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Dr. Pearlz And Caveman Clothing Set To Present at Harambecouver 2017

When University Fashion Week was approached to curate emerging designers that could represent Harambecouver’s 2017 Multicultural Parade; it was a no-brainer that popular brands like Dr. Pearlz clothing would make the selection.

Dr. Pearlz Clothing, a Nigerian and African infused fashion line took centre stage at Season 4 of SFUXFW. Using heritage techniques and inspiration, the designs are infused with Canadian trends to give a hint of familiarity. Dr. Pearlz Clothing is traditional and modern and custom made in the Vancouver area.

While Caveman Clothing might not have been showcased at this season’s Fashion Week, their persistence in putting themselves out there got the attention of UFW curators. With Zimbabwean origins and multicultural ambitions that within themselves represent true Ubuntu spirit, their clothes share a contemporary motif that adds a hint of culture to their western-centric apparel. Made in the Vancouver area, the designs see this presentation as a great step in communicating the intention within their design.

With UFW already building relationships outside of its popularized campus season, newly appointed Executive Director, Cady Brimacombe, stated, “I believe that a diverse fashion culture is necessary for the future of fashion, Dr. Pearlz Clothing and Caveman Clothing are examples of the personalization people are demanding from fashion.”

Tickets are free for the event, but spaces are filling up quickly. Please register online to get your seat before they are sold out at Harambecouver

Published on: August 24, 2017 @14:03

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