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August 21, 2020

While many may have grown up with these acts bringing their sounds to a range of digital platforms and growing with it’s live audience. No other story has captivated University markets than the boys of Surrey, BC of whom while may share high schools with a range of Cxxlaid crowd, decided to get into Canadian Rap at a level where many may not know the cartoon character of the clothing Scody Jones is wearing. While Cxxlaid as a platform has evolved into having it’s Upnext of which curators work to post produce data that can be retrieved and acquired. As a range of policies have been communicated to start protecting the show value of Cxxlaid acts, the curation of the Hiphop artists of whom have found a sound in BC’s hip hop and rap element scene has resulted in what has been a migration of Toronto sounds into this community, and while the access of this Documentary will require the permitting of various acts and professionals able to award us the ability to venture into this documentary. Capturing the realities of Scody Jonez as a project, the communities of whom influence this act, taking the stage at such a young age where the likes of Drake, IloveM, Kresnt, Devontee and many more have performed! Did they have a hard time breaking into the University market, how did they secure their LLIV opportunities and can we expect an headline show coming off such a promo tour for Vancouver. There’s a lot of inquiries when looking at this production, but one thing that’s fascinating about this Documentary is the collaboration with leftside! While Dkay was part of the main Casts of whom were broken out of this production, to conceptualize a Dkay show without looking at Cxxlaid crashing Kickoff is one where on our side, Friyie had to show how wide our campaign was growing within a market that were denying these kids that access. 

While there’s a lot of backstory that we will need to curate, UBC’s Hyphenated supporting this presentation, they would connect with a new platform at LLIV, but also break a new act by Keezie, coming off their early Burnaby show at SFU. While it may not be a lot to get these small funds to reinvest back into their entertainment business, of come together to use this shows as a way of speaking about their realities. The fact remains that, when we’re pressing play, experiencing the act as a 3 minute show does not give a full transcript of that this project is trying to become, the communities backing these acts to continue, if they can indeed keep focused to a journey in which Scody Jonez crashed Deemaks at #LLIV19 and everyone asking who this is! Rapping to an Afrobeats stage and audience was tough with many of the hiphop crowd drawing to other acts, but at that moment, the question remained, who is Scody Jonez, where did he come from. The one question is, with it taken such a while for this acts to break into the local SFU market, if UBC breaks, Cxxlaid roster as part of these radius and appreciation of music and acts, then would Scody Jonez be at a stage where we are able to curate early Scody Jonez content? The focus on leveraging a range of acts and curators able to give us access to the world of this acts, is one that’s very much inspired by Cxxlaid’s Friyie, making the Six Rising video of which as we would be connected with knowledge of global names emerging from Surrey, BC. working on this project is one to hopefully shed more light to the next talents worth listening to with videos and projects hugely on the way! Getting recasted in events is very tough, but as your music gets better, as your craft and audience gets better, the goal is to really be able to go on those tours. Meet these new fans you are also impacting as rappers. Some may be University students, but Cxxlaid is becoming that platform that’s evolving with the stages and for Cxxlaid’s Scody Jonez to present a Cxxlaid headline show in his home city, our question is how many acts would want to open for him and celebrate how far they’ve taken their pride in their city. Did it come easy? Have they been supported with grants from the government to help them improve their art form. Our goal is to curate a documentary that provides a wide audience with more Surrey, Hiphop with potential associates of whom are equally vital members of that community.

While UBC may have had the advocacy of RWB, working grave night shifts, and paying for those studio times, what can it do to the future of Surrey, BC as a producer of Canadian sound. When we talk about diversity of sound, what is Canadian sound? BIPOC communities start to leverage the arts to speak to majority, but do we all also have a role to play to support and grow this industry? While many do not know when this project will advance given the range of Gentrification and Government sanctions on the Tourism community. With the inability of many to afford their rent, the shutting down of businesses, seeing Toronto announce an investment in art and culture to boaster their music scene is really one that’s show how vibrant and competitive it’s City is, while discovering the world of Surrey, BC outside of the media, seeing the investments in University’s we’re hoping to really gain the right access to bring you more Scody Jonez, and a range of other Surrey BC acts as permitted.

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