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From Cxxlaid to Vice, Friyie Is Proving His A Name Remember In New 2018 Music Video

March 13, 2018

Catching Skynation’s attention as the curated Headliner for Show four of Season one at Cxxlaid Vancouver, it seemed the Hiphop community couldn’t quite put a name and face to the artist behind the then-trending Money Team anthem. While some were just discovering him, Friyie, the Toronto based artist crafting his own style and sound had started making waves in Vegas with a growing international audience. Closing Cxxlaid’s presentation a day after Roy Wood’s performance at Simon Fraser University, in the same community, meant he had broken into a demand following his catapult to the big leagues after a killer performance for Mayweather and Mcgregor’s Globally renowned fight. Though some might have thought he was finished, Friyie was just getting started. More than a one hit wonder Friyie would follow up Cxxlaid and the Mayweather Victory with a leading role as one of the main artists featured in Vice’s 6 Rising Documentary alongside Pressa, Jimmy Prime, Castro Guapo and many more. With a commitment of making sure no one forgets his name, he doubles down with new music video Remember The Name which is already making rounds. Is Friyie destined to be one of the Greats? Check it out RTN here and let us know if Friyie makes your 2018 playlist!

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