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Meet Jahail: The Toronto Native Taking Over Vancouver

What type of music do you make?

I don’t want to say this and make it sound like a cliché, but as of now I cannot really say in what terms the “Type” of music I make, if I had to choose I’d say conscience rap with a new school vibe. I am still developing as an Artist and finding my sound.

Who are your influences?

I listen to a lot of music & it really depends who I’m currently listening too. I don’t idolize anyone to say: “Oh that’s who I’m striving to be like,” I am really more focused on being able to connect with people through the music I make.

Who were you listening to during High School?

Well during High School I was listening to Artists’ such as: Kendrick Lamar when he came out with the project: “Overly Dedicated” rappers like Ab-Soul, Kid Cudi. At the time I was also listening to a lot of Odd Future when they first came out, mostly Tyler The Creator then I transitioned into listening to Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats. I loved to listen to the rappers that made you think or google words.

Do you produce your own music?

I have tried producing a couple times, but I more-so focus on the writing aspects and recording. I work with many different producers, I’d love to teach myself the fundamentals of producing one day, I have produced a few beats and It is a fun thing to do.

So how old are you now?

I recently turned 20 years old.

How long have you been making music for?

I started writing music or poetry in grade 6. I started recording music in grade 8 and went by the name: “Futurism” given to me by my Uncle. During that time I had a lot of people messing with me but my music was trash so I don’t know why anyone liked it now that I think about it. In grade 9 I started to see life differently, I was maturing, listening to more music. That’s when I met a producer named Clairmont The Second who grew to be a best friend of mine and later creating more songs over the years with him and honing my skills as well. I was on the right path but then I slowed down for a bit. I then went to college for music and ended up dropping out after a semester and decided I needed to make money and put that towards my goals. So far I been on the right path and been doing everything I told myself I would.

Why did you move to Vancouver, was it to pursue music?

I made the move to Vancouver because I wanted something different. I felt like being home I was becoming claustrophobic with my surroundings, I wasn’t happy; I was stuck in a routine. I needed to break free. A big part of it was also because I had gotten the word to be part of my cousin’s collective, I seen an opportunity and I took the chance & I don’t regret it.

So tell us about “Yours Truly”

My collective is made up of family we go by the name “Yours Truly The Set” otherwise known as “Yours Truly”. As of now it is only made up of two artists’ but there is more happening behind the scenes. I could say the team is really well put together and we’re all from Toronto. We have people like NinetyFour who is putting on for Vancouver right now and who is a cousin of mine, he recently performed alongside T.I at The Commodore which was a crazy event. We also have many other people part of our group that we work hand-in-hand with to making sure product is pushed and things are getting done.

Who are some of your favourite Toronto artists’?

Hmm, I don’t personally have any favourites, but I can list a few of who I like to listen too; we got people such as: Tory Lanez, Drake, Jazz Cartier,Clairmont The Second, The Weeknd, PND, NAV & much more. I like to see that the city is growing musically but I just wish it wasn’t so dark all the time.

What inspires your music in general?

In general…um, my experiences, going to places, different interactions with people, a heart break or something that is stressing me out, built up anger/aggression. I don’t seem very emotional at times, so I try to express a side to me through music that you may not often see in me in person. Production is very important as well, that’s one main reason why I love to hear what others have to offer. You just never know with music, it is always changing and progressing. I like to let the production speak to me.

What kind of messages do you want people to get from your music?

It just depends on the mood, to be honest I don’t have anything specific but its sorta like, lets say this is the song I’m putting out and how I’m feeling at that time. I try to be relatable but I also want to keep it very real on the surface level. I am tired of listening to music that is so exaggerated through lyrics; it’s like c’mon man I know you aren’t doing any of those things you’re boasting about.

What’s the future steps looking like for you now that you are here in Vancouver?

Trying to hammer tough getting more songs done, I kind of started on a project but I’m trying to focus more on getting more songs done and putting what I can together because I want to be able to market it. I want to do more performances, you know, meet more people, making more connections. It’s all about branding too, seeing what people like, seeing how they react, and praying you get a good response, but that all comes in time.

Tell us about your latest release!

So I dropped a video that I shot in august: titled “ANTI SOCIAL” (link below) that was shot in Toronto, done by Kevin Park , and produced by Clairmont The Second. This song is about me expressing myself and how I felt at the time, and the fact that everyone is trying to do music now and it bothers me because it now seems like a sport. I feel a lot of people don’t really care about the musical aspects but just the lifestyle. Also the act of glorifying drugs and how the youth as a whole think it’s cool to destroy their bodies. A lot of people don’t notice this from me but I really am
Anti-Social, I don’t talk to a lot of people, I may have a lot of friends, but I’m isolated most of the time, but besides that I definitely do have more releases planned and the future is looking good. I’d like to thank Coolaid for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent to the city & I hope more doors open up for me.

Check out his latest video

Interview By Zoei Nijjar And Photography By Kene Esomeju For Skynation

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