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Meet Victoria Lui, UBC Fashion Week’s S.2 Creative Director.

February 21, 2019

Becoming xFW’s Creative Director is not an easy task, candidates require a range of experiences competing for the position, all while being on-boarded into a high, fast paced dynamic learning curve.

 Given you’re competing against your peers some of whom have direct and indirect experience with leading such a platform, becoming a lead Creative for an industry leading event is not easy. Victoria Lui is the first Creative Director to be offered a first selection distinction amongst her university peers, this shows her understanding of not only art curation and creativity, but the business management, public and private negotiations, ideation, design, commercialization of ensuring that product is delivered. All while bringing a range of production experiences from a mix of public and private activations and or commission. Meeting a candidate very early into national selection weekend meant the bar had already been set to high for other candidates. In the words of Kayode Fatoba, I’ve learnt a lot from her and that just shows her abilities as a scientist capable of being part of this experimentation process, from her understanding of ethics, naturalized biases, market and segmentation, political systems, social science, her knowledge of her environment and her as an entrepreneurial spirit is rare. Given this is also the entertainment industry, she makes me excited to see Season 2 of #UBCXFW come to life.  

We asked Victoria Lui to submit a bit about herself to Skynation for this publication and here’s what she had to say.

One, she is Intrigued by fashion and style! She first entered Vancouver’s fashion scene four years ago as a model, collaborating with many local designers and creatives at Vancouver Fashion Week and beyond. Experience in the industry led her to produce a sold-out fashion show held at the Vancouver Aquarium last year, dedicated to ocean health. Victoria is also currently a UBC student in the Honours in Biotechnology program, and she recently collaborated on a vaccine development project at the Hancock Laboratory. Her goal is to marry her passions for science and fashion, and to use fashion as a means for connecting communities and invoking social change.
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Instagram: @victoriahtl @fashionweek_ubc

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