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UBC Bags First Official Offer From UFW’s National Recruitment Tour

February 1, 2019

UBC Creative Director Bags First Recruitment Offer Coming out of 2019’s University Fashion Week’s National Recruitment Week

Skynation Media, UFW 2019.

While many might be unfamiliar with Canada’s University Fashion Week, an expanding coordinated national event based, grassroots driven platform focused on curating as well as connecting local Canadian grassroots fashion entrepreneurs and influencers with a range of affordable, subsidized, and accessible resources. It hasn’t stopped UFW as a novel idea to expand into more communities while attracting a growing number of Creatives looking to become Season 2’s next UFW Icons. Unlike Season 1 of the platform going through a wide range of issues pertaining it’s first expansion year, this wasn’t the case for Season 2 with 2019’s Creative Director callout seeing a total of 30+ applications, the highest in UFW’s early history! Skynation’s management associates believe this traction is due to the notoriety the platform is seeing from successful designer brands that have made their mark with visible resources gained from incubating and showcasing themselves at UFW. From influencer models and Creative Directors who are making their own names in various creative fi and artistic capacities, to seeing designer brands starting to grow an influencer led support networks, or photographers adding more models to their roster to increase their portfolio and time for print shoots, reach, and audience. It seems, no matter how you look at it, the business and networking opportunities this platform produces is ever growing. While Friday marks the end of National Selection Weekend, one confidential CD applicant would gain the attention of the founder and stand out during recruitment and secured an early offer. Although all decisions are currently confidential till official releases are out, what we do know is that she’s a student from UBC, UBC is ahead coming out of selection weekend. This candidate would impress the lead curator and founder Kayode Fatoba conveying both her understanding of UFW’s triple bottom line, stakeholder relations and more while being solutions oriented at growing the overall position of this special stakeholder event.

Fashion Designer Jason Bempong of Sleepless Mindz with event attendees

Combining Arts, and Entrepreneurship is what the position requires, you’re selling a product, you’re representing a market. While many talents might be great Artistically and Creatively, their entrepreneurial abilities started lacking when it got down to questions pertaining to fiscal responsibility and experience in reducing production deficits. Decisions on wasteful spending, branding, scheduling, public private negotiations and various management situational analysis. You can see returning executives impacted by questions and be thrown off, it’s not throwing one another off the bus, it’s understanding the creative differences that showcases differences between each creative and selling their abilities and vision. With interviews focusing on four main areas: business intelligence and teamwork; creativity and ideation while integrating overall theme; Understanding of the CD job description and responsibilities; last but not least, situational management questions randomly selected based on the applicants spatial ability at both preventing and mitigating those predictive risk. Although the xFW is still experimentally growing, UFW is looking to set a strong standard of growth and going into this selection weekend was one of those milestone. Discovering the right talents can mean the world of difference from a quality production or a cancelled presentation license. As contracting or licensing a clip, image, screenplay, poster, website application, special event production and management services from Skynation can cost a great deal from Skynation, while also needing to agree to the various terms of use as directed, the growth of the nascent nature of UFW sees a lot more support coming from Skynation to keep this initiative growing. Although SFU had historically being the legacy flagship community that nursed Skynation’s University Fashion Week platform when Kayode commenced the initiative as a student himself, sources say Season 2 of UFW might put a focus on this year’s SFU team to deliver as pressures build in what has been an underfunded chapter of a platform that’s quickly gaining national notoriety. Although words are still under wraps for 2019’s 3 UFW ICONS curated from it’s National Selection Weekend, many already anticipate who these next #UFWICONS might be. A mission of connecting designers, models, and merchants together and a growing pool of public and private resources to support the platform’s ability to produce more entrepreneurs and employment opportunities; What gives UFW it’s attractiveness is that it creates an avenue for local creatives to connect. With event details are still under-wraps given the media and designer relationship, NDAs and various Media Releases Forms associated with evolving the platform. With some talents getting private offers to sign with the label directly, one important tidbit that has been communicated about this year’s event theme centers around Indigenous Pride. Now only are UFW events coordinated to happen at the same time nationally, it’s social advocacy component attempts to open dialogue on issues often taboo in the larger more commercially invested city platforms. While Kayode Fatoba says University Fashion Week will remain in the same three universities for this year with no expansion plans at the moment, he did hint however that there is interest from other campus communities, wanting to present the event at their respective schools. According to Fatoba, the focus this year will really be get it right and building the right strategic long term funding and resource partners that can support the true cost of the productions ability to ultimately create social, employment, educational, and financial opportunities for their local at large creative industries. “I want to refine the system’s operations and product experience design, really want to evolve the brand value and see returning faces grow as part of this annual seasonal industry event…”, says Fatoba as we count down to the last week of March or as many Skynation aficionados call it Canada’s University Fashion Week.

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