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Launched in 2017 as a food based product and community, Suyalife attracted various stakeholders and members who were interested in supporting the products development. A delicacy associated with the Hausa people of West Africa, the emergence of this food option in Vancouver is proving there’s a market for Suya in their city. From a successful 2017 product tasting and launch party, getting their first catering order as well as answering various inquiries for partnerships, and employment opportunities; Suyalife can have a strong opportunity of growing it’s operations to start supporting more external initiatives. With Skynation equally interested in supporting this growth, Suya lovers can expect a lot more consistent event based all-you-can-eat-Suya social-networking experience series for 2018. Suyalife is looking to differentiate itself, and with plans to reinvest revenues from the purchase of each sale back into supporting the growth of the company, year two of the brand will focus on team building, growing in visibility and cultivating its cash flow. To celebrate the growth of the brand, members of the public are being invited to Suyalife’s all you can eat connections and penthouse party. While the address and guestlist of Suyalife is private, guests can visit to RSVP and gain more information about the event and location details.

***Skynation is happy to be strong partner of Suyalife.

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