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First Networking Dinner – April 5th, 2013

Sky Nation Systems Inc. is a web developing company focused on African enterprises both small and large scale. It is aimed at giving business owners the opportunities of promoting their business through websites and other Internet platforms and customized applications. The main goal of Sky Nation Systems is not to take individual contract but rather to create a platform whereby people could go and build their own website tailored to their specific need and style. The platform is very user friendly, and will provide a round the clock assistance.


Giving where we are going to and also recognizing the energy required in putting our ideas into use, The board of directors had its maiden dinner On the 30th of March 2013. Among those that attended the dinner are people from the business community, aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to mingle with entrepreneurs and business professional. As we climb up the ladder of success, we saw the dinner as a medium of networking and to acquaint ourselves and Sky Nation System Inc. with other business professionals. The dinner also served as an avenue to present our company and the driving force behind it. During the dinner, the CEO Kayode Fatoba gave a powerful speech on why the company was formed. He said “the goal is to put Africa online”. He also highlighted the tremendous difficulties governments and businesses in Africa encounter before they could build a standard website. South Africa is one of the country used as example; the government spent over $16 millions to build a website that cost approximately $40. With rapid growth in Internet subscription and smartphones in Africa, Sky Nation system Inc. has limitless opportunities to success.


Also in the dinner, Sky Nation Systems presented the concept of our business directory website called ASOROK. The website will host the names, addresses, locations and contacts of millions of businesses, organizations and government agencies mostly in Africa and other continents. It is one of its kinds, professionally built, with enormous information that will enable users to navigate the continent of Africa. It also gives business owners the opportunities to list their business, address and links to their personal web page. When ASOROK was presented on the dinner, it was well applauded and the idea was seen as excellent, with a potential of bringing huge returns if well marketed. ASOROK will be launched within the next weeks. Our team of professional web designers and programmers are putting a final touch on it.


It is important to know that we are still developing and harnessing the structure of our company so events like this is important to us. We are committed to building a sustainable web platform that will revolutionize the business world in Africa and also connect them to markets abroad.

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