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Production Workers Open Investigation Against Party Well UBC On Allegations Of Fraud

December 5, 2019

With a request to Deemaks to sponsor a considerable amount of his artist performance fees towards the sponsorship of an International Ethiopian Keynote speaker at Vancouver’s second annual VNITY’s Diversity Conference, the young keynote speaker would not only be the youngest speaker to present at the startup initiative, but seeing the need for financial support for the carnival, at a young age, she would introduce a self directed study program creating new forms of recruiting the various engineers, project managers, financial management and various permitting professionals required to get an approval from governmental agencies. As VP Finance her abilities to support the various production deficiencies not only allowed the production to be delivered within mitigating what would have been one an extremely callous bankruptcy by a contracting non profit but with the opportunities she engineered to mitigate the various financial burdens, production rental responsibilities and negotiating with various vendors from ATMs, to Staging, Civil Engineering, and more. While VNITY would finish requiring the support of the Ministry of Labour given the various impacts this liability would cause to the Canadian economy, Afomia would be recommended for a new program called ASID for her contributions to the Canadian Multicultural Arts and Cultural community as an Ethiopian. While she may not have been Canadian, her innovative engineering as a Mathematician student from the University of British Columbia would not only allow many artists to receive compensation, it’ll also allow vendors to understand the various backend issues of whom were able to confirm to deregistration to vendor a second day as they understood the growing liabilities of a free public event estimated at a million dollars of which students, BIPOC, and working professionals were now expected to not only pay into as a loss, but the program of which invited political leaders would actually not see any funds from the public outside of my discretionary funds coming out of the pockets of citizens. 

UBC Students come together to party for mental health and education headlined by Deemaks

 With Skynation focused on African Development, the creation of ASID as a line item would not only mean the ability for African Students of whom were making huge solutions within the production could not only be recognized, but at the core of the program was an innovative platform of which would connect these students with a network of professionals to mentor them and create award programs of their own that’s targeted to their respective diaspora and can be connected and dispersed through the respective institutions. Partnered with EduAfrica a local charity CoFounded at SFU, the program would not only connect Africans in Diaspora wanting to give back, it would force them to see their investments to local Africans studying overseas and wanting to go back to the continent to advance their various economies have some support outside of the locally competitive and highly subsidized education they were now immersed in while being supported by a forien economy of which some often have a misconception about while generalizing that if international communities can afford to send their kids for foriegn education, it means they’re rich, but the sad reality is, some work their lives to save funds so their kids can afford to compete with the worlds brightest, but these financial burdens often times are subjected to inflation, recession, and various global economic and political changes of which not only impact the abilities of these students to focus, it also can lead to the death of their loved ones while they not only become stuck in the country of their education while not only needing to pass academically to retain their study permitting, but as they are now economically unable to visit their homes due to the changes in politics, austerity measures forcing cancellation to their educational assistance program, or worse their dependents and sponsors now falling ill during their studies and unfortunately even though these communities volunteer for their local economy at considerably higher rates than their local peers while also investing considerable higher amounts in education than their local peers, they unfortunately are met with a stand still for support outside of their local concolates.

Carmelita Robertson, Skynation’s VP Events and ASID project manager engages UBC’s African Business Forum CoPresidents after failed Party Well debt collection meeting.

Creating the ASIDGala and ASIDFund as a global digital and land use development project couples the expertise of Skynation, and within a time where the companies assets where leveraged to not only protect Skynation’s Canadian microeconomy, support the community of internationals who made these considerable investments became a priority. Having Deemaks a local supporter of African Development and Harvards choice as Headliner for their African Business Conference would lead to the artists agreeing towards the charity show. While agreements would be signed with Party Well, Deemaks headliner would report Party Well going behind contractual agreements to attempt at circumventing the legal processes. On top of this, within the planning of the event, as the club would be identified through the UBC AMS portal as a party club supporting charitable events, the Founder, James would be approached on promotional support for the production within understandings that other clubs within the institutions have also been approached of whom are part of the production. With Skynation and it’s production community supporting the markets ability to divest funds into supporting Afomia of whom was identified as one of the only Ethipian Females in her Engineering and Mathematician program, more issues would start to arise after Deemaks management would caution on their support of Skynation as their studio of which a legal warning would be sent to James. While the production did have the power to issue Work Stop Orders on it’s various intellectual properties and Creative Works, Party Well UBC would state that all UBC clubs must use a ticketing platform and this must be connected to their club accounts of which not only would the club work to secure academic grants by engaging the UBC President Santa Uno, but the club would guarantee that the funds raised by the charity event would see support from UBC administration as 40% of profits and/or revenue would go towards supporting ASID’s first scholarship recipient and inspiration which was Afomia for her contributions through mathematics and financial programming and micromanagement to mitigate considerable loss caused by the non for profit negligence insurers called African Great Lakes Networking Foundation of whom commissioned the creation of the multicultural platform.

With the hiring of Health Scientists to work with Afomia of whom would communicate Mental illHealth circumstances forcing her to not only lose her academic scholarship but the dent it placed on her academic performance would force her families, local networks, and the international community to pool finances together to help support the students. From not being able to afford residence, her sharing a room as she gets back on her feel, increased cost of medical support of which some clubs from her UBC community specialized in Health support for students would be part of the networks of whom would not only get her to a level of sharing her story to a room of Canadian investors, her compelling story of courage, motivation, and personal triumph at a young age would also come at a time when Ethiopia was making global noise as it elected it’s first Female President. 

Vancouver Television Engaging Canadians on the second annual VNITY’s Multicultural Carnival and it’s importance on bringing the community together as well as speaking about the importance of Mental Health within multicultural communities of whom are often not purview to the various resources available to them as Canadian immigrants as well.

With various African professionals hearing about her story, the story would see interest from impacting the United Nations at an early age for his survival from the Rwanda Genocide, Afomias story would reach Jean De Dieu Tusenge of EduAfrica who’s story of working towards a developed Africa as an Health Scientist from Simon Fraser University now using education as a tool to fight back would connect with Afomias story. According to Jean, “while there was a meeting set up for me to meet Afomia, I had to travel out of the country and would only get to speak to her on the phone”, being asked to be the presenter of this award on behalf of his organization was not only an honour he saw within the ground work he’s put into not only supporting local africanCanadian entrepreneurs, but also his believe that an increased educational rate for Africans while coupled with opportunities would have the potential to reduce the wealth gap and position more people to lift their communities out of abject poverty. Unfortunately while many students, did get involved to support this cause, Party Well would not only Estort the production for funds, but what was suppose to be a 40% transfer of funds to this scholarship recipient would be reduced to 20% in the name of water. While negotiations would be tabled as no agreements would be formally signed, given production had not only begun from the considerable negotiation of Deemaks of whom had also communicated to their production to not impact the studios work while also being mandated to support Afomia as the student of whom was the centre of the Charitable contribution. With ASID as a project being targeted at students, it makes sense while Afomia was required to integrate her local african students club so as to create more awareness about ASID as their support in opening up these new channels of funding for their community would also help other kids outside of the current Refugee programming like WUSC whos model charges students at large about $1 – $2 to support 1 – 2 refugee students to not only leave their refugee concentration camps but be able to have a competitive education of which they not only have the option to now support their communities, but as ambassadors they are able to shed some light on the working conditions of their foriegn non Canadian communities back home. As Skynation’s productions like UFW’s University Fashion Week has donated funds to causes like Relay For Life, bringing these communities together to create these new funding opportunities would not only leverage existing organizations and institutions, but would present production executives of whom are not often represented as being the focal point of discussion.

Written by UBC Students to ASID’s management and published as part of the production reports and documents, the impact of this fraudulent issue has not only further marginalized the community, it’s hampered the community development of #ASID

Without this event, members of the management community were unaware of Afomia’s contributions to the Canadian arts and culture but as she was now the lead inspiration for this event, it did make VNITY more of a grassroots initiative bringing multicultural communities together and given it’s cause for the second annual production was Mental Health, coming out of it’s COMMUNITY INTEGRATION theme, having someone who was dealing with something on her own be able to see the support of the community to let her know she wasn’t alone was an inspiration coming out of such a turbulent programming. While many students did support the programming, what would be Skynation spending upwards of $15,000 within the need for the monthly rent, workers, artist fees, insurance, production staffing, flight, ground costs and more would not only result in the production seeing certain investments as contributions towards the investment to kickstart ASID, but as the event would finish, what was suppose to now be a meeting between the production company of whom funds were owed, the award recipient of whom was being supported, and African Awareness Initiative and EDUAFRICA of whom were also part of advancing production, various Skynation representatives would become stood up. Not only would over $8,000 go missing, According to former UBC’s outgoing VP Finance, the club not only faced a number of infractions due to staging unpermitted events causing the need to deinstitutionalize the club, but the funds of which was communicated as being held by the University of British Columbia’s Student Union would actually not be the case.

With investigations engaging the ticketing company, they would confirm funds actually being transferred to personal accounts of a person named James of whom was representing the club and as Afomia, and various production executives called for a meeting, the individual would communicate not only his he not in the country, but he has transferred the funds to an American water company called While these funds was not the ownership or investments fund for PartyWell UBC, members of the black professional and development community would not only feel betrayed and stood up, further investigation would reveal that various allegations that other funds from the production had been missing due to theft would open grounds for investigation as other party well executives of whom James had communicated receiving a payout did not. From the production being extorted by the individual of whom would state that legal Canadian productions and various african students were harassing, threatening him, and not making him unable to focus on his organization and his grand vision of staging a global festival not only put a dent in the communities of whom coupled their various resources together to support one recipient of who’s contributions not only saved one of Canada’s growing digital studios representing Canadian creatives with a focus on African, Indigenous, and local Canadian Development, the considerable affords put into this by some of Skynation’s associates like Carmalita Robertson a Canadian student and production professional studying Psychology at the University of Lethbridge and one of the Food and Beverage managers who stayed on the phone with Afomia as she represented a production pitching her case to the city of Vancouver parks and recreation on behalf of VNITY at a young age. With some of the production executives feeling stood up and the various productions occurring in Skynation, Afomia’s story would reach many of whom have started to chime into the issue citing the need to not only bring in the Ethiopian Association of British Columbia, but further investigation with the AMS would call for a need to escalate these issues to UBC Administration as it not only put considerable dent in ASID as a production gaining momentum, but the lack of return on investment would cause a range of production executives to lose their employment opportunities given the impact this bottleneck would cause to backlogged contracts. From the outgoing president of the UBC EDM club being paid to support the production and mobilizing his membership to the party, to AAI designing the events messaging while also mobilizing their group to the event, James would say the attendees belonged to his organization and would end all conversations. With this issue leading up to a year, Skynation has decided to make conversations public with it’s various UBC investments frozen until such time that it’s production investments is organized and and this issue is rectified within the UBC community and legal processes without the need for production to hire more lawyers on what was suppose to be a step in the right direction. While it’s one thing for Africans to be used for fundraising on what has arguably become a need to shift from a foreign aid model that sees those used for promotion and marketing not seeing the funds reaching them on ground, the unique opportunity of this case seeing a management following through and local Africans working to lawyer their own circumstances has been a true inspiration in the developments of ASID. As conversations are being escalated to the President office of UBC in the following weeks within the need to advance solutions forward within this issue and work towards the establishment of the ASID Scholarship Gala, interested contributors, partners and sympathizers are asked to direct any inquiry to with the subject line [ASID UBC].

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