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August 20, 2020

According to the Appointed President of IVXWSFU, Ricky S. “The use of Security by way of a memorandum of Understanding, through loopholes binding the RCMP and Hospital’s Psych ward, of which does need to be duly investigated in the range of dropped cases and Medical Misdiagnosis of which all public systems does need to be updated with race based data on the connecting to this and real estate given the RCMP is a Federally Regulated Agency, being used to antagonize Public Service Workers! This not only destabilizes the Canadian economy, the use of these systems to support private citizens to antagonize others the consider unwanted in their private property does warrant a need to investigate the working conditions of these types of circumstances and prevalence. At a time where policing is becoming an increasing concern as being part of the problem as opposed to the solution, the hope is that the need for a Reform is seen as being an option that’s just as viable as defund, but both focused on rebuilding a system in which police are not used to antagonize Minorities and BIPOC communities. Released from the hospital on a range of systematic and categorical “errors as mislabelling” that would see one of Canada’s emerging black Creative Developers of whom is choosing to remain anonymous, stripped of his human dignity and character, while being defamed after a non-emergency call to the RCMP would result in a wellness check leading to him being kidnapped and held against his will. A move RCMP attempted to Justify by correlating his right to accessing Health Services without Kidnapping and Forceful use of the mental health act against his will, while claiming, a black Second Generation Canada Public Health Developer and Community Leader was not “understood when he spoke; while supposedly being “cooperative’ with the arresting officer as the community became worried after this Scientist went missing for weeks requiring legal agencies, community leaders, student union leaders, as well as what is becoming the media to call out this unlawful use of Public Resources to antagonize and Gentrify. BBDC has stepped into this case with members of the community engaging the RCMP to not only Stand down, but updating the “mistake” that’s cost an injured black Canadian man to call for Public intervention and rightfully so. The use of the legal system to antagonize this man will not be at the expense of his out of pocket resources while private citizens use public systems unlawfully. 

With Toronto doctors writing to BC Public Sector on the stress the current RCMP and various connected federally regulated agencies, as well as antagonizing Seigle Corporation and leaning how it’s Strata is having on the communities of whom are supported by this community. Learning that there are Fraser Health partners of whom have a hand in this Gentrification System of which would make it OK for Fraser Health to hold someone against their will, while taking them checking themselves in the hospital for reasons that would become a medical “mislabelling” but has caused an “updating of both RCMP and Burnaby Hospital Systems. Now requiring the application for one’s Medical Records outside of a range of items. Learning that public sector health agencies are disclosing information to the RCMP who are taking it upon themselves to evict people within their homes has created a range of circumstances that would require various Simon Fraser Board of Directors and Burnaby BIPOC Development Coop Directors and Volunteers to start to speaking out against the actions of the RCMP. All Citizens should have a right to the police as a non emergency, without the use of Mental Health Loopholes to remove them from their private property after subsequent approaches were made by these officers to do this on occasions of which complaints have also been made to the health organizations on these agents. A Public Organization should not be telling voting citizens they are unable to take complaints about officers, while asking those citizens to attend confidential meetings with the same people they are complaining about! While the victim has chosen to abide by all the rules of the Police within the foreclosure property he purchased with real cash seeing demoviction and a range of unlawfulness within what can only be called out as gentrification. 

As Seigle Corporation is not the only community that this victim has invested in, he agrees at the lack of having someone to complain to. “I’m being told to leave a property I’ve been paying into and renovating for the last 10 years. Since buying the property it’s been one thing or the other but as someone who bought a foreclosure, I understood the vast amount of work required to turn it around and willing to work, but when ceilings are falling, brokers are profiting from Landlord depreciative assets, calling the police that I can’t enter my own building for police to now take my word for it. RCMP roaming my university connected with Administration with a collective assault on my freedom of mobility, it’s not OK”. While some members of the RCMP have started to call for the case to be escalated to courts as the VIctim of whom would have become another casualty can plead his case within having legitimate claim to Title. While others have opened substantiated cases of Fraud inquiring for mail saying he is the Landlord that leaves in his own property and community engaging him as the new investor in the community and various other BC establishments and subcontractors. Various documents from move in dates to Strata Fees, various community grievances within members of the Strata Corporation being frustrated by the deferred maintenance issues that seems to have been an issue since investing in the Foreclosure and calling out the current management company on their hand in depreciating the assets of their shareholders. Shares that our targeted member has invested over $200,000 of the foreclosed market value while also moving into volunteering for his Student Union during this period of which they would state he never worked for his student union that it’s “gradious”, that he was not part of building a “Student Union Building”, that he did not “live” in his property and it was “two asian couples and their child who live in the property”. 

While the same agent that “sold” this “Foreclosure” property to our Investor, claiming that it was a “Mexican family that owned the property of whom were being deported for fraudulent reasons”, further inquiries would open the case into learning that the “Mexicans”, were not actually on title and had in fact been giving a job as a cleaner in the building. The clear cash ready opportunity of our member looking to purchase and at a point where the property was placed back on market with a “for sale ASAP sign”, the negotiated “Private Cash for Keys” amount was transact between “the Mexican” who sold the property to our BBDC Member the “new owner of the foreclosure property” now named and renovated by a range of agents each looking to have a claim to title, but our BBDC member is the actual investor paying the rent, designing, hiring, rehiring, paying utilities, strata fines and fees, renovations and mechanics while not having these items in his name. Seeing the vast range of documents to support this claim, having the various injuries incurred by our private member while the RCMP attempt to tell our member “he doesn’t live there”, there is a vast range of unfair use of force, forceful kidnapping from the property, a need for hospital to take someone from their economic responsibilities as a degree holder working in the field of public health. As infrastructure designers work within the production industry of Vancouver seeing the push to attempt at forcefully assuming his property by force through use of the police, use of hospitals and seeing our member subject himself to a range of unlawful treatment while checking himself in the hospital for someone to speak to and destress from planning and supporting the community of Canada at larger as an employer has really proven to rub people the wrong way and call foul play politics. As a Toronto Champion who represented his community at OFSAA, the soccer and captain of whom owns his own Soccer Club initiative in Toronto supporting his Character, while establishing these franchise programs in BC says this type of racism does not make this community an attractive environment for top athletes and competitors.

While the Canadian theme University Fashion Week Season comes at a time where Jagmeet Sign of the NDP starts to call out the RCMP’s Budget within the use of various loopholes of which is costing the Government a significant amount of funds! While it may be hard for members of UofT Fashion Week and external Jane and Finch community to get involved, we are slowly starting to see appointed agents of whom have been connected with the issues in various legally proxied forms to get up to minute information of the various communities impacted by the antagonizing sanctions from British Columbians to this Torontonian of who’s investments have been licensed and franchised to mainstream Toronto by way of University of Toronto, a community of which Fatoba is not an undergraduate at. Having Creative Directors at other Universities needing to call into the hospital during a National programming in which the agent was not able to secure the various privacy and protectorate to give them the same security their productions award citizens of whom have to attend their other insured real estate private properties is a disservice to the economic investment this citizens creations and intellectual property provide to his Country. From being Featured on BBC, to creating programs for the City of Vancouver, a community he doesn’t own a home at but is connected by way of University, need to support their communities as the presentation of the member and his works do need to be licensed of which the copy write infringement by this Government by way of it’s Municipality is not acceptable. Upon questioning the higher than normal costs within the RCMP /day budget, many are starting to call out this issue within more media slowly getting involved as we gain more access to publishing transcripts! 

Jagmeet Singh ordered to leave House of Commons for calling Bloc MP ‘racist’

As it seems that the creative has moved forward from the liabilities impacted by what seems to be a tabled web of public sector BC government racial profiling attack on a Creative investing in their own Province while flying back to Toronto within speaking in high schools, supporting his coaching initiatives and slowly starting to expand into music and media literacy as a film and special events enthusiast. There is a range of investigations that do need to happen as citizens should have the freedom to run their economic affairs without having their human rights dehumanized with police chasing them and security being called on them left right and centre. As various trespassing notices have begun to limit the public use of agencies to antagonize, all this come to light as we learn on the use of SFU’s “Clan” logo of which they have now since decided to part ways with. The name change also starts to highlight the realities of Black Canadian Athletes in these communities as they start to speak about their realities as black Canadians signed to represent the Clan. Of which, given the Scottish backgrounds of these heritage sites, it seems like the mountain is now looking to acknowledge the presence of it’s NCAA program and using this circumstance of updating it’s files as they cannot arrest private citizens who have not communicated needing health authorities at the expense of seeming being connected to what is becoming the unlawful use of public citizens to use police systems to antagonize a Canadian public health scientist and programmer. With policing being identified as a priority area within the need to question the increased need of police within this forceful kidnapping that’s starting to question the legitimacy of public hospital systems. 

These players are bringing a high investment value into the community while being a Pride symbol to the University community that grew up following their stories. To see agents of whom won championships for groups who paid to watch them perform, while they are being kidnapped by police telling them they are not athletes, or that they didn’t go to university, or that they dont “understand them”. Was highly unwarranted. As an NCAA Sprinter and Striker, who would move unto scoring on the White Caps Football Club and Refusing to commit to them post moving from NCAA’s SFU commitment redshirting Season with Cliff Ave into training with the likes of Jerome Barker and Marcus Haber within Vancouver’s White Caps Residency Program. 

While BBDC has stepped in to represent this member of whom has asked to remain anonymous due to the growing case supporting not only the need for his privacy, but a confirmation by RCMP for better treatment of Canada’s BIPOC community. We do agree to supporting the right to privacy of all citizens while denouncing the use of Public Sector, Federally Regulated agencies to “forcefully reposes” properties that were “foreclosed” by agents falsely using RTB to evict and harass private citizens. While this unique case is gaining more public involvement with ExPresident and President of the SFSS speaking out on against the RCMP. With member of the Burnaby community being updated about a “sketchy sounding meeting” in which the RCMP was not allowing the complaint of the individual after “Burnaby Mental Health Misdiagnosis” Due to various loopholes in which gave the “Burnaby RCMP” the authority to take someone from their house and have doctors hold them under the Mental Health Act while alleging a range of “mental health issues” of which often start to require the involvement of Mental Health Law Tribunals. The use of MOUs to arrest people before their rent is due, while attempting to hold them for up to 3 months against their will was very scary to learn. Citizens, especially healthy, citizens investing in the economy, should be supported with the ability to continue their investments and economic development without the unlawful use of public health systems to attempt at “Mislabelling” them based on various “Memorandums of Understanding between RCMP, Fraser Health, and the Government of British Columbia”. While attempting these individual citizens of BIPOC identities are able to stand up to systems in which others are employed to antagonize them by agents of whom are working within these systems. Publicly trading information, with private Banks, Universities, Hospitals, while leaking unsubstantiated information and falsifying information about an innocent Canadian of whom is not under arrest, but is being arrested by Police and Locked up in the hospital against his will, without his consent. Outside of needing the hospital as someone who has the right to check himself into the hospital given these issues did require public intervention within realizing an individual cannot stand up to Government systems on his own accord of whom are responsible for settling the individual involved. Loads of Canadians and DTES workers are out of work, even more so there’s a range of Evictions of people happening who continue to be homeless in Canada, but as opposed to supporting these Canadians as Refugees, there’s a priority of more foriegn Refugees into the country given the vast range of funds associated the the intake of migrants within this the country can grow. While this growth may support the community, there’s also a need to develop better systems to integrate more Canadians into those resources without having a group of government agents of whom may understand immigrantion systems to pitch one group of blacks against other groups or use police to antagonize communities from their homes and gentrify communities at such a high scale. Seeing the community step into these issues has become one of the first steps in advancing to open research if this systems are working or they end up causing more hard in the lost earning potential on the agents involved as well as their communities of whom start to feel a sense of panik and alarm while Doctors attempt to coarse these family members into securing consent for further involuntary injunction of which as various Torontonians are starting to speak up! 

If Facebook videos did not show that the agent had called the police non emergency line and had calmly gone downstairs for a disturbance issue that had been de-escalated by calling the police within the aggressor of whom was a white male, of whom could be heard swearing at the caller, after he would allegedly call the police would see him being taken and kidnapped. Police would kidnap the Landlord at the expense of paying rent in one property, while needing to pay for a range of legal fees on top of this and hire workers to help support growing businesses. Having officers make up stories, while Social Workers would need to step in to speak about seeing the agent use their computer to pay his mortgage and rent, while needing their phone to call his family and workforce who seem to show an issue that may happening for years. While owner-seller disputes like this are not upcoming, seeing one in which the documentation has a range of components within callers holding the camera at what would have been an officer killing another unarmed black man has really increases the emergency of this case. While being inconvenienced by such a coordinated attack the investor saw an opportunity to invest in BBDC towards looking at if more cases like his exist as members would step in stating that someone dealing with health research should be given the right to manage their private property without harassment and trespassing. There “mislabelling and misdiagnosis by way of government workers” is unlawful of which the stress of which caused this agents various hospital intervention do need to be updated within follow ups with private medical teams making sure he is able to start securing affordable legal aid to keep him growing. Various RCMP/Coastal Health agents of whom forcefully think it’s acceptable to come to people’s private property to forcefully take them to the hospital, while denying them any rights to the police! While certain members of this politically coordinated attack and defamation have been communicated by some as “doing a job” there is a need to engage the RCMP to not only update their records of the various mistakes that has caused a mislabelling of this individual while BBDC starts to bring to light the unlawful use of policing by the Strata Corporation of which has started to see a number of police officers choosing not to step in on the gentrification issues which seems to be a number of tenants against this Strata Corporation. Seeing the deferred maintenance issue within the property and the need for renovations of which our member is invested into and has spent the last number of years renovating with a vast range of more work. Learning of hospital Social Workers needing to step in and give the Mortgage Owners and brokers a restraining order from sending texts alleging hiking “rent” by $600 levies, with threats to move out, while not being the “landlords” living in the property that was sold by a mortgage broker who was also making herself the “President of Strata” managing and firing the property managers who got in her way, making herself the “Owner” and “Seller” of the Strata Lot, while communicating to our BBDC members that “Black Occupants overstay”, “you the reason I can’t sell”, “I can do whatever I want” among other allegations as witnessed by community members. With thoughts that the property of which was communicated at 300+ would see the various changes in title with the buyer committing with Cash for Keys. The push of Seller and Buyer by “Amy Lau” has started being called out by real estate agents of whom saw someone represent the Seller to a Cash investor at 19 years old and took advantage of the Professional Footballer just making an impression as SFU’s newest NCAA Soccer Player and Sprinter of whom would move off Residence while still playing Football within eventually investing in this foreclosure. As a planner, this private property has been frequented by a range of famous athletes, student leaders, and artists of whom engage the community planner for a range of opportunities, or even a place to stay with their visits to University or various concert performances. As a Public Health researcher seeing his private property have a range of Damages in which while documents would communicate, the various patches and liabilities from the Deferred maintenance of this Strata board would be echoed by members in the Property. Who should Strata Board serve, the interest of the Property Management company and Mortgate Brokers of whom are unlawfully using other MOU loopholes to hijack public RCMP systems? And surveillance videos of character defamation and false allegations of RCMP tying candidates like Pigs and dragging them to the hospital. On unsubstantiated claims. Who sufferers? May are saying this type of system is not equital and turns innocent citizens into inmates of whom are given “inmate numbers’ and held against their will while using “forceful reassumption of property” to hold reposses these foreclosed properties and inviting other buyers into the property. With members of the Corporation speaking out to this unlawful practice while other Mortgage owners speak to the majority Chinese Owned Corporation being the only one benefiting at the expense of Minority and workers disadvantaged by the practice, this growing media case is starting to call for the need to really prioritize the need to stop all police activities within the need to update it’s systems. To say someone ran away from an hospital they used their own mental state to check themselves into and based on internal Doctor and Governmental Hiccups is very suspect, not following up with Police on that hiccup and error is very criminal, and forcing the Citizen to be subjected to forceful police kidnapping by way of this error and MOU is cause of concern! Everyone else benefits from this “error and MOU” while while the RRSP and various benefits of the individual goes towards them paying into more legal fees for coordinated attacks to Gentrify them.  

While an eviction notice to move out in 24 hours by the son of the Mortgage Owner would catch commentary on Social Media, BC Tenancy Board have stated that this BBDC member did not have to move out, and sounds like he’s in an “unlawful rent to own situation” of which requires the Courts to determine the various regulations to transfer title and deal with this Settlement and Litigation Case. In what may not have started overnight as someone that’s been dealing with renovating this property for awhile and investing in British Columbia, seeing BC residences starting to speak out against the police and it’s treatment of adding to the stress of this individual have resulted in agents of whom have been impacted with seeing and speaking to their planner through hospital phones are stepping in on the need for Human Rights Advocacy! “I am not bipolar (the label that was placed on me) and would like it stricken from my records, I deserve the right to call the police and have them take my case like everyone else, having doctors make a mistake, while attempting to forcefully take me into the police through these Mental Health loopholes is wrong and needs to be called out”. With more seeing the problem with these mental diagnosis of which have resulted in the need for many to step in while our member works with private health professionals and sports doctors to work on supporting the true path to recovery as work continues within advocating for the transfer of Title between our Residential Property Investor and Owner and the Seller of whom needs to stop using everyone in the corporation to antagonize the rightful owners within the need to provide the legal proof of sale as required and sign the selling documents of among other assumption of liability from being negligent. While BBDC is advicing many not to go to private meetings with police alone without the representation of community agents, the sad reality is these issues of medical mistrust and RCMP use of violence within the need to examine the Mental Health Act within why calling off the Tribunal that would have been able to also see the Foul Play that has become the need for these organizations. At a time when Jagmeet Singh is escorted out of the House of Commons for calling out the country’s institutional racism and lack of acknowledgement of it’s Colonial Practices at a time where it speaks of Multiculturalism, and Reconciliation. Many Canadians are starting to believe that acts like this show the coverups being called out by Politicians of whom are speaking on the need for federally regulated organization to have faster ways of addressing issues that are not police incidences or taking cases as required without creating false narratives and costing citizens stresses and a lack of focusing on their economic responsibilities. 

Speaking out on how these issues have impacted BBDC members in their economic responsibilities, RACHAEL, A MASTER’S STUDENT and Founder of Canadian Women for Cultural Plurality says going to that meeting where I had to present a Canadian, a Black Canadian man, against an Agency that was attempting to forcefully Reassume possession of a Property that belonged to other BC Corporations and Toronto based Organizations required the community to get involved. For me, standing up to police is something that every Canadian does have to do if they are holding the gun on our own Indigenous community. To say that the land wasn’t rightfully surrendered while Black and Indigenous resources are extracted for the benefit of others while they are kidnapped and held against their will or pushed on the street was very inhumane. I have to take of work for this meeting, but at a time of Covid-19, within this member being the landlord responsible for others and their economic wellbeing and employment, it really was very callous of these officers to do of which we are calling for an apology and looking to see the various training and updates of the member from their records. Coming to BC at 18 as an investor and now being 30 years of age, the creation of BBDC shows the continued work of our member in staying focused on seeing the positive and reform opportunities helping others finding new systems that’s advocating for better ways of resources that doesn’t bleed someone’s pockets with lawyer fees due to issues caused by loopholes within our own mental health system. While government workers are not purview to these mislabelling issues, giving everyone the right to access the hospital without prejudice and without placing a label on them and drugging them to the point of a range of medical side effects that they did not have before. While this BBDC member may be able to afford better Ontario health treatments and medical communities that have been supporting his BiCoastal investment initiatives, Rachael of BBDC believes this is not an isolated case! A Public Health Scientist of whom worked with the Toronto Police has a right to policing without needing to use his credentials as a Public Service Worker in another Province. We can’t experience someone that was healthy in one Province choose to come to another Province and he’s now “misdiagnosed and medically injected to the point where many in the community are calling it out! And Student Union Directors are speaking about it as politics that is seemingly becoming a case of people Abusing their Power”. At first Rachael had thought about going anonymous, but after representing BBDC as a volunteer and experience the police speak to the Member and engage the member without forcefully taking them to the hospital within confirming their mistakes. The agent would ask BBDC members to give them an agenda for any subsequent meetings as they did not want to be “Blind Sided” but as this would have been a “confidential meeting between a Public Agency misdiagnosing and wrongfully documenting cases to attack our member. Seeing various members choose to stand out of this Private Dispute of Title matters is one which should have been done in the first place. Agencies like the Tenancy Board exist for a reason, and for police officers to kidnap people who need the Tenancy Board or Real Estate Lawyers For litigation lawyers and forcefully hold them in the hospital while members of the Strata Corporation attempt to forcefully repossess these Public Health Developers renovated home, becomes extremely unlawful. For those who are unaware, bank owned properties are bought by some under a Mortgage and resold at a high price for buyers who either repurchase by way of another Mortgage, or Cash outright. Seeing our members by the property outright from a Realtor claiming to represent the “Mexican family” who was still in the property of whom negotiated with this 19 year old coming into the real estate market for the first time having won the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for $70,000 as BC’s newest NCAA athlete shows that this agent did not have the buyers interest in mind, while purely being driven by the foreclosure and attempting to squeeze our member of whom had came into the foreclosure as the new buyer. As the new buyer not only did he have a right to live in his property. He had a right to rent it out and renovate it amongst a range of rights which would be withheld from him while Strata fined him for cases which they would award no tribunals forcing him to pay or move out! Fees claimed to be going to maintenance of the property. 

As members of University Fashion Week would be forced to witness their creator coordinate production from the hospital, Season threes’ newest Creative Directors slowly speaking out on the impact of this pandemic on the global economy and attempts of gentrify Canadian investors and owners from their assets are not what Canadians should be supporting during this time! While there may be programs like CERB to help Canadians, the less vulnerable may not have employment to go back to and need to kickstart these opportunities. Advocating for the ability for this BBDC member to be able to go back to work as an employer in continuing his planning responsibility and being able to engage the Government to understand the Government agents at the end of these calls of which has resulted in the use of force by police, mislabelling of our BBDC member, economic impact of their ability to work, the growing mental health stress as communicated by Ontario Doctors, coupling the Support of a Chinese Owned Canada based LTD Strata and Siegle Corporation of which while they’ve accepted liabilities in the area of fixing parts of the damaged roof and piping issues, do need to be given a range of injunction notices that they are unable to engage our member unlawfully within and around his private and shared lot and dwellings. A growing lien process being added to the property as the need to secure the title for the rightful landlord grows within the following liabilities and injuries associated with these issues. To see members of government attempting to use Housing Corporations, RCMP, and Coastal Health to attack and antagonize a government worker and athlete of which would start to call for more university students to step in and push this case to media has really shown why the upcoming elections and leadership inquiry in Canada is starting to be about what leaders are doing about this! How are the Lieutenants of these communities divulting private data to agencies and arrest people causing them such issues. If many did not step into this case and the police kill this member within their altercation, many would have assumed he committed a crime when this is one of Canada’s emerging investors of whom started his own Multicultural Organization as President. Giving to the community did not start in BC, but his community in Jane and Finch of which adds to the community that’s been part of his personal development. 

According to University Fashion Week, an events program and platform going into its third year as a Flagship Franchise in Canada. To say that the creator of this platform of which employs a range of production workers, volunteers, provides free and subsidized placements for models and designers to connect while hiring a range of workers for the technologies and legal tools is crazy, and holding them for weeks or months, is not very unjust with those computerized tools needing to be updated as publicly accessible files within both fraser health and RCMP. With the events industry currently shutting down due to the pandemic and still needing to pay someone else’s mortgage while being denied the receipts of purchase, or the right to vote by the broker that sold the property of whom is now pushing the seller and owner to battle it out calls the question of what their job was in the first place if they placed the property on the market already. As a platform, we distribute tickets as properties and seats of which grant a range of rights to our buyers. We have a right to them, but they also have a range of purchasing rights that protect their consumer interest. To see someone paying for hospital and legal fees for a property in which they pay in advance, while seeing this be done to someone who was in the space prior but wasn’t Canadian does show the need for why Rachael stepping into BBDC as one of it’s volunteers to engage the RCMP to call for them supporting the Human Rights of our Member to access community policy and file their various cases with Dignity and without Prejudice. A person should be able to go to the Hospital on their own accord if they need help, while also being able to access policing on their own accord. Having doctors need to write that the members “English was fine, given they’ve been in Canada since grade 4 and hold a Medical Degree from Simon Fraser University” shows the grotesk mislabelling in which officers attempted to communicate “poor speed” “not being able to understand someone who called a non emergency line; of whom seemed to tell the agent if he wanted them to send police just to see if everything was ok. Of which he did not see any objections. While the member did not that this was not a behaviour that was exhibited by all police officers within the detachment, nothing some officers starting to speak out against the Strata Corporation that they will not be hijacked and used to antagonize one of their investors and Landlord of whom has a Right and a legal claim to Title to leave there. While updating medical records and RCMP records will require escalating the case to a range of authorities to help with the need for the Conjecture and securing title, one thing BBDC is calling for is for more advocates about to call for race based targeting statistics of communities being impacted by police brutality with no one to turn to. While it’s important to find criminalistic agents, using public funds to take hard working Citizens and Canadian employers out of work for political reasons is racism that should be called out and advocated against by the community at large. With this case and the call for more cases being brought to light against the RCMP, within this unlawful use of the Mental Health Act amongst other use of force and unlawful predatory behaviour, seeing the student community stand out and starting to call out political leaders has really starting to unravel the broken system that perpetuate Canadian Institutional Racism! Imagine if community members had not stepped into that meeting? An innocent man would be “blind sided” by the same agency asking “BBDC” not to blind side them on subsequent meetings and provide them with an agenda! While knowledge of the agency being federally regulated does mean escalating the incident to the public and authorities, we are looking to see what the local MPs and stakeholder within this community do to not only reform their policing but also Canada as a whole.

Content provided on behalf of BBDC Grassroots Advocates. BBDC is not available for public inquiry as a membership based private Research and Development coop.

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