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Kayode ReWrites Drake’s “Tonight Belongs To Toronto” Into The Raptor’s First Celebratory Championship Anthem

June 16, 2019

While this may have taken 24 years in the making, to many Torontonians, it was only a matter of time. With a crowded Younge St celebrating this historic win, fans from across the country also join into the celebration as this wasn’t just a win for the city, this meant something more for the country. While “We The North”, “Lets Go Raptors” are slogans that will surely live on in the hearts of Torontonians and Raptors fans everywhere, Kayode believes “Tonight Belongs In Toronto” is the new image of Toronto as they will have to Defend their title as defending champions of what will be an even higher feat to conquer.

I wanted this history behind us in a way of us really changing our mentality in understanding that, this was as Drake puts it during his post game interviews “We wielded this to existence”. At the end of the day, this win speaks to the heart of every fan that’s ever bought into the franchize, and that’s what and who my focus was as I scripted the lyrics. Dedicated #TdotManz, kayode said his focus was really capturing Toronto’s urbanism. While this wasn’t just a win for Toronto, for the first time, urban Tororonto was showcasing it’s vibrancy as a part of the city’s culture and the country’s international heritage.

“Tonight Belongs To Toronto” is Toronto Raptors Championship Anthem.

From Vince Carter, to the long history of talents that have gotten the Raptors that much closer, Kayode’s Championship anthem is meant to celebrate everyone as part of that historic achievement. I wanted to produce something that showed that while many wanted it, no one wanted it more, no one deserves it more. With this being the second sports inspired National Anthem Kayode is producing after his popularized song for the Nigerian Fan Club went viral with a feature on BBC, the Toronto based producer, songwriter says he wanted to capture a sound that was familiar to Torontonians. I wanted people to be able to relive the experience of the journey through the video and I really hope people absorb that energy from the production.

24 Years in the making. Today. Toronto. Is. Proud.

Produced entirely by Kayode, the emerging artist says the decision to feature Drake only made sense. The interview he did, him becoming the target of the NBA given the edge he added for the city, him using his platform to advance the city, this was the energy that led to this song. We were Torontonians producing content to capture what is History in the making. While Kayode believes it’s unlikely that the video will get any type of traction citing his goal is really about publishing it as part of his contribution to the time. No matter what, we’re the Champions of the World, while this is a title we will have to come back and defend for the upcoming Season, right now, for the first time in history, the world will know #TonightBelongsToToronto. Check out the music video of the official Anthem above featuring Drake and let us know what you think! #TdotManz #TonightbelongstoToronto

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