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Kayode Releases Kara Kata’s Oun Ojuri, Afrobeat(s) Canadian fusion calling to stay hopeful during this time!

May 7, 2020

A new track has surfaced on one of Skynation’s digital channels from one of the production’s historic live band, Kara Kata and a creative producer behind a range of Skynation’s digital works, Kayode Fatoba. While the project was produced within Kara Kata’s Afrobeat Society networks, the full band composition, and credits pertaining to the production of this track, when it was recorded and where in Canada remains unclear. While the drop of this track during this time within #Covid-19 could be a sign of a future performance presentation from the band and the growing rap and afrobeats Torontonian. While Fatoba would step into the limelight after a back and forth with Knaan say the World Cup headliner getting into a digital battle with the then President of Multicultural Development Society and University club iVOW. A quick listen to the track and one could see a bit more words from the Toronto rapper opening up for the first time. While a number of tracks we’re seeing coming out of the Ganjaman collaboration saw a more focused artist working to develop through the grassroots circuit of the Nigerian Afrobeats industry, but stepping into this Canadian song, at a level of really producing what many may see as a live band, and rap production. We’re unsure of what’s to come in the future, will this be followed with a music video? Interviews? Not too sure, but we do have the exclusive of the MP4 below if you want to take a listen! Karakata is a Canadian based Afrobeat band located and representing British Columbia! For more infomation about the band and how to book them for your next show with markets starting to slowly open up, just look them up on Google! With Kayode and Kara Kata performing at VNITY’s CVLTUREFEST in 2018, the evolution of the VNITY in seeing the various collaborations coming out of it’s growing programming is a testament of what’s to come. Check out the track below and let us know what you think! While the events programming of the production has been shut down until further notice, various releases are being scheduled to produce a lot more content to keep audiences engaged for whats to come from the developing label.

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