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January 29, 2021

A For Canadian Soccer, by Canadian Soccer Players Football Festival

With the need to secure a range of resources to bring #FR22 to life, IVXW believes prioritizing FR22 as it’s main venture and production can only result in the dissolution and shifting of a range of programming once collectively under the programming moniker, VNITY. With VNITY breaking out of Vancouver’s Harambecouver after a major deficit would cause the organizers and production community to lose out on thousands of dollars due to the presenting organization, African Great Lakes Networking Foundation’s funding default. There existed a range of organization and communities of whom would come together within a 2019 AGM that would look at the possibility and potential of snowballing programmers of subprograms of whom wanted to self organizer under a new programming campaign of which would be focused on both securing the funding, supporting the working communities of whom were now hugely destabilized by the organization, the vast range of community participants that would attend this AGM would lead to the establishment of VNITY as the emerging programming name to not only shift from Harambecouver, but support the communities of whom wanted to see the organizers regroup and replan towards being able to secure the lost resources and funds of which was lost to Harambecouver. With a number of initiatives and planning resources jointly coming together under the program developer and Creator, there became an issue within IVXW’s conceptualization of FR22 and the roll out calendar. One of the biggest problems faced within the demands of FR22 and VNITY was the signing of program creator and Lead, Kayode Fatoba of whom was very much instrumental in the production of these initiatives. While a lot may have impacted the planner in BC, of which many within production have started to advocate for the Planner and Public Health Scientist of whom would risk his own resources to support communities of whom he did not even have housing in within a move to expand programming from SFU Burnaby Mountain towards reaching its satellite campuses of which Vancouver was one of them. While the planner would speak of being burnt out and overwhelmed from the stress of losing everything and finding himself in the debt of not predicting the various issues that came with supporting the planning and establishment of Harambecouver, seeing the community of VNITY really coming together with a focus on supporting the Public Health Scientist would really give him a support system he didn’t have within the presenting organization.

With the Public Health Scientist and Canadian Footballer being instrumental to  #FR22, the fact remained that the project required the planner at the same time as VNITY of whom were working towards improving the various developmental entanglement. According to a representative of Skynation, one of the labels responsible for the production of IVXW’s programming, they would become stuck at the unpredictable impact of COVID19. There was a need to consider Fatoba’s current state of rebuild having bailed out such a production, while needing to acknowledge the impact of Covid19 on the Tourism and Events market.  With the opportunity of supporting the establishment of a Football Festival, the Canadian Striker and Sprinter would get an opportunity to not only play soccer, but focus his energy on improving the conditions of a club he started as a 15 year old for him and the kids in his community to have something to do as opposed to staying idle. At a level of lacking the ability to adequately budget his ideas, secure the necessary partnerships to support these ideas, or have IVXW registered as his investment organization of which supported the vast range of initiatives, the organizer, community leader and micro investor would fund the soccer club with his own money, while tackling what needed to tackle stage by stage. 

The gratification of the players of whom signed with the club giving him the authority as the owner of the club within negotiating with various sponsors of whom would look towards strategic partnership with the Spartans to really develop their organization and reach marginalized communities through the club. To be selected for the Toronto Sports Leadership Program at a level of creating a startup soccer club of whom were unable to afford a range of their own resources but would show up for games and play their hearts out not only gave the Public Health Scientist a community of whom would rally around him as he would lose everything within the Harambecouver bailout and VNITY break out; finding himself being back in soccer would help position his journey at a level where seeing #FR22 as the next stage of IVXW’s Nyack York Elite FC made sense. While there would be efforts placed in recreating a range of the production documents to really bring FR22 to life at a level of investing countless amounts of work in market research, program proposal development, budgeting, and much more; having a strategic merger with VNITY of which leveraged the works of the production and instead shifted the sub programming as part of the various attractions of #FR22 made a lot of sense as the organizer would not be reinventing the wheel, while building untop of infrastructure that would help aid the progress of the initiative. #FR22 was introducing Fatoba to a range of stakeholders who wanted to see this soccer programming happen and wanted to see it align with the demands of Canada Soccer to increase the Country’s play time of which as an alumni of the Simon Fraser University NCAA program of which exposed him to athletic treatment, training and development at a level of being signed to mens league programs, being scouted to WhiteCaps Residency to play with some of the best emerging names in Canadian soccer, focusing efforts on evolving and commercializing #FR22. Unlike regular Mergers and acquisition, the vast amount of resources, program research and developmental documents, tech infrastructure and internal working contractors of whom had confirmed transition to VNITY as a commercial production of which placed the ability to support it’s workers with the right budgeting environment to accomplish the program’s targets added a level of build to FR22 which wouldn’t have been so otherwise. 

While many might see this merger meaning FR22 would be presenting subprograms like CVLTUREFEST, what has been communicated was the associated documents and restaffing of the programming being shifted to FR22 but a range of the initiatives may see branding changes. While VNITY may have been slated for Vancouver, British Columbia; #FR22 is set to take place at NYACK YORK of which will be situated in and around Toronto, Canada. With a by Canada, for Canada presentation; the top tier soccer performance coupled with a range of social development initiatives means an opportunity for there to be something for everything attending the programming. To focus all efforts on materializing something new while attempting not to reinvent the wheel too much can only bring a better ability to accomplish said vision without benign stuck in an entanglement that’s left nothing but empty promises at a level where the lack of continuity not only destabilized all involved in the envisioning of the production; it left a sour taste within possibly continuing such a production at a level of an organization of which refused to take accountability for costing community investors and organizations to lose out of pocket. 

While VNITY may have helped get the Calendar into 2021 envisioning; #FR22 generally known as Footballers Reunion isnt looking at 2021 to open it’s gates to merchants and tourists but 2022. Even then, that is highly dependent on the impact of the recovery plan of COVID19 within the areas of Tourism. At the moment, envisioning the roll out of the programs and subprograms is a day to day process but the dissolving of #VNITY into #FR22 as a production gives a lot more opportunity to retain the research and developmental programming at a level of really giving confidence to all involved in the initiative to really see the origins of the production having localized connection while drawing from the ventures research and developmental systems allowing the opportunity to have a starting point that’s a lot more secure and resourceful. While the establishment of #FR22 may see the Public Health Scientist playing a lot more football, Fatoba believes this is very much a positive as his focus on planning something that’s his passion for a community that’s empowered him to go on such a journey of experiencing breaking a range of musical artists at a level of attempting to break in his Sports Club to present their own Canadian Soccer Festival is an opportunity to really give others an opportunity to get discovered and represent the community at a level of being signed to a range of other productions that can really give them a lot more than their community. 

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