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Kayode Drops Tambolo Ft Ganjaman Ahead Rumoured 2018 Tour Cancellation

September 18, 2018

Ade Leye believes for EBM to pull off 2018’s tour Samson Fatoba will need to show he has what it takes to manage an international label and artist. The Pr representative for Nigerian Programming believes it’s important for fans to understand the level of support needed to present an international artist locally. Without a security plan, location booking information and various logistics planning, Skynation cannot risk the licensing of Kayode to EBM. The brand suffered considerable compromises which placed priority on making sure this 2018 presentation is done well or not at all. While SFU Fashion Week’s Lavish Tee presented Kayode and Ganjaman at GingerLand Hotel in Warri, Nigeria, EBM’s inability to negotiate adequate terms for the artist impacted the potential for connections and exposure. As a startup, while Kayode believes they have what it takes to execute a successful show, members of the production community are still awaiting a proposed plan. With the need for time within promoting this tour, many are skeptical in Samson Fatoba’s abilities as a General Manager. In a series of Facebook posts, you can sense tension between EBM Brand CoOwners, but according to confidential sources, there might be ways of making the production work. With the artists’ dropping new music, it’s causing excitement and conversations about the Tour. Samson has had well over 7 months to make connections and tour plans and if he’s able to prove a proposed plan, tour considerations might be honored. Current plans for the launch of Skynation Ghana, is seeing growing conversations potential Kayode and Mr Eazi collaborations.

In the meantime check out Kayode’s new Drop ft Ganjaman – Tambolo

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