be is really the core message of this presentation and what each of the artists being presented exemplify. With a few days to Show 5, #RisingYouth Community Service Grant would award Cxxlaid with a small funding support to help with its work in creating platforms like this for the community. According to Karina Lohr, Presentation Manager for Show 5 of Cxxlaid, what we’re experiencing is the community itself establishing that this self funded platform hitting certain community development checklists from it being self funded to working towards sustainability  of aiming to produce a show bimonthly is creating a community organization that people want to find their place in. Cxxlaid takes place on October 17th at Maggie Benston Center at Burnaby Mountain. For more information about show times, set lists, event directions and much more, visit

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