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See Kayode Rap On Granville Street After Vancouver Visit For VNITY’s First MC AGM

August 26, 2019

With VNITY calling for Advocacy From Harambecouver’s Multicultural Carnival program attendees and/or various impacted partners through the request of a General Meeting as required from African Great Lakes Networking Foundation, the lack of response from GLC would prompt Harambecouver to honor that request for it’s first and last AGM. From this meeting it’s remaining volunteers…


African Great Lakes Networking Foundation’s Canadian Chapter President Approves Public Resignation Announcement!

August 24, 2019

As the outgoing President and Vice President of Great Lakes Canada, the Canadian Chapter of African Great Lakes Networking Foundation has now officially publicly resigned with the confirmation that so has his Vice President of which was done in the months of Harambecouver outside of the knowledge of the planning team of the production of…

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