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Garry Khaira Takes On SFUXFW’s As Canada’s UFW’s Season 2’s Creative Director

March 6, 2019

With the odds stake high, Garry believes in his team and Creative leadership will help set this Season apart.

While SFU Fashion Week might have produced a great deal of talents as the historic flagship platform that’s birthed Canada's University Fashion Week, going from the original founder and Creative Director, Kayode Fatoba who started this as a Student, to seeing the proliferation of brands, increased budget and growing production requirements, range of performer artists,  models and business professionals are just the tip of the iceberg within the future of this scaling platform. What really sets each chapter presentation apart within the national wide season is the vision each director bring to their respective presentations, while there's still the overarching vision working with the creator, the difference in production success can be seen by the respective support each chapter is able to attain from their immediate community. With this year’s platform forcing directors to lend it’s resources towards supporting more indigenous Canadian programming, part of the advocacy component of the production will really be about being community centric and that’s what Garry Khaira is about coming back into executive position for a second term, the Volunteer Coordinator turned CD understands first hand where changes need to be made and is ready to take things to the next level.  Rather than see his chapter loose licensing, Gary believes he and his team are up for the challenge. With a priority in problem solving solutions, the CD emerged victorious among other candidates coming out of a very shaky scaling season. 

While it’s important to accredit a successful scaling year to SFU within Canada’s UFW’s Scaling of whom were the benchmark to which other chapters were established, catching up and increasing the value of our presentation from when Kayode was a student, to now supporting the growing management expenses of the platform means our year now have to walk on our own like UBC and UofT.

We took some time to speak to 2019’s UFW CD, Garry Khaira about what made him contest for this position and here's what the young creative had to say describing himself in one word, Artist.


In his words, put me in any genre, any field, any room and I will still be an artist. I have a different perspective on everything. I see art in everything like there is art of studying, art of producing music, art of speech, art of writing but an artist’s eye will tell you there is nothing more artistic, creative and ambition fuelled than fashion. I have always been into drawing and visually appealing designs since I was a child. It didn’t take much time for me to start drawing and sketching, so I’d scribble away in my notebook all day. That was when the concept of art and the artist got instilled in me so deep that I became one. Now looking back and connecting the dots it all makes sense. Creative Director is such a title that meets at the intersection of innovation and fashion, the same intersection that I have been hanging out at for quite a while now. It has been more than two years since I came from India to do my Undergraduate Degree here in Canada. Currently I am a 2nd year business student at Sfu who’s thinking to pursue a joint major in SIAT. I was the CTP manager at FIC-SFU for 2 semesters which gave me an understanding or perhaps a guide to not only manage but work well with the director and train other volunteers. I have also been a peer educator and a Universal Case Competition(UCC) Coach. Last year I was the VP of volunteer Co-ordination at SFU Fashion Week and I realized the immense potential this event holds and how much I can give to the event because it’s simple, I love fashion. From drawing mesmerizing sketches to writing soul touching deep poetry, I have done it all and incorporated it into the way I dress and perceive fashion and I will bring the same Vision to this years University Fashion Week at SFU.

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