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Shwanga Confirms Appearance of A/L/L/Y at LLIV19.

May 7, 2019
In what is becoming the return of one of Vancouver’s kickoff summer festivities, Lucky Lady IV is back with a wide range of new acts and tons of exciting attractions. While the production might have started as a University graduation celebration, the wide range of industry connections, seamlessly woven into a weekend of activities topped with a Yacht party quickly became a hit kickstarting a wide range of city attractions started as a result of connections made through LLIV. While the return of the event might have a lot of attractions and entertainment already announced, some surprise appearances and guests have started confirming their participation as part of the return of this novel event. Although some of the special appearances will be kept under wraps as part of the productions contractual obligations, others are making their appearances known in what’s quickly becoming a count down to the big day. One comedic entertainer to look forward to is none other than A/L/L/Y, born and raised in Tanzania. While the international performer might not be the main headliner of the evening, guests will get an opportunity to engage with the writer in an intimate environment while sailing along Vancouver’s beautiful waterfront.  From producing exciting stories, humour, and live shows, his jokes have been featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and one recent review describes A/L/L/Y as an "invigorating blend of absurdity and compassion". While the unique addition of comedy to LLIV19 will be something new outside of the musical lineup of acts, the comedian says,  his goal is to premiere bits from his new stand up comedy, "Real Joy Boy". LLIV19 sets sail on June 1st from 750 Pacific Blvd. For more info and ticket information please visit here. 

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