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Inspired by Drake, 2Face, Oritse Femi and Davido, Kayode Releases First Single Baba Olowo

October 2, 2018

Featured Image Credits: Danisa Rambing

Upon finishing the #BaddestTour with Ganjaman in Ekiti, Kayode focuses his attention on Jane and Finch citing Rap as a strong part of his sound as an artist. With the creative differences in style between the Toronto based artist and Ganjaman, Kayode recruited a management team capable of working with him to craft his own sound based on a variety of experience. Dedicated to Westview Centennial Secondary School, the track promotes the mentality and time when young boys start to see their responsibilities differently, start to become fathers who want their kids to be all they can be. The track is a prayer towards “those who are doing now what others might not, so their kids can afford then what they might not” said Kayode on the spirit of the single. A mix of Drake’s Started From The Bottom, Davido’s Dami Duro, and Oritse Femi Ongba L’arami, the quality of this track shows it was created with intent. With October 1st being his brother’s birthday, Kayode sees this track as a way of promoting the support his received from his older brother growing up during their journey from Agege to Jane and Finch without both of their parents for a great length of their time. While this track would be Kayode’s first ever full length single since supporting Ganjaman’s Soji, the artist would make headlines through penning a single licensed for use during the FIFA World Cup and featured on BBC, but Kayode says, his focus is still working on his album. “Baba Olowo is on my album, it’s a special track to me as it really personifies where I am right now, what I require from projects I take on and the need to succeed so I’m prioritizing my family and I”. Portrayed as the Cover Art of Baba Olowo is Kayode’s team mates during his high school experience at Westview Centennial Secondary School in Toronto. A CoCaptain of the senior boys team, they would go on to win the city championships to represent their community nationally. I could not afford to be part of sports team growing up, my father could not afford that, but the community was able to give me a break, let me prove myself and play my heart out to participate, there were parents who would come pick me up for games as they were far to get to, but all those little contributions are part of what led me to Vancouver where i’m now immersed in cultivating my own sound. With this being the first single off #ResidentialSystem, Kayode’s first Afrobeats inspired Album. Take a listen and let us know what you think of #BabaOlowo

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