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June 28, 2018

What started as a vision to build a community around Afrobeats has turned into a growing movement. Founded by Oga Rossco, Shifting Culture wants to curate authentic Afrocentric Events & Concerts that properly represent their culture in Vancouver, BC and Canada-wide while also investing in the creatives of the community. Through building relationships with various productions around the city including Skynation, the brand is able to secure placement opportunities to advance artists within this community, some of whom often go unnoticed or unrecognized. While the brand had been operating underground, through YCEE’s show the collective was able to connect with younger Afro Canadians, international students & Afrobeats sound lovers. While DJ Rossco, one of the principal curators and head DJ for the brand says he understands and agrees that there’s a ton of amazing Genres across the continent, for him, Afrobeats is something he knows and can start with.  With the Ycee show featuring a great number of local artists, performing songs ranging from rap to reggae, Shifting Culture is open to collaboration and isn’t planning to stop their momentum just yet.


With word getting around of the growing Afrobeats community in Vancouver, the company is already conversing with a wide range of other artist presentations with an already confirmed Vancouver presentation for Mr Eazi’s “Happy Boy tour” Happening July 1st at Venue Nightclub on Granville St.

While the show is Powered by Blueprint Live, Rossco says he’s always open to working with as many people that wants to work for the growth of the community. A performing artist himself, DJ Rossco is set to headline the Gidijam Stage at the city’s first multicultural carnival!

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