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Ganjaman Owns Name and Movement In New Single Ginja Di Swaga ft Kayode

September 2, 2018

It’s no surprise that the story of Ganjaman started when Kayode took a trip to Nigeria after his father forced him to rediscover the life they had left behind. Like a scene from Fresh Prince, Kayode went back to Ekiti where he would meet Ganjaman. While Kayode wondered how they knew who he was, the people of Ekiti were only concerned with one thing, he came back. Following his escapades, seeing his growing relationship with Davido and countless other rising Afrobeats artists, Ganjaman told Kayode of his dreams to one day sing at the same stage as these talents. This song was how I felt during our tour, all the area boys now knew who Ganja was. They were giving their trucks, giving their generators, giving their money to support EBM and it’s mission to put Ekiti on the map. While Canada might have started the legalization and decriminalization of Marijuana, it wasn’t something that was in Ekiti. Ganja was still something that was seen illegally and while Fela had iconically popularized the use during an Era of Afrobeats that has created the contemporary Genre, that brought Kayode and Ganja together, the youths were being incarcerated due to a the use of this substance, but for one second, lets imagine weed wasn’t criminalized in Ekiti. Shoki is a dance for the streets, Ginja Di Swaga is what happens when you add a bit of Ganja to the Ginja.

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