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February 2, 2022

BBDC Members, Tenants, and Community Organizers as stakeholders get a unique opportunity of investing in a unionizing Cooperative aimed at preserving the heritage and Investments of the Torontonian within Burnaby, BC.

While it’s understood that IVXWFXTXBAADEIFA is a male centric multicultural sports foundation, the founder and investor’s journey into not only divesting out of his father’s vision of a Hospital Project in rural Nigeria into investing in a free soccer club for youth in his neighborhood as an Ontario Soccer League Top Tier footballer of whom was able to secure club sponsorship from notatable clubs like Hearts Azzuri and Glenshields Football Club, allowing him the opportunity to not only travel across the province, but also be selected for competitions across the country often visiting the United States for games. From winning the City of Toronto to qualify for OFSAA within Tripple AAA for Westview Centennial Secondary School, being selected for the Toronto Sports Leadership Program within initiating an indoor soccer league within his highschool to keep his peers occupied and out of trouble amidst the vast range of negative influences around their Jane and Finch neighborhood

The vast range of endorsements, sponsorships, backers, partners, organizations willing to support the investor as intermediaries would see the opportunity of not only being awarded major Scholarships and Bursaries, but organizations like Belka Enrichment Center, Youth Unlimited, and The Spot Jane and Finch would step up as he’d commit to Alan Koch of Simon Fraser University’s NCAA due to TD’s Scholarship and endorsement contracts demanding him staying in Canada as recipient criteria. 

While doing his SATs and having a brother signed to Nyack New York as a Footballer within various offers from a number of institutions from Buffalo, Syracuse, Nyack and a few others would have seen him following in his older brothers footsteps into the US, ultimately choosing to side with TD’s criteria and stay in Canada would find him committing to his new journey as a member of the Simon Fraser University Athletics as he ventured into a community he would learn to call him in British Columbia. Decide between a plethora of coaches calling his home phone pitching their academic institution as the place he should commit to. With a Father who envisioned maintaining a family heritage as a medical family, the push into medicine would result in Kayode prioritizing a path of medicine which the Simon Fraser School of Health Sciences was able to provide the footballer with an ability to dive further into Life Sciences while Alan Koch would enroll the teen Athlete into development with BC’s Cliff Avenue and given his agility and speed, he’d be signed to the Varsity programs’ Track and Field Program under the guidance of Brit Townsend and Tom Dickson

  Due to a range of contractual obligation to TD Bank of which demanded due to the considerable number of awards it’s Scholarship, bursaries, and endorsement opportunities it’s recipients were capable of receiving, there had been policies placing a cap on acquiring other funding and endorsement awards within the positions of starting to learn about conflict of interest and a range of non compete positions as an individual that was now representing a larger community of stakeholders than just his Jane and Finch community. 

With a range of opportunities to fund that journey within medicine, the Footballer and Community Sports based leader would engage Alan Koch of the Simon Fraser University Soccer program of whom had been one of the competing coaches that, rather than spend any of his budget on him, as he’s already secured a range of funding for his educational journey, Koch can spend the allocations on other players as long as he’s able to make sure if Fatoba commits, he would get into the University and be a mentor within his educational journey as this was the only person and contact he knew advocating for that institution and development environment. Alan Koch communicating to Fatoba’s family would encourage them that he was a fellow African and had Fatoba’s best interest at heart and they had nothing to worry about as this was a major move for the 17 year old at the time. The deal went well and the young talent found himself picking up his backpack, doing a local tour to make sure his youth centric soccer club NYEFC was able to continue as the youth members he had recruited and coached became sad at the bittersweet reality that their founder and leader had to leave. From the local Hotdog vendor Albert, to members of the Toronto Police, the departure of Fatoba from Toronto was hugely felt within that community but with an opportunities to further his education, play football at a higher level in a new market and gain new exposure leveraging the educational and sports infrastructure to further develop himself towards being better able to support his initiatives outweighed staying in the rent free reality of his first Generation Canadian-Nigerian father. 

While the initial idea was to live on SFU Residence and Housing as Alan Koch’s Cliff Avenue FC trade would see an external BC community coming to pick up the development footballer from SFU Burnaby Mountain for training and games; there existed a disconnect between him and the community he had left behind within he would start to feel real feelings of homesickness, and alienation. Being a Scholarship Student and Varsity Athlete even as a “Red Shirt” came with a number of perks from not needing to pay to play in BC Soccer, getting ground transportation from Varsity members who were delegated the responsibility of supporting the new member of SImon Fraser University, but due to a lack of friendship as someone who was in a new province alone. Kayode would take initiative moving towards expanding IVXW into his residence and start to recruit students and residences who wanted to be around him and did not fan over him given the university and media had marketed his name and likability through a number of local and national papers and thus there was a need for him to distance himself from the public inquiry of his personal affairs. Residence had a number of common room spaces of which the CA’s was able to award IVXW to leverage for it’s needs and help support their printing needs for community events to raise awareness for a number of causes Fatoba cared about. With the success of those events being successful there became requests to move the party out of residence and find larger spaces. Adding to this as an increased traffic of communities engaging Residence to engage Fatoba. With a membership supporting him and a bit of funding in his bank account; there possessed an opportunity to do more than take the party to SFU’s Burnaby mountain’s colloquially themed magic forest as it’s and venture out of the residencence community. IVXW would find partnership with SFPIRG as an Action Group who would become an financial intermediary between TD bank and Kayode allowing the opportunity to not only secure meeting rooms for the projects team and members; employment and computer resources, they would gain opportunities to larger booking spaces the University had access to while learning of a range of other organizations much like his community in jane and Finch that were there to support his initiative of bringing people together to foster a sense of relationship building whereby the feels of being homesick would now be replaced by new experiences he was creating, funding, and mobilizing his newly acquired enriched networks to back.

 From getting invited to UBC to experience nightlife through their Fraternities from members of IVXW who had friends at the other University who felt Fatoba should have had a better introduction to University Life; He would become exposed to the connections of Frat houses being able to reactivate their spaces into a community hub and throw amazing parties in that space and community. Inspired by the connections and romantic experiences he was able to experience, the feeling of living between two cities where he wasn’t paying rents in one city, while another was being covered by his Scholarship, Bursaries and Endorsements meant that if he wanted to have a sustainable journey, there would be a need for him to also work towards this advancement. At first he had wanted to purchase a Second car which would not only help IVXW with its mobility needs, he would be able to save on the flight costs of flying across Canada back to Toronto. Unfortunately after seeking the advice of his family, his mother would not be pleased having recently arrived in Canada to meet the family. She would caution on the decision and advice instead to venture into real estate and find a long term housing he was able to occupy which would reduce the continuous need of needing to move from residence to residence while commuting between two provinces. This mean he would need to invest in having his own space of which much like the Footballers within his Toronto club and IVXW’s Toronto programming, they could leave Jane and Finch’s The Spot within having Pizza and Hotdogs for them after the game and come to his fathers house in Toronto to unwind. This comradery helped foster a sense of friendships and built strong bonds that could merely be fostered on the field. Off the field, there was a feeling of representing the same community of North York. With the UBC Fraternity House experience, there was also a conscious awareness of the capacity of what securing a permanent space for IVXW at SFU would mean for the communities coming to SFPIRG and Residence for planning meetings with him.

The University also having a Upass further encouraged the understanding of investing in real estate instead, given he would be traveling back and forth between both cities so a dedicated space further made sense. He would have a place to stay and over time as he was able to earn more, the cost of living would not rise significantly within him being unable to survive. As someone venturing from rent free reality as second Generation to living on Campus residence where tuition was being paid to Simon Fraser University; Fatoba would approach the schools administration and inquire if it was possible to split his food and accommodation from his tuition and seek off campus housing. They would communicate that this was possible, but it also shifted liability away from them and he would need to be responsible for his own safety within that independence. For Kayode, while this meant not being able to have CA’s and RAs or at reach communities he could go to for help and insight, a private chef and meal card supporting their needs for daily meal planning, the journey towards finding real estate would allow the opportunity to become more independent. 

The talent was still playing competitive soccer in BC Soccer for Cliff Ave and growing within the Track and Field program while IVXW had expanded into the University’s community programming; when, after a remarkable game, he would gain the attention of Hubert Busby, Jr. after a great game between Cliff Ave and the WhiteCaps of which would see Kayode scoring 2 goals and impressively beating the White Caps Development coaching staff at the time. From beating their defense offside trap to chipping the goalkeeper in a great display of skill, it may not have been known to Busby at the time that Fatoba was a toronto Champion, who had also committed to SFU’s NCAA Program as a Scholarship Recipient. It would seem as though Hubert was discovering Kayode for the first time thinking he was a local from BC, but upon being told by Cliff Ave in a bitter sweet victory that this was a Professional club and it came with a paid to play contracted opportunity. Going from being sponsored to play within a pay to play Ontario program inspiring him to establish IVXW after playing FIFA video games to create a free to play program towards the establishment of his own club; Fatoba decided to take the offer and advice of the coaching staff and team mates to leave Cliff Avenue due to conflict of Interest and their believe that the Whitecaps was a better program for him. There were talks of weekly payment, accommodation, ground transportation, food, physio and a range of perks from travel to getting to play at a professional level and while it all sounded great; the reality would change as the residency program occupied Fatoba’s backyard in SFU Residence of which, the position of needing to pick between quitting his medical education for a Professional Football Career became a mental position where he needed to make one of the biggest decisions in his life at that moment. 

Not only would that mean giving up the progress IVXW was making within Simon Fraser University, stopping or pausing his educational journey, it would also mean needing to commit to being a coachable player that submitted to the journey of being a Whitecaps product. While there was an initial commitment requiring quitting Cliff Ave to venture into Whitecaps territory, Fatoba state’s getting to meet Jerome Baker, a fellow Toronto based Footballer signed to the Whitecaps Residency program as well; Fatoba believes this was a pivotal moment within his time on the Whitecaps after the National Product heard about Kayode’s offer, would tell Kayode if he had the options Fatoba had, he would choose to stay in University and finish his Degree. More issues would occur where the Physio that was promised would end up being SFU’s Physio who would recognize Kayode as he was signed to high level BC Football and Track within the school of which would lead the Physiotherapist asking Kayode who they should bill. While this moment would result in WhiteCap’s Coaching Staff to step in to clarify that it was under the WhiteCaps. 

This embarrassing moment on one side had the workers asking him if he’s signed and him feeling more pressure. Adding to the issues would be other moments of which as the Residency did as promised take the boys for food. They would bring the team to SFU’s Cafeteria of which Kayode already had a meal card from his Scholarships and Endorsements as a national product from Toronto living on the same Residence. As the club would sit together, members of IVXW would come to the cafe as some would hear that Fatoba was now on the Whitecaps of which as they sat down in the cafe, they would call Kayode to come sit with them. The coach would tell Kayode to sit with the team, but rather than listening, he’d get up and go seat with his friends as a new community. While the experience may have left a bad taste on the Residency’s Coaching staff who believed the Football Star was not Coachable, as someone who single handedly defeated their team in a league when it mattered, Fatoba would take the experience as a sign to retire from Canada Soccer. Leaving Residence to Train with a program leveraging his Institutional facilities for programming was not enough of a wow factor to drop his educational journey. He would drop out of sports and pivot into endorsing Marijuana within attempts to navigate life without a booked sports development calendar as he attempted to normalize as a Student. 

While many members of IVXW both in Toronto and Simon Fraser University would speak against him giving up football for Education, there was an opportunity for him to rebuild and earn a range of those perks without needing to play his heart out for those privileges. Leaving the competitive stage, word would spread to a local Church he was attending that he was now a free agent dropped from Competitive Sports. They church would announce the commencement of a Soccer team. As a free agent he would communicate the interest of playing in exchange for accommodation as he was homeless while attempting to attempt finding housing and advancing his education at the time. Spending some time at UBC with a Female Hockey Player who supported his housing search within Venturing of the Mountain into BC’s Real Estate for the first time became extremely tough as he was a teenager with no rental history, and no credit, but had some liquidity. From being denied one opportunity to another, playing soccer in the Christian league for Redeem Christian Church of God would earn him some housing privileges but at the expense of being socioeconomically impacted by the lack of stability and committing to a new community with limited support and infrastructure. Adding to this was a restriction on his freedom given the host family he was signed to became Guardians responsible for his Food, Ground and Accomodation on behalf of the Church. As someone who had loved the freedom that came from being away from home, having curfews, housing restrictions and more greatly placed more burden on him needing to close his journey of finding his own accommodation even if he was able to trade his Athletics for Housing opportunities.

An unique opportunity would arise after getting rejected from an Open House at Manchester Drive whereby a Property Manager would learn of him securing a large sum of money and from there invite a Mortgage and Real Estate Broker to connect with Fatoba on the shared lot rather than him living the Open House again with disappointment that he was too young and lacked the qualifications required for him to be sold the property in question. It seemed there had been a property of which had been foreclosed by the previous owners and there had been a need to urgently find a new buyer or investor. As Kayode had cash and was looking to invest in real estate to support his livability and organizing team in IVXW seeing an increase in membership as they were on the verge of planning their stable peace day sporting and large scale community programming at Simon Fraser University titled “Right To Play” with proceeds going towards the Direct Assistance Network to support their fundraising efforts to support Girls in Rural Ghana with Computer Supplies, he saw it as an opportunity especially after facing many rejections. He would commit to negotiating with the family unit inside the unit frantically in a rut to not only buy them out, but as this was a 2.5 bedroom property with 2 washroom; going from a shack dormitory to taking on a larger accommodation this was a big risk; but within how far he’s came to looking for this opportunity, he had to jump on it within needing to figure out the next steps afterwards. He found himself not only running to the Bank to payout to a destabilized family presented as the owners, the lack of lights, electricity, water, and the state of the property would lead to him needing to invest more money towards making the place livable. He’d need to learn the ins and outs of Residential investing, need to hire Uhauls to throw out dirty rugs, secure lights and hydro, hire construction workers able to put hardwood flooring into the property and purchase walls to design an office space within the property for his organizing team who leveraged the house as their planning and community space. 

With the help of IVXW, the space was able to become a meeting environment for the organizing team and there now existed opportunities to host strangers who may not necessarily play soccer or track and field but understood his position as a national footballer from Toronto, were able to keep the property safe upon his departure from the Province, knew the Degree he was studying as a Public Health Scientist, felt comfortable to honor invites to come hang out within this space of which had no adult supervision but him as the investor responsible for managing and maintaining his new property and community space. The cross collaborative opportunity of the space would lead to a range of projects, events, festivals, as the service community of Simon Fraser would see an increase in programming supporting Student Life. Members of the SFU Basketball Team needing housing would even be connected to Kayode of whom would be able to support a range of Athletic placements within slowly being invited to support incoming Varsity students coming for their respective viewings not knowing if the Institution was the right environment for them. While the growth of IVXW would lead to a number of cross collaborations within the investor moving into technology, and even becoming elected into the Simon Fraser Student Society as a Board of Director representing the Academic community as a Senator, Independent Vice President and Later getting the unique opportunity of expanding his seat towards leading a Slate as constituency and membership majority opposition President; the investment into cultivating this space as a community space many could come to and feel safe was maintained until what became a series of destabilization attempts weaponizing police systems against him by the Developers, Government Agents, and Academia of which would also have the Mortgage Seller pushing an eviction campaign by the Sellers destabilizing the future plans of the Planner of whom was now graduated attempting to navigate work within the occupation to navigate the next path within his professionals development. From a range of Deferred Maintenance issues, there had been an effort to work with the system to communicate the impact of all these pressures by way of eminent domain to destabilize him within what became understood as Gentrification of his persons by a number of public systems and agents; members of his University community would align with his plight as the non coincidence of the black organization on Campus was also facing eviction notices to move out of a space they had been awarded for a number of decades. 

Petitioning the administration of the University who had canceled all his production and caused a significant impact from financial to sociopsycological of which while a range of lawyers would get involved given this was a person whose finances has been invested into community development initiatives and programming at a level where his stakeholder relations, workforce and economy was not only being gentrified, the weaponization and pressures towards the continued use of policing systems against someone attempting to fight these pressures civilly would almost result in his death as there was now this attempt at criminalizing his position. While the choice to defend themselves and fight for his civil liberties within the defamation of his Public Image would result in a national outpour of support from a range of media houses, Student Union Representatives and University Stakeholders, the reality of needing to invest in an inflated housing market within the impact of a Pandemic meant an increased burn rate ratio to the cost of his BC living and real estate investing. Adding to this was a need to engage policing systems through the integration of a legal system able to defend what had became a naturalized use of these weaponized systems; of which while the cost of fighting for position within this society of which had caused the shut down of a range of programming in Toronto to not only divest in the financially demanding educational journey; the high level competition of the soccer programming coupled with the social organizing of community building within which would lead to a number of development organizations meant the ripping of Fatoba from these investments and intellectual properties for what was communicated as non compete positions by the University’s newly appointed administration demanded an increased effort in doubling down on supporting the legal and protesting efforts of a localized community of whom had benefited from the injection of his micro investments and organizing efforts as a Public Health Scientist into community development. 

Unfortunately as someone who ventured to this new community alone, choosing to double down on investing more into solving his own loneliness through community programs aimed to bring people together, investing in space to bring his supporters of organizers and volunteers together to have a space they can come together to feel safe to support the various planning initiatives was not something that made him feel like, a decade later he would find himself being pulled forcefully from his investments naked needing to find grab sandals, pants hanging to dry by the washroom and a jacket while nearly escaping through the staircase to file a Police Report as communicated by a number of other residential owners within the property who were facing similar positions against the Developers and Strata  for fraud. He would also appeal to friends who were able to give him clothing and support his ability to fight for his property. Due to the cost of investing in temporary livability, lawyers, community advocates, and the forced need to shut down his production environment not just to help curb the spread of the pandemic as someone who’s production saw anywhere from 500 to 5000 people within any production annually; there became a need to fight for his position. 

Fighting alone though, eventually becomes financially exhausting due to a lack of revenue coming in given the Work Stop Order placed on his production as a Commercial and Residential Investor. Although it was communicated that legal expenses are calculatable within real estate investing, the reality is, a great deal of the production capacity of his investments had been made possible through the community being able to share the risks and liabilities associated with bringing these commercial productions to life and thus, as his residential community would be tipped in one way or another of him fighting for his position and his investments within establishing a new organization called the Burnaby BIPOC Development Coop aimed to support and help equity seeking groups with the capacity to not only purchase their equity and work towards a rejuvenation campaign that did not displace them for a more affluent class of which displaces all the advancements that community had made. Many tenants bagan to speak about the demoviction being carried out by the Strata and Management company and looking to unionize within BBDC. As someone working paying into lawyer fees, this became an opportunity to grow within this area of which rather than fold, presented a potential opportunity. 

Having raised capital at UBC for ASID a new Scholarship program funding he was building to Support African Students In Diaspora, there had been a need for him to establish a non for profit of his own given the bad faith public private split that further exasperated his planning capacity, BBDC would emerge as that residential umbrella able to bridge the gap between equity seeking groups and long term development in a way of attempting to grandfather in communities with banked equity but were at risk of being Gentrified and that future they had been working towards being disoriented by the migration of a new community. After doing a range of research, continuing the pressure of which protesters slowly started to take over the empty property for the investor demanding work to come back; Fatoba would come up with an idea as small businesses would start facing commercial evictions which opened up their books in a way where he was able to see the sale of the businesses also needing to pay the various installments and rents to the land leasing them the space for operations. With the long term goal of developing a building and cultivating land as an emerging Developer; albeit not as capital immersive in the journey, an idea would be pitched to BBDC’s internal Strata workers and growing membership of whom would align with BBDC for support. The idea was, what if BBDC acquired 30% of the founders equity in exchange of occupancy and management of the Burnaby heritage space for Refuge so that the community could still have a place to congregate and feel safe while the union reform slowly took shape. The position of acquiring 30% of liabilities off the Land Use and Digital Developer’s residential investment does mean the valuation and operationalization of these liabilities would be shifted from Fatoba’s inequities to BBDC; the creation of a BBDC Tenant Chair position saw the appointment of a talent who had served the Strathmore Tower community for over 20+ years adamant that this opportunity would help in securing a place within their fight for long term occupancy in an environment they had lived for over 20 with the pretenses that they would be able to raise a family. 

As someone married to the Property Manager, the death of the Property Manager as communicated to IVXW would result in a range of damages given the inability to find quick fixes whereby it would be the occupants that end up suffering and attempting to speak up and fight the property developers would result being demovicted as they attempt to force the sale of these units. IVXW giving BBDC 30 years to pay off the 30% liability valued at $1million dollars of which was levied to the organization in the form of shares would allow the livability, stability, reassumption by way of adverse possession and continuation of the legal battle towards securing the heritage property back for the rightful owner of whom is openly stating the property is not for sale and him and his community came in with a demand to purchase without an agreement of an abrupt loss of future and criminalization of their persons for being temporary displaced. 

This would allow tenant members and partners of BBDC to buy into BBDC equity and be able to own shares within the organization and support its continued growth and reform! As a subsidiary enterprise within it’s IVXW’s Production arm; BBDC would be able to facilitate the non for profit and social enterprising needs of it’s community for space and refuge while generating equity that flowed back into the Owners and Stakeholders to continue the demands for the closing price and title transfers. With this making sense to the Tenants and tenant chair, a contract agreement would be drafted up of which BBDC was now in a position not only to move in as the new occupants of the space responsible for maintaining the heritage of the space being a community cocreative hub, but also a place of refuge for a number of communities. As the fight continues for the purchase demands of IVXW’s BC heritage space and the ability to continue growing as a community investor and developer, many of whom have been displaced from it’s various productions. BBDC as that management and social development organization and safe space able to help them prioritize a rejuvenation campaign that’s not only civil will be able to aid the planner and land use investor of whom has been fighting alone towards having a community supporting the return on a decade worth of BC investments as a Torontonian choosing to invest and compete in British Columbia.

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